Well go... how many of you have played it? How many of you have actually heard about it? It's surprising how such a strategically deep game is not played by many outside of the oriental community. I'll teach you the basics of the game to make the report much easier to understand.
This is a go board.

It is 19x19 and the pieces are played on the intersection of lines. Like this The key to the game is to have more points then your opponent at the end of the game. How are points earned? Two ways. First is by capturing a piece, and second is by controlling an empty space on the board at the end of the game. Lets explain First how to capture a piece.

Well every piece on the board has liberties. If a piece is alone on the board by itself it has 4 liberties. To the left, right, up and below. If you surround these liberties with the opposing color, you capture that piece. Diagram A. is an example of a piece that has 1 liberty left. When anything has 1 liberty left it's called an atari. Diagram A is placing the black piece into atari. 

A. B. C. D.

As you can see if a white piece is played below it, the result is this B. If a piece was played on the side, top, corner of the board you can see that the liberties are reduced. For example if you place a piece in the top left. It has only 2 liberties as apposed to 4 if it was not in the corner shown here.

So only 2 opposing colored pieces are required to capture it. Also if it's on the side it only takes 3 pieces to capture a piece. Shown here.

Understand? Now lets say you have a setup like in C. Now black has 2 pieces that connect with each other. They are now a whole or one unit. In order for white to capture this one unit, it must surround all liberties as shown in D. White must fill all the green crosses in order to capture black. Now lets see if you know what's going on.

Problem: How many liberties does black have, and what does white have to do in order to capture this?

Answer: There are 5 liberties and white must fill these spaces shown as green crosses.

Got it? Now on the second way to get points. When the game ends you may have a setup like so

now this game look at the bottom left. Black has basically walled off that area. If white tries to fill it black can capture his pieces rather easily. So all those empty spaces that are surrounded by black are black's points. Same with the area directly above it that is empty but basically surrounded by white pieces. Those points go to white. Understand? Now a player can resign the game if he or she believes she is so far behind there is no use to try to come back.  
Ok you have a basic understanding of the game, I hope this has given you a better understanding of the game and hopefully will make the report more enjoyable.