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1. These easy creeps can be soloed with certain heroes but it is generally done with a few Tier 1 units supporting

[One level 4 and Two level 1 Sea Turtles]

2. These creeps are the next weakest group and a low level hero with some assistance can easily dispatch them

[Two Troll Berserkers (4) and Two Ogre Warriors (3)]

3. The classic Merchant defenders, not too weak, not too strong

[One Ogre Magi (5) (Bloodlust) and Two Troll Berserkers (4)]

4. Powerful but few, these turtles guard the central Gold Mines from early expansions

[One Gargantuan Sea Turtle (7) and Two Sea Turtles (4)]

5. Numerous but with mostly weak members, this creep group is easy for strong armies but dangerous for weak ones

[One Gargantuan Sea Turtle (7), Two Murloc Nightcrawlers (3), and Three Murloc Huntsmen (2)]

6. Unused start defenders, this powerful force guards vacant starts from small and inexperienced armies

[One Troll Warlord (6) (Trueshot Aura), Two Troll Berserkers (4), and Two Ogre Warriors (3)]

7. Corner Expansion, these out of the way Gold Mines can profit a player greatly if they can defeat the powerful residents

[One Ogre Lord (7) (Shockwave and Devotion Aura), Two Troll Berserkers (4), and Two Ogre Warriors (3)]