The Deus Ex Report Part 6:

French Connection


Chapter 17: Death Row

“Have fun in Paris. I’m sorry, but I can’t get you any closer. Majestic 12 troops are blocking the streets. Go into the catacombs. The Silhouette has a hideout there.”

With those words my pilot dropped me on the roof of an abandoned Skyscraper. When I looked down onto the area, where the entrance to the catacombs had to be located, I immediately saw two MJ12 commandos guarding buildings.

I decided to practice my sniping skills a little and disposed them with some 30.06mm presents. A few minutes waiting made clear that either there was no one else around or they were intelligent enough to take cover.

The way down to the street was a maintenance lift, which granted me his services after a bit of multitooling. Sadly the front door was blocked and the only other way out was through a hall full of…

*Radioactive Material? In the basement of a Skyrise?? In the center of Paris??? Let’s hope the packages are still sealed…*

“I’m detecting radiation, about 100 rem.”

*…but with my luck. Thank you Tracer. Now the Regeneration augmentation has to prove it’s worth or I won’t get through here alive.*

Of course there was no need to worry about my abilities. Any damage that was caused healed immediately and I never was in danger. This assured me I could go into every hazardous environment unharmed, as long as my energy supply lasts. With a big smile on my face I continued my way down a ladder and throu…

“I now have full access to your systems!”

*Who the hell was that? …Icarus… Another mysterious ally? As if Daedalus wasn’t enough. But “access to your systems” does not sound very good… Please, that had better been a joke… it’s the last thing I need. Being controlled by someone.*

My heart was beating like a jackhammer and I seriously blamed Icarus for a moment when I turned around a corner and nearly missed to see the greasel right in front of me. But luckily my well-trained battle senses kicked in right in time and the automatic shotgun blasted several heaps of shrapnel into the little green body.

Angry screams from the right revealed some more poisonous critters waiting for a lead injection. I found the beasts sitting in a corner, gnawing on some unidentifiable corpse and ended their lives immediately.

Soon after, the hatch to the street was reached and I climbed through, just to be surprised once again.

Right in front of my eyes was a MJ12 commando who actually survived my sniping session and a heavy bot patrolling the area on the far side of a closed gate. *My, my, where have we learned that trick? Taking cover when a sniper is around? Extraordinary!*

My human foe was turning around towards me but I was too pumped up, with my adrenalin levels not having returned to normal, to give him a real chance. A spray of bullets from my SMG ripped through his vital organs and dropped him to the ground.

With the bot being locked out, I had the time to search the body of the now three dead commandos for useful supply and found a key, apparently to one of the houses around. Scanning the surroundings, I was delighted to recognize one of the buildings as the catacombs entrance Stanton Dowd had shown me on a photo.

And as if it was planned that way, the key fitted into the door lock perfectly. I went inside and a staircase down into the city’s old burial grounds.

Tracer Tong informed me about the siege MJ12 had laid upon the catacombs to get Silhouette out of their hiding spots. *Hopefully they were not found already… I need their leader Chad to put me in contact with Nicolette DuClare…*

I hurried forward but did not come far because a gas grenade was blocking the way. Deciding not to test my luck by trying to disarm it, I chose the nearby air tunnel to proceed. Soon the tunnel ended and a soldier stand in front of it. My eye augmentation revealed another behind the pillar. One pull of the trigger and the first was kneeling to my powerful 30.06mm arguments and moments later his comrade also had something going through his head that weren’t thoughts.

When I walked on, Tong amused me with some historical data…

“About six million exhumed bodies were brought into the catacombs during the 18th century because of hygiene reasons.”

*… fine, some more bodies won’t hurt then.*

Still the “Enhanced Vision” augmentation provided medium range surveillance to make sure I would not be surprised by any foe in these mazelike corridors.

And soon a MJ12 commando appeared on my screen to the left, shortly followed by a normal trooper, who instantly got flanked by a horde of lead projectiles my shotgun provided. This was repeated only seconds later as the unsuspecting commando got his load in the neck.

Just a bit further the way ended at a locked door on the left. I had grasped the situation even before Tracer told me there were some recent “architectural changes” in the area…

…everything just screamed “secret door” to me. Especially that one protruding brick right in front of me. I pushed it and the wall opened to my right. I had found the Silhouette… *Why do all secret doors open the same? It’s a miracle MJ12 did not find this.*

I met Chad in the central room of the old World War II bunker that was their hideout. He was suspicious at first, but it really helped that the stress signal I had sent from the NSF headquarter in New York had saved them from prison. We soon got to a deal. He would put me in contact with Nicolette if I would free two members of his group who were captured during the retreat from Majestic 12. Before I left to do my part, he gave me a key to the locked door and a map of the catacombs, which I found very useful.

I headed towards bunker 3 with a big smile on my face because Tong told me that I had the chance to take out an entire MJ12 attack team. The anticipation obviously made me careless. I forgot to activate the "Enhanced Vision".

And suddenly he stood in front of me… the metal man from my worst nightmares! *No… that would be Gunther Herman.* This was just another MJ12 commando. Probably equally shocked by my sudden appearance... There was no room for special tactics or pretty moves. *Just get out the pump and drown him in bullets.*

In the end, my regeneration ability was the decisive factor. It soaked up everything he poured on me while he was breathing in too much air though all those new holes he had in his body.

After this shocking surprise I continued with much more care. And spotted the next enemy the exact moment Tong used to tell me about a bunch of "heat signatures" nearby. With my recent “near fuck-up“ gnawing at me, I wanted to prove myself that I am still THE killer.

My sniper gave my target a new set of ears and the second MJ12 trooper left this world with a few more assholes. 

*Now I’m in the mood! This is going to be a bloody slaughter… no mercy!*

To avoid the security measures at the bunker entrance, I crawled through the corridor behind the cross…

… from there I sniped the first foes, before I took out the surprised third head on with my SMG on the left and killed the remaining two on the right before they could sound the alarm…

… I dived through a tunnel to the opposite site of the bunker, where I continued the fun. I jumped out of the water, saw a WIB on my left, took her out with my sniper rifle, she exploded nicely and I vented the anger of the so alarmed pair of commandos with two more headshots.

*Yeah, better than John Rambo in ‘The next return of Rambo’* After taking a few moments to calm down, I searched the base and the bodies and found a key to the sewer. I also turned off all security cameras and turrets. To allow the prisoners to return safely to the Silhouette bunker I blasted the lasers at the entrance with a LAM before releasing them.

Minutes later I was back at Chad who told me Nicolette would be at the club "La Porte de l’Enfer" and I could reach it through the sewers. *Good I found those keys...*


Chapter 18 : Dancing Wine

It had been a long walk in those filthy tunnels and I was happy when Tracer Tong finally told me I was close to the Champs Elysées where the club was. He also had some (hopefully) good news: Jamie Reyes was in Paris, waiting for me in the café "Enfant Terrible" right next to "La Porte de l’Enfer" with an important message. I was happy he was here, because hadn’t heard anything from him since I asked him to stay behind at UNATCO to be my eyes and ears there. Secretly I had feared something might have happened to him so this was a big relief. 

But as usual everything comes with a bad beat. Tong informed me MJ12 was patrolling this streets also. And even worse… they had bot support and my tunnel was ending right in the middle of the street under everybody’s eyes. *Great. At least I’ve got two hatches to choose from…*  

A check of the first hatch’s surroundings showed three troopers and a dog right next to it. A bad choice! The other seemed to be clear. Only groundshaking stomps moving away… *Shit… a heavy bot! That’ll be a nice dance. But it’s leaving… probably a good moment to get away unnoticed.* I opened the hatch, switched on the optical stealth augmentation, climbed out…

...and looked onto the back of the bot and his human assistants. Backing up into a safe corner a movement on my left caught my eye. Another heavy bot, also with human help. This would be a lot of fun.

My plan was easy. I’d attack both groups at the same time. First the bots, then the humans…

*Two rockets on the bot in front, two for the one to the left, snipe the three guys in front, deal with the humans from the left… speed and precision is all I need…*

*…oh, and regeneration! Saves your life every time.*

To my surprise not everybody had participated in the attack on me. To my left, a commando and a soldier were standing around totally untouched by the recent events. This remained until I decided to touch them with an something they just could not ignore. 

*On a second thought… A human’s reaction is quite minimal after his death. So they actually might ignore the bullets anyways.*

A final 30.06 projectile was needed when a single trooper came looking for his friends. And being a good guy of course I helped him find them. With nothing left to stop me, I walked over to the café where Jamie was waiting.

He told me about the situation at UNATCO. Walton Simons had fired anybody with experience from outside UNATCO. Including Sam Carter and Jamie himself. *Apparently they just want people who execute a kill order without doubts.* And he warned me that Gunther Herman already was in Paris to hunt me down. That was not much of a surprise for me since I expected he’d not give up after missing me in Hong Kong. The best thing was that my friend had been able to dig up his kill phrase: Laputanmachine.

“Say it and 400 mA of electricity will shoot right through his brain.”

*Poor German Herman… maybe somebody should warn him. This’ll be the shock of his life.*

I could not thank him enough for his great work. Even though I felt prepared for a fight against a mech-agent, confronting a battle hardened veteran like Gunther would always be jeopardy. So it was nice to be able to kill him with just a word…

Now it was time to meet Nicolette in the club "La Porte de l’Enfer" just across the street. I decided not to use the front entrance but rather use the one for employees. This proved to be no problem at all. Only a locked door tried to stop me from getting inside but succumbed to the blast of a rocket. BOOOM! Unexpectedly no one in the club was bothered by the noise and so I…

“Check your motives. Why are you deliberately breaking the laws of the current government? Take your chance and join us to create a new world order.”

*What the…? Who are you? New world order? Are you talking about this whole MJ12 crap?*


This was scary. I did not know how Icarus managed to contact me but slight worries crept into my mind while I was searching the club for Nicolette.

After a few minutes and a number of fruitless talks with several women, I saw a girl sitting at a table on the second floor. Even amongst the colourful crowd here she stood out with this violet black skirt, her pale, almost white face, the tattoos and those humongous knee high skull boots. I intuitively knew I had found her and after comparing her with the photo Dowd had given me I was sure. She was Nicolette!

But she claimed only to be a friend of Nicolette when I told her I was searching for Morgan Everett, a fried of Beth DuClare, Nicolettes mother. She could not fool me though and after mentioning my help for Silhouette, she asked me to go to the square behind the club. She would convince Nicolette to meet me there. *If that’s your game girl, I’ll play along. But I know who you are. I know whom I’m going to find there.*

I left her and contacted my pilot to pick us two up. And guess who appeared when the helicopter came in. Our gothic beauty. As expected… I decided to play dumb and asked her if Nicolette would not come.

Now she finally confessed that she as a matter of fact was Nicolette… *Surprise, surprise!* …and suggested a visit to her mothers chateau after I explained her the reasons why I had to find Everett.

When the heli lifted of the ground, suddenly I saw a familiar face running around a corner.

Gunther Herman came only seconds too late to get me. For a second I thought about dropping a little grenade on his shiny forehead but ultimately decided a LAM was to precious to waste one on him. *Let’s give him a final chance to run away and safe his life.*

After several minutes of flight we touched down on the abandoned estate of the DuClare family.

“We have to find the secret computer room of my mother. But I don’t know where it is.”

So we had to search. Gaining access to the building was no problem at all. The back door was only locked by some wooden bars, which I easily ripped off.

We looked around on the ground level to find some kind of secret room but found none. When we searched the kitchen I suddenly heard Nicolette saying something, as if she was talking to herself:

“The maid always cooked but my mother chose the wine. She was the only with a key to the cellar.”

*That’s it! The basement… a logic place to hide something like that…* The fact that the door was sturdy enough to endure even the impact of a Gep-Gun rocket, assured me our goal was down there. Now we had to find the key. My companion suggested to look in Beths room upstairs. So we went there and…

“What are you looking for?”

*Nothing of your concern, dumbass. Just leave me alone!*

Annoyed I stomped onwards and nearly missed Nicolette going to a little table in the hallway and picking up a key.  She explained to me it was the one for her mothers’ room.

As we reached there I started to search for a basement key without delay, but Nicolette had other things on her mind.

“The room of my mother … Look, her favourite painting. Astonishing the assassins did not steal it. Oh, how many hours she sat at this table to stare at her priceless treasure.”

I was at her side instantly and pulled on the painting. It moved up and revealed a secret compartment containing the key we were seeking.

“Nobody is going to help you! Beth DuClare has been dissected and frozen”

This Icarus character was getting quite irritating. Ever worse than Daedalus… *By the way, I haven’t heard anything from Daedalus for quite some time now…The last time was on that superfreighter.*

Knowing I wouldn’t get any answers I pushed back my questions continued with the task at hand. The key opened the basement door and we entered the wine cellar of the mansion. At first we found nothing interesting. Until my eyes met an item that did not quite fit into the surroundings…

… I pull it and the secret door was open. A bit further I found what I was looking for. Beth DuClares secret computer terminal. I hacked it at once and sent Morgan Everett a signal. He contacted me only seconds later.

“So you found Beths computer. Maybe it’s destiny that we meet. If you really are our ally, help me penetrate the MJ12 network. It’s the only way I can develop a cure for Grey Death. Find Nicolette, you’ll need her key to the crypt. I’ll lead you to a cathedral nearby.”

I agreed and after Everett logged off, I talked to Nicolette. She gave me the key and told me something about the cathedral. It belonged to the knights templar and was currently occupied by Majestic 12 troops who killed the templars because of their gold reserves.

We went outside and parted in front of the maze to the crypt. The way seemed to be clear. That was unless the helicopter pilot warned me about heat signatures he was picking up. I turned on my visual augmentation and the system showed me two MJ12 commandos. They obviously hadn’t noticed me and I was able to sneak into a corner and ambush them. Just a few slugs from the automatic shotgun weighted them down so much they quit moving at all.

Soon after I entered the sewers through the crypt and headed towards the cathedral.


Chapter 19: Bloody Cross

*Sewers, sewers, sewers, I’m so sick of this. Paris is such a beautiful city and all I see are smelly tunnels…*

“I need you primarily to access the MJ12 network. Of course I would not mind getting my hands on the gold. When you find it, I’ll send a recovery team.”

He also transmitted a plan of the cathedral, which I found slightly useless…

Finally I could leave the sewers and reached a little backyard from where a little walk brought me to a locked gate… and a commando walking away from it.

My pick ate through the lock in no time and I was behind him, shotgun ready. I gave him a fair chance and waited for him to turn around before turning him into metal junk.

Around the next corner a sniper watched the area from a bridge. Only a quick reaction saved my butt... *Actually rather my head, cause that’s where snipers usually shoot.* … I pulled the trigger, barely aiming, while he wasted his last moments to aim at me instead of taking cover. What I immediately did after my bullet left the barrel.

This proved to be a smart move since a second soldier appeared, also armed with the equivalent of my favourite ranged killing tool. Luckily he did not see me and was stupid so to keep his head still for long enough to let me demonstrate the effectivity of our weapon of choice. 

There was no time to get bored because around the corner of the alley stomped a huge piece of junk. At least that was what two rockets from my Gep-Gun turned the heavy bot into.

After the noise of the explosion subsided, I decided to go onto that bridge to get a better view over the area. Again this turned out to be a good idea as I found a third sniper intelligent enough to hide from the havoc I just caused but also dumb enough to forget where the stairs were from where an enemy would approach. My shotgun broke his neck nice and clean. Altogether to place was disappointing because the only enemies I could find were a MJ12 commando and a soldier armed with an automatic shotgun guarding the entrance a subway station, who easily fell to my sniper rifle.

I walked past the station and ahead I could see the first tower of the templar cathedral and another commando, who died of ‘long range lead infection’.

The disease spread on two more victims guarding the vicinity together with two medium bots. These tried to infect me with the illness as well, but unlike the others I had some 'HE-Rocket medicine' with me and eliminated the threat.

I took a moment to enjoy the beauty of the architecture before continuing to sweep the surroundings.

*Ok, maybe not that spectacular but please remember I’d experienced mainly tunnels and sewers in the last hours…*

I had seen a third bot in the distance and circled the cathedral counterclockwise to intercept it. Everything was fine with the plan until the rocket left the Gep-Gun. I don’t know what happened, perhaps I triggered the launch prematurely or the locking mechanism had a bad day. Anyway, the rocket missed and I had to live through some painful seconds until the weapon reloaded. And painful is meant literally because the metal bugger fired at me with his machine gun till I was able to blow him to smithereens. The same time the door opened and a MJ12 commando looked out. *This is going from bad to worse. Wrong gun in hand and the ballistic shield isn’t helping much either being still level 1…*

Then fortunately my luck returned. I ripped out my shotgun and was able to take out my foe and also the second commando who came right after him. But not before he launched a missile at me… and I had no time to dodge.

Which wasn’t necessary after all. Maybe he felt he was dying and did not aim properly, but the rocket went through my legs, only scratching the trousers and my coat.

Now I had to decide where to enter the cathedral. The obvious way would be the door the commandos had come from, but my recent experience with head-on assaults told me to better play it safe. So I climbed onto the roof using a trellis left of the door. Tracer Tong was pleased:

“Never depend on weapons and high tech, when there is an easy solution.”

*Would be equally easy just to storm inside, weapons blazing, but I'm not in the mood for that.*

On my way further up I spotted a sniper in the distance and sent him my standard present…

“I see you, a thief on the roof. I see your heart beating. I see your fear.”

Gunther! I looked around to check if he was close. Not that I really was afraid, but despite the knowledge of his kill phrase, he still could be a threat if he’d attack me from an ambush. But I saw nothing but a balcony on the other half of the building. I instantly knew this would be the best place to infiltrate stealthy. *Unless Herman alarms the troops. But I think he wants to deal with me himself.*

The large gap between my target and me proved to be no problem. The "Speed Enhancement" enabled me to jump across and my lockpicks opened the door silently. Inside was another door and a set of stairs to the right. I chose the door, picked it and immediately made enough noise to render all my sneakiness useless. A WIB was in front of me, looking straight in my eyes. The shotgun roared, she catched enough metal to light her fuse and exploded.

I prepared myself for an assault from a bunch of MJ12 guys but they never came and I had all the time I needed to search the room. My reward were two codes… ‘The Key to Sidons Crypt: 1942’ and ‘The Key to The Well of Wisdom: 0022’… and another message from Gunther, who obviously had seen what happened.

“You are nothing more than a mouse. And dumb as a mouse. You come here, as if you forgot about Agent Navarre. I remember Agent Navarre. I remember everything!”

*I remember her as well. How she underestimated me in the Battery Park subway station and paid the ultimate price for that…*

I continued my way down the stairs past a door, guarded by a camera and an automatic gun, until I came to a second with a keypad. I tried the code for Sidons Crypt and it worked. Inside was the gold.

Everett contacted me to tell he would send Chad with a recovery team. *One objective done, one to go.*

I returned to the other door, took care of the camera with a few sabot rounds from my automatic shotgun and entered the second code into the keypad. The gate opened and…

“Yes. Obey your new masters. Come to me.”

Obviously I was going the right way and only a bit further I saw the computer I came here for… and Gunther Herman who was dumb enough to talk to me instead of just attacking.

“Too bad we only worked together just once. Now there are other rules.”

*Did you came to Paris to tell me that?*

“I’m just delivering a message. We know where you are going and what you plan.”

*And I know something about you.*

“You know you are going to die”

*I know your UNATCO kill phrase: Laputanmachine!*

His eyes were widening…

“I…am…no…machi …”

He began to twitch uncontrollably while I stepped back a few step to not be caught by the blast…


He was gone. Only some pieces of flesh and the smell of burning metal remained. I went over to the computer and established the uplink for Morgan Everett.

*This was almost too easy… but I won’t complain.*

The holocom on the far side of the room went on and Walton Simons appeared. He told me not to be too self secure because they sent Gunther only because they were sick of his whining about Agent Navarre and optimisations. Next time I would face an opponent of equal abilities. When I told him that we were close to develop a cure for the Grey Death virus he just laughed. We would need an Universal Constructor like the one I destroyed in Hong Kong to produce it and we would never get one. With those words he broke the connection and Everett contacted me to inform me, he would meet me now and I should go to the subway station.

On my way out I downed a last MJ12 trooper guarding the stairs with a headshot. Outside I headed west towards the…

“Because of you the rebirth of the Illuminati is close. Rethink your actions!”

*This is annoying…*

“What you are hearing is the voice of a MJ12 AI. No need to worry – not yet. I can protect you and Daedalus for about a day”

*MJ12 AI? No need to worry, Everett?? This thing always seems to know where I am and what I’m doing… I AM worried!*

“Your systems were very cooperative. Upload complete.”

*Upload? What Upload??*

“You were just a prototype, Denton, a prototype for me…”

*… Bob Page… the leader of Majestic 12…what worse could happen…*

Shocked I entered the subway station. Everett told me to proceed to the platform where his assistant would meet me. On the way down my mind was full of questions… Icarus, an MJ12 AI, with access to my systems. What were they able to do? Could they harm me or my mission? I did not know. Only time could tell.

I met Everetts assistant, Toby Atanwe and he informed me he had to blindfold me so I could not see the way. I agreed but when he covered my eyes I suddenly fell into unconsciousness…



Chapter 20: Illumination

I woke up in a condo high above the streets of Paris. It took me a few moments to recall what happened and why I was here.

“You see, the neuroparalytic gas is absolutely harmless.”

With these words Toby greeted me and showed me the way to the lab where Morgan Everett waited. On the way down, Icarus used the moment to plant some doubts.

“The goal of the Illuminati is world domination. Don’t let them blind you.”

*And what are MJ12s goals? A big birthday party? I know it’s a choice between bad and worse…*

Morgan Everett was kind of a disappointment, nothing of the aura I had expected from the Supreme Enlightened, the leader of the Illuminati. He was just a normal man. With a lot of knowledge, but just a simple man.

At least he had been able to decipher the virus and develop a cure. Too bad Simons was right. We definitely would need a Universal Constructor to manufacture it. But Everett had a little surprise for me.

“I already established contact with Gary Savage from X-51. They are working on the completion of a UC.”

The scientists from Area 51… Their base was the Vandenberg Air Force base. There we also would have the access to the military networks Everett needed to protect Daedalus from being destroyed by the Icarus AI.

So everything was clear. I knew where to go and what to do. My pilot was already waiting on the helipad but before I went there I met Alex Jacobson.

Tracer Tong had sent him here to secretly keep an eye on Everett because he did not trust the Illuminati. *Good to know that but we need him… he is essential to our fight against Majestic 12.* With that I left him.

When I reached the helipad I instantly knew something was wrong. In front of me laid a dead mechanic and the second was extremely nervous but did not mention the corpse. So I contacted Morgan Everett, who told me he was not able to reach his mechanic Pierre.

*Pierre? That guy doesn’t sound French to me…*

“Who is up there? That’s not one of my guys. He has to be eliminated!”


A second later he was dead. Killed by some shots from my silenced pistol. I talked to my pilot to find out if the imposter sabotaged anything on the copter.

“He worked on the fuel injection. Wait a second, that is not right…”

*What is it?*

“Oh my god, JC! A Bomb! Remote controlled…”

*Get out of there!*

“I just have to pull this wire… … … there. I deactivated the fuse. We’ll throw the thing into the Atlantic when we fly back to the states.”

And that is just what we did…


Authors Notes:

Yay, it’s done. Finally, after so many months…blablabla… you heard the same in my last report. Just let me say I’ll try to write more often, but I won’t promise anything.

There are two things special in this report.

First, this part contains an excessive amount of things linking back to previous reports. Pretty much every important person except Paul Denton and Joseph Manderley are in some way mentioned in here. I did not explain everything because that would have seriously disturbed the flow of the writing. So if you missed an issue or can’t remember something. Please read the corresponding report. Thank you!

Second, this part is probably the one with the most In-Game lines I had to translate back into English. And even though I tried my best to keep them as close as possible to the original, I know they are not 100% exact. Trying that would just take too much time…

I attempted to spice up the descriptions of the fights a bit. Hopefully that works fine for you. And if not, I just pray it did not went worse from last time…

Finally a little something to cheer you up. As you may have noticed I didn’t use the “ego” view again. It became a bit redundant after adding JCs thoughts (The orange text) directly into the normal writing and so I think I won’t use it anymore.

By the way… No rater was involved in this decision. :)


The Telephone

Right in the beginning of Paris there is a moment that I have left out of the main report because it would have slowed down the action without providing much information. But this little and unimportant scene turned out to be the most intense and one of the most memorable situations I experienced while playing the game for the first time. I should add that I was not as skilled or cold blooded as today and in a general fear of enemies, especially when they had the initiative. Now here is what happened to that poor “young” (17 year old) boy I was back then…

Near the building with the entrance to the catacombs is another you can enter. On ground level there is a room with a table, a phone and a window to the corridor.

The phone was ringing…

“I am right behind you, Mr. Denton.”

(BIG SHOCK!!! I was immediately freaking out, assuming that someone was standing behind me on the other side of the window, weapon in hand…)

“Who are you?”

“Soon I’ll be in front of you … beside you – I will be a part of your world.”

“So, my world? Are we talking about god – or some new-age-crap?”

(JC is so cool… I was just shaking in my pants at that time, wanting to pull out all my weapons at once.)

“Yes … a new age. Too bad you won’t live to see it.”

And that was it for me… I literally spend the next TEN minutes searching the house and the whole area for any sign of newly appearing MJ12 troops…

… and of course finding none. Was quite easy to scare me in a first person shooter back then.


And with that we are coming to the final score: JC vs Heavy Bots 3 : 0

As usual, many thanks to Fraps, Word, PhotoFiltre, FrontPage, all raters and commenters, to my readers, my family, my friends and


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