Tourney Time

updates for the groups can see here
Ok this is what I want to do. I'm going to have a mini league going on this July. But this is how it will work. Every week you will be placed into a group of players. Your requirement is to play each of them in one 3 game series and finish all your games in the weeks period. Best of 3 games. If you win the series you get a match win. At the end of the week I tally the match wins and place you in a new gruop based on your match wins. At the end of the month, I will take the top 8 and place them into a tournament. Which will be seeded and give them a home map(field) advantage. Games will be best of 5 the player with the higher seed will be able to have more opportunities to choose the map they want to play on. Example. If Liquid`Corbalt is rated #1 and Fox^1 is rated #8 game 1 game 2 he gets to choose the map. Game 3 and game 4 I get to choose. If there is a game 5 then Corb gets to choose. Understand? The maps allowed for this must be 128x128 no more *cough* medusa and no less *cough* ragnorak. 

I will need 32 players for this to go down. 8 players per group during a span of 4 weeks. Each week will have a group of maps listed. There will be 2 maps and if there is a 3rd game it will default to Lost Temple.

Round 1 maps-
Neo Vertigo
Neo Hall of Valhalla

Round 2 maps
Jim Raynor's Memory

Round 3 maps
Neo Jungle Story

Round 4 maps
Gamei Hunters
Plains to Hill 2.0

download here

I'm 99% sure about these maps. If you have a problem with them you can post what you think is better, but it better be good, because I really like these maps. I will have the maps avialable for download on soon enough so stay tuned to it's news.

There are no scheduled times for playing against your opponents during the week. All you have to do is play an average of 2-3 games a day. This will allow you to play an opponent who may not be in the same time zone as you and you can at least meet once during the week for 2-3 games. I don't care what order you play in, as long as you do. If you do play all games in one day, GJ FOR YOU. 

I was going to have you post reoplays at But what I'm going to do is just have you save at your own liesure and post if you want. You don't have to, but the main tournamet I will save replays. The winner will have to e-mail me of the results.

The prizes for this is as follows.

1st place 10 cds full of vods of starcraft + 100$
2nd place 50$ and 5 cds full of vods

These prizes are subject to change. I'm going to donate the 50$ but ask Mark4 if there is any way the account can add to that amount. 

Now about living about 150 trillion miles from the US. I'm going to check on how much it takes to send a package to europe or places not in the North-american continent. If it's freakishly pricy, we can come across a deal with possibly just money. Unless you must have the cds, then we can talk about ok?

If you want to signup plz e-mail me with your bnet name and your e-mail. Also I'm going to reserve some spots for good players... that is of course if they want to play.


Tourney is ready to go.  These are the players in the tourney































Any questions?  Please e-mail me at  Please state your bnet name when you mail me so I know who you are.