Chapter 14 : Midnight Rumble

*Tons of bio weapons, the whole east coast to search for and just a single hint where to start…*

The flight from Hong Kong to New York had left me with much time to think about the situation. According to Tracer Tongs calculations the freighter with the Grey Death Virus should arrive somewhere on the east coast about the same time as I do. So there was not much left till the spreading of the virus would begin and I still had to find out where the ship was docked. Finally, after numerous pointless guessings where to look for it, we reached Manhattan.

When I jumped out of the helicopter onto the roof of the ‘ton hotel in Hells Kitchen, Tracer tong briefed me about my tasks. I had to find Harley Filben in the Underworld Tavern to arrange a meeting with Stanton Dowd, the previous owner of the virus-freighter. He could probably tell me where the ship might be docked. An easy task, would there not be the martial law in Manhattan. Soldiers and a bot were patrolling the streets. I had no choice but to take them out if I wanted to reach the bar safely.

Keeping the height advantage by staying on the roof, I went to the front side of the building. A glance around showed me three policemen and a medium bot in the street. When I just had finished loading my Gep-Gun, the machine detected me and fired its guns. Some bullets hit my shoulder but could not prevent the launch. One cop was so shocked by the destruction of his robotic pal and froze, which made him an easy target for my sniper rifle. The rest of the little group was equally inefficient and succumbed to my SMG fire.

Knowing that there had to be more foes on the way to the Tavern, I jumped to another roof with the help of my speed enhancement augmentation. From there I could see the street in front of the pub and right: A whole squad of UNATCO troopers waiting for a bullet rain from my rifles. My SMG roared and killed the first two before the rest had found out where death was coming from. So the slaughter commenced…

…during which I found out that an automatic shotgun is really good at popping heads as if they were little balloons. *What a luck I had not enough time to make any friends among the regular UNATCO soldiers.* When silence returned to the streets and I jumped down from the roof with activated Speed Enhancement to prevent any damage, suddenly a message came over my infolink…

“Wrong inform… ps-al       connect. Streets are clear. No danger.”

Interferences made it hard to understand something, but I instinctively knew what Daedalus meant. *No danger??? There were a dozen guys ready to kill me and he talks about “clear streets?” What was I fighting then? Little UNATCO bunnies and a machine-gun carrying Santa Claus? Those bullets that hit me weren’t toys…*

Calming myself I entered the Underworld Tavern and met Harley Filben who confessed that he always had worked for the NSF and the Illuminati. 

After hearing my story about the freighter with the virus he was willing to help and arranged a meeting with Stanton Dowd, the previous owner of the ship, in the ruins of “Osgood and Sons”. *Hopefully Dowd could help me finding out where the superfreighter might dock. I don’t want to search every port on the east coast…*

There also was a man in marines uniform in the bar, which surprised me because I did not know they were using navy troops for the martial law as well.

Being curious, I talked to him and found out that he was stationed at the submarine bunker of the Brooklyn Naval Shipyard. His name was Vinnie and he told me that FEMA and some Chinese mafia guys had taken over the base and were doing some secret stuff there no marine was allowed to see. *Hmm interesting, Chinese Guys? With a bit of luck this is it… The freighter I’m looking for is from China after all. That’ll be the place I look first…* When I hinted that I maybe could check out what was happening there, he immediately jumped on the offer.

“I’m a Patriot. I don’t like top-secret military bases being passed around like nothing. I’m going to tell my friends at the front to let you pass inside…”

I thanked him, left the Tavern and headed to my meeting with Stanton Dowd.

He already waited there for me and after a bit of gossip, during which I found out that he had Grey Death himself, we came to the point. Dowd suspected that MJ12 wanted to hide the freighter and told me that the only building large enough was the submarine bunker at the Brooklyn harbor. *Bingo! We’ve got it. That’s why FEMA took over the facility.* Now we had to come up with a plan to get rid of the deadly cargo.

“They’re probably storing the virus in the ships diesel tanks. The only way to make sure it’s destroyed is to scuttle the ship.”

*Scuttle a superfreighter? Is he crazy? How’s that that gonna work…* I told him about my doubts, but he assured me that it could be done when you know where to place the charges. Dowd gave me a plan of the ship and marked the welds I had to blow up. After that, reversing the bilge pump flow would sink the freighter. Just as I was about to leave he also asked me to bring him some Ambrosia if I should find some on the ship. I agreed and wanted to go back to the hotel roof where the helicopter waited for me, when my pilot contacted me.

“MJ12 troops are heading towards your location from the north west!”

I knew I had little time left and prepared a nice surprise. I switched my SMG to the secondary 20mm HE-grenades mode and grabbed a gas-grenade from my backpack. Soon after I saw them running around a corner and threw the grenade. It went off right in the middle of the group and made them helplessly wiping their tears. I stormed out of my cover and launched the HE-grenade from my rifle. Only one MJ12 trooper survived the explosion because he had pulled himself together and started firing at me. He died from a load of lead I sent him with my shotgun.

With nothing left to do here I returned to the helicopter. Daedalus contacted me again and told me to travel to Paris after destroying the virus to find Stanton Dowds partner Morgan Everett. I kept that in mind, jumped into the heli and left Hells Kitchen.


Chapter 15 : Torpedo

*The Brooklyn Naval Shipyard, one of the US governments Top Secret bases… the stakes are rising .* But so did my abilities. There was no doubt in me while reaching the front of the base where Vinnies friends were waiting for me. After a quick warning not to await any hostpitality from the FEMA guys they opened the gate.

My target was directly in my view, the large building in the back behind the crane. 

I decided to take the direct route and sneaked towards the right of the smaller storages. Staying in the shadows and behind the cover of some trucks and boxes soon proved to be a good choice when I spotted a guard patrolling the front doors. A silent 30.06mm bullet from my sniper put him to death and I ran over to the entrance to make sure that no one from inside could see the body. Luckily nobody was near and I entered the building with my SMG ready. 

Of course there soon was a possibility to use it. Two soldiers patrolled the storage area at ground level and got their heap of lead. A third on a bridge to the next building died to the shrapnel from my automatic shotgun. I continued towards the open gate at the back. I could see two soldiers outside coming towards me. Obviously I had alarmed them with the killing on the bridge but I didn’t care. Just two more bullets coming from my sniper rifle cleared the way. *Working quite well… Seems not so difficult breaking into a top secret facility.*

Well that’s what I thought… but suddenly another guard came from the other side carrying a LAM HE-grenade ready to throw, shortly followed by a heavy bot. My SMG roared and I was able to distract and kill the trooper before he could drop the bomb. I wasn’t so lucky with the bot though. It stomped nearer and fired a missile at me from close distance before I could do anything…

*SH *******************T……*

I don’t know how I got out there alive. Somehow I managed to dodge a direct hit and survived the blast of the rocket exploding close by. Shocked I retreated to the other side of the room preparing my Gep-Gun, but hoping the bot would not follow me. And thank God it didn’t! The Regeneration Augmentation patched my injuries within seconds but it took me several minutes to clear the images of that near death situation from my mind. *Now I know how it feels to be on the receiving end of a rocket launcher… and I don’t ever want that to happen again.*

With an angry bot waiting for me outside I decided I would not go that way again until something drastically had changed. Looking for another way I saw a security pad on the wall near two vending machines. 

I hacked it but the cameras showed nothing but the office right next to me and the back alley. Not one bot was waiting there at me but THREE! *Good idea not to go there. Even if I’d be able to take out one the others would get me.*

But I had seen another security panel inside the office. I didn’t expect much from the hack because this seemed to be no special location, so I was surprised when I found the control for the bots there. I deactivated them and prepared myself to continue towards the main building. I took a quick stop in the bathroom nearby and nearly stumbled across a data cube, which contained the code to the front door of the bunker. *What the hell? Do they WANT me to get inside? Or why are they leaving all the important stuff where everybody can get it?* Shaking my head in disbelief. I walked past the inactive bots and killed the last soldier between the entrance and me with my SMG.

I entered the code at the keypad and marched inside. A soldier sitting inside a booth greeted me and told me he was one of Vinnies friends and that I had to find the code to the ramp to get onto the ship. He thought that maybe the Foreman had the code inside his locker. 

I nodded and checked out his room, hoping to find some useful equipment, maybe some ammunition. *Oh, there is another data cube. Well they won’t that stupid again. Let’s read… security … your protection … patrols … gangway raised … to lower the gangway … security code is … What the… ? Why does this idiot not know the code? It’s right in front of him??? And which brainiac is responsible for the security setup?*

Now totally confused about the idiocy here, I carelessly went over to the window to take a look onto my objective the “PRCS Wall Cloud” and instantly got spotted by two MJ12 troopers who were guarding the pier below. They stormed up the stairs towards me but the friendly soldier from the booth must have seen this, because he came to me and helped me fighting them. 

Numerous bullets later two dead MJ12 guys lay on the ground and my support left to patch up his wounds. He had taken most of the damage, so I thanked him and continued to the pier, where I saw a third enemy in the distance and took him out with a bullet from my sniper. Double-checking that there was no imminent danger I walked to the gangway, entered the code to lower it and climbed up.

I looked at the plans I got from Stanton Dowd. The welds I had to destroy were all in the technical areas below deck.

When I opened the door to the inside, a unaware guard walked away from me, turned right to reach the next level and got caught by my shotgun. A second alarmed sailor came down and got his load as well. Without further signs of more incoming foes, I went inside and to the left, down the stairs below deck. But of course the door was locked without any chance of opening it by force. *Oh, so there IS someone here who does care about security issues.* I decided to check the Ship Command Centre and the Captains Quarters, because there had to be a key somewhere and those were the obvious places to look for it. On my way to the top deck Daedalus contacted me again.


“There is another way to find Everett. He has a mistress. Her name is Beth DuClare. Remember that name when you are in Paris.”

*Dammit, will you stop planning my future tasks while I’m risking my life here?* Swearing I entered the empty watch room. At least that’s what I thought until suddenly the door on the other side was opened and a sailor was standing in front of me with a 10mm pistol in hand. As if that was not enough a security camera began beeping behind me.

A fast reaction saved me. Three shots from my shotgun took out the enemy and allowed me to disappear from the cams eyes before it sounded the alarm. Up the stairs I saw a panel, which allowed me to deactivate the cameras and open the door between the bridge and the control room. Knowing there should be no more resistance except those in the control room and maybe the captain in his quarters, I took the place by storm and killed the two guys left, fast and mercilessly.

My reward was the code to the captains room where I found the key to the lower levels in his nightstand.

Now there were no more obstacles hindering me from reaching the lower levels. On my way down I made a quick stop in the ships armory to load up on ammunition and explosives and the chemical lab where I found a vial of Ambrosia. *I knew they’d have some of that stuff here in case some accident with the virus would occur.*

Arriving in the Machine Room I heard two people talking below me. I checked that out and saw a pair of soldiers standing in a little room. My SMG killed them in no time and I was free to look around.

On the opposite side of the Machine Room I found the first weld and blew it up with a rocket. The intensity of the explosion surprised me and I got slightly caught in the blast. According to the plan of the ship there was another in the other corner at the oil reservoir. Getting there turned out to be a little more difficult. I had to climb over some pipes but finally managed to reach and destroy it.

Now I had to decide where to go next and I choose the electrical room as my target. When I stepped into the hallway, there was a guard to the right and shortly after, a second appeared around the corner on the left. I solved the situation by sending quick salvos to both sides, which killed my enemies quickly.

In front of my chosen objective I met a technician who warned me of heavy electrical charges inside. He was waiting for a new set of bots to help him but I didn’t have that much time and offered him my help. Reluctantly he agreed and told me I had to deactivate two panels to shut down the transformators, one below the floor.

I carefully walked inside and instantly got attacked by a single spiderbot. It could not stand the sabot rounds from the automatic shotgun I fired and died.


These little fellas are more annoying than really dangerous. They fire bolts of lightning, which do a bit damage and drain your bioelectrical energy with EMP. No problem unless there are several of them firing at you simultaneously. Their armor in minimal and they make a unique sound. So it’s an easy kill and you always know if one of these little buggers is around. Just remember to use armor piercing weapons, explosives or EMP Grenades.

After the bot exploded I searched for the first panel, carefully avoiding all electricity. Soon I had found it and switched off one of the damaged panels and was opening a hatch to the shafts under the floor. There I first had to deactivate a laser beam before I could shut down the last transformator with a multitool. Now I was able to reach the weld in the room without danger and blasted it.

My next target was the helicopter bay. I decided to take the route through the cooling system to avoid the guards I suspected to be in the helicopter ops. And I was right! Except for one damn camera hiding over the door in a red lit corridor nothing came in my way. *The electronic eye is not my friend today… I constantly keep stumbling into its view.*

But crying would not solve the problem and so I hasted forward and jumped into the first cover I found in the helicopter bay. As if I hadn’t enough trouble, I got a message from Daedalus, who told me that Beth DuClare was dead and that the only way to contact Everett would be to find her daughter Nicolette. *Always calling when I’m busy, aren’t we? Anyway, I still don’t know who he is…*

With a bit luck I managed to remain unnoticed and keep the element of surprise. That turned out to be the death of the three guards on patrol in the helicopter bay. Not knowing what hit them, they died one by one to my silenced sniper rifle. Soon after clearing all present dangers I found the fourth weld I had to destroy.

Now I was time to care about the bilge pump room. When I reached the door, I saw an opportunity to do a surprise attack. A quick glimpse had showed me a guard walking away and I shot a trail of bullets through his body. Another soldier stated his presence with his flimsy war cry: “We need support!” Not that it helped much. He died in the doorway... But when I entered the room it became apparent that his call was successful. A third enemy came down the stairs. To my surprise he quite effectively avoided the fire from my SMG. I pumped a whole magazine into the surrounding walls before finally taking him out with several shots in the neck. *Must have been the only professional on board...*

After checking that the surrounding was clear, I blasted the last weld. All left to do was to activate and reverse the bilge pumps. I looked around and saw the activation switch next to a computer, which I used afterwards to reverse the flow of the pumps.

The success was instant. The whole ship was shaking. *Great. If I’m lucky the freighter is collapsing before I’m able to get out. I’d better had used radio controlled charges…  Well if I'd had some of those at least.* Tracer Tong stopped those worries by telling me the ship would need about 30 minutes to sink. I did not want to test his theory though.

Hastening towards the exit I heard the far screams of crewmembers whose life I had spared till now. For the possible case that they should plan some kind of ambush or revenge, I hold my SMG ready to fire. But I met no one and safely reached the pier where Tong had the next message for me. The alarm had been activated and all bunker gates had been closed. *Now I understand the security concept of this base. Like a mousetrap… It’s easy to get inside to the bait but hard to get out of the trap.* My only hope was the ventilation system. Tracer had found out there still was a way out through there.

Wasting no time I ran towards the door to the maintenance area and climbed the ladder right next to the elevator labelled “Crane Control”.

Reaching the end of the ladder I turned left into the actual ventilation. Soon I got to a hatch with the opening button right beside it. But I had heard the characteristic sound of spiderbot legs clickering over metal. So I knew what awaited me.

The hatch flew open, the little bots ran and my shotguns sabot rounds ate through their armor. Even though they hit me with several bolts, the three spiders posed no real threat at all. I ignored the minor wounds I had suffered and continued. Below a large fan I walked through a door right in front of me, leading me into a weird cylindrical room with rotating walls. Also there were two more spiderbots on guard.

I disposed them quickly and mercilessly not leaving them the chance to even think about an attack. I followed the way, but found myself back at the ladder I had just climbed. *Sh*t, that means the only way out is past the blades of that fan… If they hit me I’m chunks of flesh in no time. I’d rather like to see another rocket flying at my face…*

But there was no alternative. I had to get away before a large hostile backup force could arrive, which surely already was on its way. I gulped, climbed as close to the spinning blades as safely possible and waited for an opportunity. Then I jumped up… … …

*There must have been several guardian angles at my side… the blade barely missed my legs and only ripped a part of my coat away.* Breathing and sweating heavily I walked the last meters to the helicopter which landed on the roof next to the ventilation hatch. My legs felt like butter and my steps were a bit insecure, but I made it and we lifted off as soon as I pulled myself inside. *I never wanna do anything like that ever again…*


Chapter 16 : Silent Hill

It took quite some time until I was able to pull myself together. When the helicopter touched down at the main gates of the New York Lower Eastside Cemetery I had regained my calmness. The front gates were closed but there was a bell and the called gatekeeper let me in once I told him I wanted to see Stanton Dowd. I went over to the mausoleum where he waited for me inside.

As I met him he asked me how I got through the gate and was surprised that someone was working here so late when I told him. He clearly hadn’t told the keeper to await me, which made me a bit suspicious, but Dowd shrugged his shoulders and just called it his paranoia.

I told him Daedalus wanted me to find Morgan Everett and he agreed because we needed him to develop a cure for the Grey Death and because he had found Everetts signature on the virus. *What? Everett made the virus? I thought he is with the Illuminati, not MJ12…* Dowd explained to me that Everett just developed a major component of the virus as part of augmentation developments. It was the billionaire Bob Page who changed it into a weapon.

I asked what Page had to do with Majestic 12 and found out that he was amongst the original group of Illuminati who formed the MJ12 and was now leading their operations. With those things clear Stanton briefed me how to contact Morgan Everett. I had to find Nicolette DuClare who would bring me in contact with him. The French terrorist group Silhouette, to which DuClare had a close relationship, should know of her whereabouts. They were hiding inside the Paris catacombs. *So just a little three step program… 1: Contact Silhouette 2: Find Nicolette DuClare 3: Meet Morgan Everett* He gave me all information he had about Nicolette and the catacombs. The most important was a photo from her.

As a departing gift I gave him the ambrosia I had found on the freighter. He seemed very relieved and wished me good luck. My helicopter pilot was already incoming to pick me up when he suddenly ran into an electromagnetic field which disrupted his instruments and effectively prevented the landing. He told me the source of the field was somewhere near the graveyard gates. *The gatekeeper! I knew the sucker was planing something…*

Carefully I checked the surroundings of the mausoleum with my “Enhanced Vision” augmentation, which had a sonar function allowing me to see enemies through walls. And right! I could see a soldier patrolling outside.

Returning to where I had left Dowd, he had disappeared. Obviously there was a secret door somewhere and a short search indeed unveiled a secret passage in one of the sarcophagus. It leaded me to a fake gravestone from where I had a clear view upon my foes. *MJ12! They must have observed Stanton Dowd…*

The three soldiers in front of me had not chance at all. I took them out with fast headshots not even looking through my rifles scope. The last enemy fell when I perforated his belly with some SMG bullets. Now it was time to punish the treacherous gatekeeper. I stormed his house and fragmented his head with a shrapnel load from my shotgun. *Ops, I think I got something mixed up here. Should have killed the keeper with bullets in the chest, not the MJ12 guy. It's a more slower and painfull death after all...*

Next I had to find and take out this field generator. A picture on the wall caught my attention and right, behind it was a keypad, which opened a secret door after I bypassed it with multitools. A wierd blinking thing was standing inside, obviously the fieldgenerator. A LAM blasted the machine into pieces and I was on the way to my landing helicopter when another group MJ12 troopers attacked me. A short fight followed but they all died to shotgun fire without being able to harm me seriously. The regeneration augmentation fixed the scratches and I got into the heli.

*Off to Paris, city of love. Not that I’m going find a lot of that, but rather new allies for our struggle against Majestic 12.*

“Too bad Paris is under martial law as well. Used to be a beautiful city.”

*Right… no sightseeing for me… bad luck…*


Authors Notes :

And there we have it, the fifth part of my series done at last. Took me more than six month to complete it and I got close to quit writing this report several times. At first I had planned to finish it till Christmas but with the start of december, after taking the screenshots for chapter 14, I skillfully crashed my PC and lost all Deus Ex savegames… So I had to play everything again. When that was done, it was 2007 and I was sick of Deus Ex for some time. And just as I finally returned to work, my harddrive decided to trick me for no reason at all… Savegames lost. AGAIN!!! At that point I my last motivation was gone to write a single word about Deus Ex ever again.

(May 5th) Three month have passed since then. I just finished playing Deus Ex to the beginning of chapter 15 where my PC died 5 month before. I raced through the game in about a week with the god-mode activated. I’m feeling a bit guilty about that, but otherwise you’d probably have to wait several more months before I had started to play and write again. I know cheating is bad and I did not use is from there on. I can assure you that everything you have read and seen in here and everything you will read and see in future parts is played and captured under normal “cheatless” conditions. It was just a necessary tool to get me back on the reporting track and saved you several month additional waiting time.

I changed nothing on the my agent except for one augmentation. I decided that the Ballistic Shield is more useful than the radar transparency. (Especially when you need a bit more time in fights to get nice screenshots.) Everything else is as explained in the reports.

In terms of writing I just took care to get better images from fights, killing the enemies in more different and hopefully interesting ways (Felt like I always fired phosphor rockets in part 4…) and to use my augmentations more. (I’m playing an AUGMENTED agent after all.)

Concerning muzzle fire: getting it on screen is very hard because it's only visible for very few frames. Even the SMG has no continous muzzle fire but multiple seperat "flashes". And the damn sniper has none at all! That as explanation why there still are pictures without it.

I also did not use the “ego” point of view this time, but that does not necessary mean I’ll never use it again.

 Unless the raters give me enough reasons to drop it forever...

The Bush Files :

Now a little piece I found in the net some time ago. Can’t remember where, so I don’t know who wrote it. Not totally up to date because Yassir Arafat is dead and Kofi Anan is no longer the Secretary General of the U.N. but nevertheless very funny. (Unless you are a Bush fan.) Enjoy it…

George B.: Condi! Nice to see you. What’s happening?
Condoleeza R.: Sir, I have the report here about the new leader of China.
George B.: Great. Lay it on me.
Condoleeza R.: Hu is the new leader of China.
George B.: That’s what I want to know.
Condoleeza R.: That’s what I’m telling you.
George B.: That’s what I’m asking you. Who is the new leader of China?
Condoleeza R.: Yes.
George B.: I mean the fellows name.
Condoleeza R.: Hu.
George B.: The guy in China.
Condoleeza R.: Hu.
George B.: The new leader of China.
Condoleeza R.: Hu.
George B.: The Chinaman!
Condoleeza R.: Hu is leading China.
George B.: Now whaddya asking me for?
Condoleeza R.: I’m telling you Hu is leading China.
George B.: Well, I’m asking you. Who is leading China?
Condoleeza R.: That’s the mans name.
George B.: That’s whos name?
Condoleeza R.: Yes.
George B.: Will you or will you not tell me the name of the new leader of China?
Condoleeza R.: Yes, sir.
George B.: Yassir? Yassir Arafat is in China? I thought he was in the Middle East.
Condoleeza R.: That’s correct.
George B.: Then who is in China?
Condoleeza R.: Yes, sir.
George B.: Yassir is in China?
Condoleeza R.: No, sir.
George B.: Then who is?
Condoleeza R.: Yes, sir.
George B.: Yassir?
Condoleeza R.: No, sir.
George B.: Look, Condi. I need to know the name of the new leader of China. Get me the Secretary General of the U.N. on the phone.
Condoleeza R.: Kofi?
George B.: No, thanks.
Condoleeza R.: You want Kofi?
George B.: No.
Condoleeza R.: You don’t want Kofi.
George B.: No. But now that you mention it, I could use a glass of milk. And then get me the U.N.
Condoleeza R.: Yes, sir.
George B.: Not Yassir! The guy at the U.N.
Condoleeza R.: Kofi?
George B.: Milk! Will you please make the call?
Condoleeza R.: And call who?
George B.: Who is the guy at the U.N?
Condoleeza R.: Hu is the guy in China.
George B.: Will you stay out of China?!
Condoleeza R.: Yes, sir.
George B.: And stay out of the Middle East! Just get me the guy at the U.N.
Condoleeza R.: Kofi.
George B.: All right! With cream and two sugars. Now get on the phone.

(Condi picks up the phone.)

Condoleeza R.: Rice, here.
George B.: Rice? Good idea. And a couple of egg rolls, too. Maybe we should send some to the guy in China. And the Middle East.


And so ends the most fight centric part of my series. Death and destruction from start to finish, no major story progress and no big cliffhanger this time. Sorry, but that’s the game.

With the next report we’ll enter the “clam before the storm” where the figures are set up for the grand finale. Not that we are already close to the end now. When I’m finished with this series it will consist of nine parts (or ten, I’m not quite sure yet…). At least we can celebrate the halfway party. Took me more than a year to get there (Far too long!).

As always this report would not be possible without Fraps, Word, Photo Filtre, FrontPage and all the guys helping me in the past. Big thanks to all of you…

Keep on writing and: Long live!


P.S.: I nearly forgot… A very special thanks again goes to Zerg~Ling for his CSS – Guide. I finally got the alternative font thing working. This way the format won’t go to hell anymore if you don’t have the Arial Rounded MT Bold font present. I made that little fix back in 2006, shortly after I had posted the 4th part and did not mention it there. So, better late than never, a big “Thank You” to Denmark!


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