Laser Squad: Nemesis Units

Version 2.28

Laser Squad: Nemesis is a tactical, turn-based/real-time 1v1 game where battles are played out over 10 second increments.  Translation: Each turn (where orders are given for each) are 10 seconds long, but the action that occurs is real-time as units carry out the orders they have been given.  There are now 4 races in this game that roughly equal to StarCrafttm races, the Marines (Terran - Barracks units), Machina (also Terrans but Factory units), Spawn (Zerg), and finally the Greys (Protoss, high value units but fewer in number).



The Marines are very similar to Barracks tech Terrans in that they consist solely of Space Suited humans, all infantry with none of the high hitpoints.  The Marines gameplan is more of a mobile, hit-and-run type offense rather than a powerful sustained attack due to the fragility of their units and the easy healing provided by the medics.


Unit Description

Grunt (1)

The basic ground unit of the Marines has low hitpoints but a very high firing rate.  The low cost makes them worthwhile to have even with their poor accuracy.

Grenadier (2)

The area destruction unit. It carries 8 grenades which are fired like large, bouncy water balloons. Watch out, because there can always be a bad bounce that brings them back.

Sniper (2)

The long ranged unit obviously. It is very good at picking off units at long-range which is good because this unit can take very little damage (even less than the Grunt).

Medic (1)

The healing unit. This valuable unit can heal all of the Marine infantry units with time and even carries a cute little pop gun.

Commander (3)

The biggest, baddest Marine of them all.  What big, bad Marine would be complete without a big honking gun? A slow firing rate is a problem but this guy makes his shots count with higher accuracy and more damage.

Headquarter (1)

The immobile supply depot. All infantry units can resupply their ammo here, but if those explosives inside go off it's a killer.



The Machina are also a Terran-like race (Factory troops) consisting of very powerful units targeted by superior scouting units.  Sensors that can see through walls and fast, light hover units help large powerful tank units to destroy opposing units, with well-armored generalized infantry units supporting them.  Machina armies are especially deadly if they can focus fire on enemy targets but are generally slow and vulnerable to long-range fire.

Unit (Point cost)

Unit Description

Scanner (2)

The best surveillance equipment money can buy.  This unit can see through walls and forests to spot enemy units, but carries no weaponry and has a high point cost which could be spent on combat units

Hunter (1)

A fast, flying scout unit. This unit can fly over low walls and cover large distances and even snipe units (typically in the back) with its accurate but low damage gun.

Exterminator (1)

The backbone of the Machina army is basically a better armored Grunt with a slower-firing gun.  The heavier armor is assisted by higher hitpoints but results in slower movement speed. It's good cost effectiveness usually warrants at least a few of them on the battlefield.

Missile Tank (4)

The area destruction unit.  This powerful unit can smash walls and has a good splash radius.  This is a blessing against units far away and a curse when they are near.  The small ammo capacity and slow-movement rate shackles the Missile Tank to remain nearby it's HQ or be rendered impotent while it races home to resupply.

AI (4)

The short-ranged destroyer.  This unit is essentially an heavily-armored shell with a large, fast-firing gun which can mow down nearby enemy units, but its inaccuracy over long range makes reduces its effectiveness.  Distance is it's enemy against more accurate units.

Headquarters (1)

Same purpose as the Marine Depot, it supplies ammo but explodes when destroyed



The Spawn are the Zerg of the game typically starting the game with the most units, and a have a dangerous recycling ability.  The Spawn have cheap, strong units which are penalized with melee attacks and two types of slow, ranged units.  Spawn units are unable to heal or replace lost ammo but they have another more dangerous ability.  Queens of the Spawn can consume the bodies of friendly and enemy units to lay eggs hatching new healthy units.  Destroying the bodies of the dead or the eggs is preferable to fighting a renewed enemy supplied by your own combat successes and losses.

Unit (Point cost)

Unit Description

Buzzer (1)

Fast, flying air unit. This fast melee unit can quickly fly over low obstacles and through windows to surprise and overwhelm enemy units.  Usually used in flanking attacks (en masse) to target vulnerable units in the rear or for quick scouting jaunts.

Drone (1)

The mobile ground-melee unit of the Spawn.  This unit has the most hitpoints for its point value of all units and when approaching in waves can overrun stronger/ranged units.  Packs of them are vulnerable to splash damage weapons but their high hp can take a beating.  This unit is immune to the effects of Goo.

Goo Spitter (1)

Unit/area immobilizing unit.  This unit fires grenade-like projectiles (also can bounce) which after exploding spray ooze which can immobilize enemy ground units inside its radius and does minor damage over time.  All units except flying units and Drones are affected by goo, so paths can be blocked to all but those units while in effect..  The goo dissolves over time or can  be burned off with explosives

Spiker (1)

Spawn ranged unit. This ranged unit is slow and has only average accuracy and damage, but is has a low cost.  When the Spiker runs out of ammo it dies and can be consumed to create another Spawn unit.

Splatter (1)

A suicide bomb unit.  Though this unit is lightly-armored if it gets close to enemy units, can do a great deal of damage.  The unit explodes regardless of whether it dies voluntarily or not, so any unit nearby needs to be wary.  The simple appearance of a Splatter usually causes changes in enemy tactics just to deal with this dangerous unit.

Queen (4)

Big, slow recycling unit.  The Queen is the best unit for cutting through walls and can consume bodies to lay eggs for new (1 fp) Spawn units.  The Queen is heavily armored and has a strong melee attack, but should avoid sustained direct combat to avoid a devastating loss of future unit production. Queen rushes can be effective in certain circumstances but are risky ventures.



The Greys are similar to Protoss in this game. Unlike the other races, hit points and ammo are somewhat combined for this race into a resource called energy.  Damage done to the unit is first taken out of the energy stockpile, while weapons also require energy to fire.  If a unit takes enough damage it loses its energy and can no longer fight unlike the other races who can still fight when critically damaged until out of ammo.  On the other hand this gives Grey units the effect of being able to absorb significantly more damage when fully charged, making it more likely that a Grey unit can escape to recharge..

Generally this race has fewer units than its counterparts. Much has changed for this race between versions so this data is not useful for the current version of units. For instance Saucers, Psykers, and Warp Gunners all cost more in the newest version.


Unit (Point cost)

Unit Description

Sentry (1)

In this version the Sentry is the fastest firing unit in the game. (Version 2.28, changed now) Its damage output is laughable against armored units but it makes an excellent scouting unit with lots of energy and good vision.

Guardian (2)

This non-combatant vehicle carries a small area shield/cloaking generator. When the shield is turned on, units inside the shield and the Guardian are twice as difficult to spot (Enemies need to be twice as close as normal). This shield also absorbs incoming weapons fire and can bounce grenades and goo balls away as if it were a wall. Explosions and weapons fire starting inside the shield act normally however, so if an enemy unit gets inside the shield... (Minor changes now)

Psyker (2)

This unit uses its attack to "psyke" enemy units for a single turn. Enemy units that are psyked lose their vision, can't move, and can't shoot.  In addition, the Grey forces gain the units vision until the end of the turn it is psyked. If the unit dies however, the vision is lost. (Version 2.28, change now)

Warp Gunner (3)

This unit can create warp implosions anywhere inside its range regardless of terrain between it and its target. Distance is its friend and enemy however as further distances cause the implosions to be weaker but an implosion too close can kill itself. There is no travel time between the unit and its target other than the aiming time so it can be a very lethal unit (Version 2.28, changed now).

Saucer (4)

This is the largest flying unit in the game, loaded with lots of energy and fast moving. Its accuracy is only about average but does decent damage.  This unit can also function as an energy reservoir with other units able to tap into its batteries to recharge themselves. (Cost and energy level changed)

Regenerator (1)

This unit is also equivalent to the Headquarters of the Marines and the Machina but it also has a unique ability.  Grey units are able to teleport from one Regenerator to another for fast movement.