Your (almost) monthly dosis of reporting

The Frozen Fantastic

Hey everyone! Thought I'd pop by and get a report out. I've been meaning to do so for some time now, but have been held back by "unfortunate" circumstances. Namely, Blizzard releasing patch 1.11 when I had a killer 2v2v2v2 nohunters battlereport on the way. So basically the big boys screwed me over and the replay was lost. Bleh.

As usual, this report is sponsored by lovely, spread the wub and remember: Numbering your reports is officially uncool now.

Who and where?

The one and only me. Since the release of TFT, I've actually found my game improving a lot, and especially my solo game has been taken to new heights, previously unheard of in my newbie days of RoC. With the over dramatic self-promoting over, how about some facts: I play humans and prefer either the vicious Mountain King or the rather sexy Bloodmage, for ultra Flame Strike ownage.

In advance, I'd like to apologize for getting caps wrong. "Rox" is my opponent for this game, and hangs in nohunters from time to time. Sporting a level 9 Naga when the game was played way back in the start of 1.11 he's definitely no newbie, and,thankfully, since he's fighting me, not amazingly gosu either.

Mr. Puddles:
Really famous guy! Especially because he's obsing this game. Because I'm nice I set observers to Referee, which allows them to communicate with players. Next time I will not be as gentle since the chat shows up in the replays and messes with my screen-shot-taking chi.

teh map

Observant people will have deducted the following from the minimap: The game is played on Two Rivers, a small 2 player map. Compared to what else the solo ladder list has to offer, this comes close to perfect. Recently balanced to silence the masses of people complaining about gathering wood. My favorite for a tense one on one.

I drew the bottom spot and got my selected humans, while Rox found himself at the topmost position, having randomed and got Orc for his troubles. Looks like another classic Warcraft 2 like game. Only with heroes. And 3D. And races THAT ARE ACTUALLY DIFFERENT.

"Next time I see those guys near my house, I'm busting out my .22 and my broadsword."

Game started out nice and easy; I got myself an altar and farm immediately, and followed up with a barracks with my first peon halfway trained. Pretty basic build, works every time. My main hero for this game would be the Bloodmage, which I pick for most "fun" games. Sometimes I wish I had gone with my normal Mountain King, especially when I lose to Poor_Lil_Newb :/

Rox's build was a bit on the odd side compared to my own; usual Altar/burrow to start with, then another burrow, then a Voodoo Lounge. Upon browsing through the altar, he was amazed by the blademasters exceptionally large sword, and decided to keep him.

First encounter came at the 2:18 mark, with the arrival of my scouting peon. After getting some or less vital recon, the poor guy was promptly sliced by the blademasters aforementioned sword.

The Beginning

Seeing how Rox picked the Blademaster, I knew some early game harassing was going to take place, so I didn't wander off too far from my base and kept pumping footies. Sure enough, the high-powered Orc came waltzing in my base, looking for easy peon kills. I'd like to say I "Chased him off easily", but due to heavy Wind Walk abuse, and me not picking a Mountain King, it was a rather lengthy and annoying process, culminating in a Hollywood-like chase with the Blademaster on the receiving end of my band of merry men.

The Chase

I followed the Rox's blademaster all the way to his base, maybe to pounce on his early teching, and/or generally flaunt my Flame Strike skill. When I reached the base, the BM had bought Healing Salves and was busy rubbing himself the right way. Two buildings were under constructing; a burrow and a tower. I pounced on them with my combination of Flame Strike and raw footman power. Rox ordered his peon's to fortify themselves, and targeted my Bloodmage with his Blademaster. A second Flame helped bring down the two buildings, and I ran away with the Blademaster eagerly chasing down my heavily damaged Bloodmage - thankfully he made it back safely.

Attack on Orc

Early game is so last paragraph.

After the rather embarrassing retreat I began my tech towards casters with a Keep. It was a somewhat late keep, partly because the trees REALLY ARE QUITE FAR AWAY and because of the skirmishes that had kept me too busy. I creeped to pass the time and gain valuable levels while Rox still didn't have any fighting units. I underestimated the Ogre camp a bit (Bloodlust, Inner Fire and huge guy with two heads? A pushover) and lost a few footies and damaged almost everyone. Luckily I had a Scroll of Regeneration ready and quickly got them back on their feet.

Rox was was playing a rather typical Orc game, and began making Wyverns. He also had a brand new Shadow Hunter out with his valuable healing skills being a perfect match for flimsy Wyverns. While I was creeping a light bulb flashed in my head. I suddenly remembered which race I was playing against.

Lingor: God you have wyvs right?
Rox: Uhm, no
Mr .Puddles: *giggles*

The Plot UNfolds

Seconds later, wyverns began harassing my creeping force and the outer areas of my base. Luckily I had a tower up near my Peasants or this would have been certain death. I already had a Blacksmith and a Arcane Sanctum ready, so anti-air wasn't far away, but I had to survive with a single tower until I could challenge a large Wyvern force.

The following minutes consisted of constant Wyvern abuse, and Rox took every opportunity to focus fire on a lone Rifleman or Sorceress, slowing down my anti-air catch-up game. I got a Guard Tower up and started to relax a bit, while getting an Archmage, Riflemen and Adept Sorcs. Rox decided his cheese was better spent on hapless creeps without anti-air and took down some Ogres.

Time for some real action

Figuring that idling was for newbies, and subtleness for pussies, I gathered up my army and headed for his expansion, having previously used the Scanner to reveal Rox's plans of economic dominance. Arriving on the scene I saw two finished towers and the new Great Hall still under construction. I targeted the towers quickly, hoping to take out static defence before Rox's mobile army would arrive. When the second tower exploded, Rox executed his flank attack;  his two heroes came in from his base and started to target my archmage. Meanwhile, an entire control group of Wyverns soared in from the southern woods, immediately attracting the attention of my lethally armed dwarves. A few seconds were spent in uncertainty, both unable to tell the outcome of the battle while we both were busy microing heroes. With the use of Slow and Siphon Mana, the Blademaster was rendered useless and unable to escape. I scrolled down eager to check up on the Rifles who were largely left to fight on their own.

Surprising indeed.

All the wyverns were gone, and seven dwarves were still hanging around looking as dangerous as possible when you're half the size of everyone else. Rox cursed while I calmly concluded that "rifles are actually pretty good anti-air".

Attack on Orc Exp

Still high on my victory over the flying cheese, I direct my troops towards Rox's main, momentarily unaware of the effectiveness of rifles vs. fortified burrows. Flame Strike (Now level 2) was put to good use, tearing up the clumped up orc buildings. A couple of nasty surprises came out from the back of the base; namely two giant cows carrying large logs. They already had pulverize, and began to inflict heavy damage on my brand new caster/rifle combo. I took down the first two, but the arrival of the next pair, along with the revival of the Blademaster, was too much for my small army to deal with. I left the orc main blazing in flames, but with intact income and a handy way to spend it.

The Orc main under attack

"Aren't taurens owned by magic?" - "Double nothing is still nothing"

A minute later or so, still hungry for a good old tauren steak, I crossed the western bridge to Orcland. I went north to check for an expansion, but found it occupied by some mean looking ogres. I decided not to test my luck and went east around some trees. Meanwhile, Rox was (understandably) feeling rather vengeful after having half his buildings burned to the ground. He went for western bridge too, but caught a glimpse of my army going around the trees. We had a few seconds of merry-go-around before Rox played his trumph card and WENT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. Ultimately this lead to a clash just south of his base.

I was rather surprised to see his two heroes accompanied by no less than four full HP taurens. My own army was a group of twelve, mostly rifles and sorcs, along with a few heavily damaged footies. Immediately, his taurens went up close and tore up my mostly ranged army. Some nifty aiming with my Flame Strike combined with slow took its toll on them, but 1300 hp cows aren't easily brought down by anything. The battle continued for a few seconds before I realized how badly outclassed I was. Thankfully both me heroes made it back, with a single rifle left.

The Turning of The Tables

Following the mid-game battles, I'd like to shift focus to the economy-side of things for a while. Rox's only attempt of an expansion had been destroyed before it went active, and he hasn't tried to make another, concentrating on tauren tech to keep me off his property. Mission Successful. I cleared my expansion earlier, and began building a Town Hall just prior to the last confrontation. Being a good manner kinda guy, I've chosen to mass towers around it, you know, just in case.

Luckily, that static defence was about to show its worth as Rox moved via the eastern bridge to destroy my expansion.  Sadly I neglected any kind of early-warning on the eastern bridge; thus I was caught completely off-guard as he charged in with four taurens and two spirit walkers. I only had my heroes and a few rifles/sorcs for defence in addition to my 3 towers. I was trying to keep out of the taurens range most of the time, and it became a hit and run battle most of the time. Problem was, while I ran, Rox would tear into my expansion defence, slowing bringing them down. After taking down two taurens, I felt a little more comfortable, as reinforcements were pouring out of my buildings. Without warning, two bright red glows appeared on the ground, rising up and drifting away, leaving two full health taurens on the ground, courtesy of his two Spirit Walkers.


Reviving is evil

At first I was somewhat thrown off, it was the first I've actually seen it in action, so some time was spent on shouting imbalance and/or "hax" before I could regain my bearings. During the next 4 minutes (yes, FOUR) a constant battle for survival took place. Most of my forces died rather quickly, and most of the time, my Bloodmage was my only fighting unit. During that time, he drank over 6 potions, got off more than 10 Flame Strike, and ran away with a Blademaster breathing down his neck an equal amount of times. Hardly ever with over 400hp, I hit and ran until my boots of speed wore out, desperately fighting to keep my expansion going. When the last tower was cleared, Rox had his own view of the situation.

I_rOx_ur_sOx: "GG"

Two minutes, about 6 flame strikes and one Shadow Hunter later, he changed his opinion somewhat.

I_rOx_ur_sOx: "fucking mage"


"I will kill your fucking mage and spit on his body"

There are both good and bad news. The good news would be the successful defence of my expansion. The bad one is that you're probably tired of looking at flame strike. Bleh!

Personally, watching stuff get torched badly and running away with an evil grin and petrol all over me never gets tiring. The doctor said it was just a adolescent fase. His body is now reduced to a small pile of ash.

Both mains had run dry quite a while ago, and Rox would obviously have an expansion up already, seeing how taurens don't come cheap. In my own base, I was temporarily satisfied with teching to knights and master sorcs to handle any out-of-control bovine. I ran my Bloodmage over and used a reveal to scout the two possible enemy expansion. I found only one at the gold mine that already had been the scene of two major battles. The bloodmage was getting close to level 6, and there was only one way to gain exp: peon raping. A long time was spent running back and forth; arriving at the gold mine and unleashing level 3 flame strike mayhem on the poor miners. After the first two times, Rox caught on and guarded both bridges. Grinning madly and growing small horns in the side of my head, I loaded the bloodmage in a zeppelin and got him in across the water, hitting the peons several times more before Rox was forced to spend precious gold on the suiciding batriders to keep me out. Good times.

Dirty Trix!

While harassing Rox, I had a steady income and massed the previously mentioned knights and master sorcs. Though the threat of the 10-13 siege damage of the batriders weighed heavily against my opportunities, I decided to go ahead and slaughter his forces like mere sheeps.

Sheeps indeed.

Rox still had an impressive army, five taurens and quite a few of the reviving bastards. Sadly, he didn't have any way to stop eight fully upgraded knights backed by enough polymorphs to keep the taurens "sheepieized" long enough to butcher them badly.

Good Game Rox, too bad you never got my mage ;)



That's it folks!

That all I had to offer for today, hope you enjoyed. Props go out to Apple for making killer laptops =) Also credit must go to Bradley M for the nice photograph used at the very top of my report.

I stuck with a different style this time, tired of black backgrounds. Like this one much better, definitely the best looking report I ever made ;)

Also, this is officially the second report to validate as xhtml, styled with the power of css in an attempt to better web standards for everyone, booya!

Now, you go ahead and comment!

- Brian Andersen // Lingor@Azeroth //