New Yin, old Yang

Chapter 11: Sword and Arrows

When I woke up, the hours had passed and the helicopter was close to Hongkong. I felt energetic, even though my kill switch was active for about half a day. Surprisingly in difference to my brother, I didn’t notice anything bad like the sickness Paul had. *Maybe it’s a constructional difference of the nanites in our bodies.*

My mind was wandering to the tasks ahead of me, when suddenly my pilot began to work the controls furiously. He obviously had lost control over the helicopter and after stopping his pointless attempts he told me, that the automatic guidance system took over and was leading us to the Majestic 12 helipad in Hongkong. *Ah sh*t, that’s bad luck. I just escaped them in New York and now this stupid thing flies me right back into their arms… They won’t get me that easy though!*

Weapons loaded and ready I was waiting for the touchdown. The automatic lead us to the top of a skyscraper where the helipad was. The roof opened to let the helicopter pass and it landed in the hangar below. I was out instantly with a single thought on my mind…

*Where the hell is everybody?* Nobody waiting, armed with SMGs and shotguns? Not even bots on patrol… and they have some… the sign clearly tells it… just a large hall, empty except from the copter and myself… weird, they didn’t expect us and no one told them we'd come… Nice, that’s a great advantage…

“Go to the flight control room and release the weapons lock, or we are sitting ducks here”

Roger that! Where is the way? That large door over there is locked… ah, on the left; a corridor … to a staircase… fligthcontrol is up, right let’s go there. One on the left, one on the right… both empty, so it was the automatic guidance alone, which brought us here… Cr*p, of course the door to the right control room is locked… So check out the other, the key has to be somewhere…

Not here though, but a security pad… it deactivates all cameras here. Good, one thing less to worry about… and a hatch to the ventilation… I’ll use that, the only other place where the key could be, would be down the stairs and the sign said “barracks” for that direction. I’m not keen on taking out a whole squad of MJ12 troopers in an open firefight, so the vents should give me an advantage…

So well, what do we have here? All those guys who where missing at my welcome here. Let’s give them a present. Maybe a phosphor-missile… SWOOSH…… Yeah, burn baby, burn! I like them running around ablaze. But… now die already, I don’t have all day!

Ah, finally… now search their bodies and their lockers… Ha, there is the key I need. Back to the flightcontrolroom… a push on the button… we’re back on track, weapons online, autopilot off.

“Ok, thanks J.C. Come down here, but keep away from the doors to the south! I’m launching a missile!”

Yes, yes. No need to hurry, I’m already here…

“Fire in the hole” SWOOSH…BOOM!  

Door’s open and off we go! WHEEEP, WHEEEP, WHEEEP… S*it, the alarm! And the gates are opening… Two medium Bots! That’ll get nasty… where is my rocket launcher? The copter is gone and I’m on my own… BRATZ, BRATZ. They are firing at me… Gep-Gun’s ready… lock on … FIRE! KABOOM! One down, one to go! Reload, aim and FIRE! SWOOSH… I missed? … Ohmygodohmygodohmygod the sucker is getting close, I need cover… the corridor… inside, now reload. *Mental note… NEVER forget to lock on missiles again, no matter how little time there is…I hate myself!* Ok, let’s try again… aim, wait for lock on… FIRE…and BOOM, metal shreds in the house. I’m your king, technocrap…

After venting my anger, I walked over to the blasted door, deactivated the electrics to shut down the lightning blocking the destroyed exit. Now I was able to continue to the elevator, which took me to the ground level.


A useless weapon that can be found in the MJ12 helicopter base. Though it has a higher damage than a baton it has the drawback of needing three slots in the inventory instead of one.

When I stepped out into the ?fresh? air of Wan Chai Market, the pilot guided me via infolink to the compound where he used to drop of Paul when he was in Hongkong. A bald man with an automatic shotgun, who called himself Gordon Quick, stopped me at the closed front gates and refused my request to see Tracer Tong. 

I quickly found out, that they needed a proof of my loyalty. He told me the Red Arrow triad has accused his triad, the Luminous Path, of stealing an important sword. My job would be to visit Maggie Chow, supposedly the real thief, find the sword and end the war between the triads. I accepted but also told him I would be a dead and useless ally, if not healed by Tracer Tong within twelve hours. That didn’t bothered him much and I headed for the hotel in the Tonnochi road, where Miss Chow lived.

My walk to there turned out to be without interesting events. Just some heavily armed policemen patrolled the streets. *That’s probably what they need when triads are at war; sniper and flamethrower* At the hotel the man at the counter told me Maggie Chow was residing in the penthouse. I entered the elevator without a real plan. Not knowing what situation I would face upstairs, all planning would be useless.

When the lift doors opened, in front of me obviously stand Miss Chows maid. She must have been waiting for me. *Just two more eyes which could disturb my search for the sword.* Seconds after she turned around to lead me to Maggie Chow I put her to sleep with the help of my 30.06mm silenced sniper-rifle. I scouted around carefully, always looking for a spot where a sword might be hidden. 

After several unsuccessful minutes spend with searching, I just wanted to reveal myself to Miss Chow, who was sitting in her living room, not aware of the danger sneaking behind her, when suddenly a single paper lamp cached my eyes. On touching it, a secret passage opened behind it. Quickly was clear that I had found what I was looking for. The sword was in a glass cage in the centre of the area and a group MJ12 guards where playing poker or something like it in the room beneath. You may call it a bad habit, but I felt like sending them a phosphor missile as a present.

And it worked again, a bright flash, some burning flesh and no problems left. A quick hack on the computer nearby allowed me to obtain the sword. A beauty with a strange resemblance to those “laser-swords” from those old „Star Wars“ movies. *To bad George Lucas’ son messed up the episodes 7-9 so much… Well, he got what he deserved. Killed by a bunch of crazed fanatics from that “Jedi”-religion…*

Nano Sword “The Dragons Tooth”

THE weapon for close combat. Cool and powerful. It features superior damage, which kills every human with just a few blows. Only drawback is that it needs four squares in your inventory. I always try to keep it, even though I don’t really need it, because I like how it looks.

Knowing that by now the hotels and MJ12s security forces must be alarmed, I rushed back into the living room to take out Maggie Chow, now that her crime was clear. But she was gone, and I had to look for an escape route. Going back down the elevator would be stupid; enemies would expect that and wait there for me. 

The only other way would be out of the windows. Not an exceptionally good idea but I was lucky, a glance outside showed a balcony on the other side, a bit under Miss Chows apartment. That would be it! I cracked the glass with my silenced pistol and jumped over, the “Speed Enhancement”-augmentation activated. I landed safely on the right spot and was able to slip away unnoticed. Leaving behind the emerging chaos in the hotel and a dead maid.

My next way led me to the Lucky Money Club, owned by Max Chen the leader of the Red Arrow triad. Getting in was no problem at all. I just had to pay a small fee like all other guests. Not much later I arrived at Max Chens office. 

He didn’t believe me at first, but when I showed him the sword and told him that Miss Chow had planed to lead the triad in an war so that MJ12 could gain control, he was more that willing to form an alliance with the Luminous Path. As if my arguments weren’t enough, MJ12 used the exact moments to attack the club. Probably to get the sword back and take me out.

But they had picked the wrong spot. This wasn’t a simple club with just a single bouncer at the door, this was a triad headquarter and guarded by at least a dozen heavily armed guards. They eradicated MJ12s forces so fast I could not even fire a single round myself before it was over. Quite impressive, because MJ12 did not send their simple troopers but top-notch commandos.

MJ12 Commandos

They are dangerous! Extreme caution is required when dealing with those guys. Armed with a machine gun and a deadly rocket launcher it’s imperative that you keep you distance to them because they are one-shot killers with their missiles and are not afraid of using them on close distance. They are also quick and well armoured so I always make them my primary targets and try to take them out with the first shot.

Anyway I returned to Gordon Quick at the Luminous Path compound happy. There was a good chance now that the dreaded and damned kill-switch would be deactivated soon. And in fact when I told Gordon about the truth he was so thrilled that for a brief moment I thought he would hug me. But he only thanked me, gave me the code to the compound door and described the way down to Tracer Tongs lab in the basement.

Some staircases later I finally met the man who had the power to save me from certain death. He still had some little doubts though…

“You as your brother are a technical masterpiece. I never let an opportunity slip by to test a new blade. But in the crucial moment, when I lift my arm to strike, you might wind free of my grasp.“

Obviously he feared I might not be loyal. I assured him that I would be his ally as long as we have the same target. That was enough for him and he guided me to his operating chamber. It was not what you would expect from a hospital. The frightening piece of machinery had me wondering what would happen with me.

Not much after all, I was struck by some minor lighting. Nothing mayor, a bit like drilling a hole in a tooth. When it was over, I looked around Tracer Tongs lab and was surprised to find Alex Jacobson in the computer room. 

He had left UNATCO after Walton Simons had taken control and terrorized everyone in the search for spies and traitors. I asked him if he had found out something about that Daedalus character, who helped me escape from the MJ12 prison in New York. And he did! Supposedly Daedalus was a government project also called Echelon IV for searching great masses of information for subversive or terrorist content and for controlling the people. The project was stopped though, when it became apparent that the problem was unsolvable. *They made a new law to do the job instead. What was the name again? Ah, yes: “Patriot Act”* So I had the remnants of an old government AI helping me… that made no sense to me. But there was nothing to worry about. If it’s helping me… fine. If not… well I can’t see how it could do me some harm.

I returned to Tracer Tong and we talked about what had to happen now. Even though there was now a truth between the triads it would not hold for long with the sword still between them. The triads settle their conflicts in a number of contests. One of them is the crafting of swords. So this wonderful high-tech sword was a temptation in their system, a doomsday weapon. I had to retrieve the ROM-encoding from VersaLife and give it to both triads.


Chapter 12: Trojan codes

Entering the VersaLife building turned out to be no challenge at all, because Tracer Tong provided me with the code to the front entrance: 06288. He also gave me the advice to speak with Mr. Hundly, a corrupt official inside, to gain access to the labs. The elevator took me to the reception hall. 

*Quite large and luxurious, a prospering enterprise it seems…* The receptionist told me Mr. Hundly was upstairs, making his rounds, so I went looking. But before I could find him I met a man who was changing the financial records of the company, deleting everything about military equipment that went into the labs. 

He clearly was afraid of something and when I talked to him it turned out that everybody who had this job before died of the Grey Death plague. He offered me to hack the system to give me clearance to the lab if I would kill Mr. Hundly in return.

“You guys always manage to get away unseen”

I knew better, but agreed. *That way is cheaper and more secret. That guy surely won’t tell anybody…* It would not be easy thought, with all the cameras around. But there still was the alternative to battle my way down if I should fail. 

While I was searching for a good sniping position I suddenly saw Mr. Hundly walking one level below me. Scanning my surroundings for unwanted witnesses and cameras I found none and ended his life with a precisely executed headshot. Hiding in the closest dark corner I waited about a minute for a possible alarm to sound, but it remained silent. 

When I returned, the man gave me the code for the elevator to the labs, seemingly very relieved that his supervisor was dead. I took the lift down, smiling evilly, cause an idea had struck my mind…

In the basement I met the lab overseer who gave me a heads up.

“You can freely stroll around the labs, but don’t disturb the scientists work. Your security pass will be cancelled without notification. And believe me: The guards won’t wait to ask questions…”

A very nice atmosphere down here. But what do you expect from an organization with such a statue in their main hall. A hand grabbing for the world… a very visual way to show the aims...  

Anyway it was clear that any tinkering with MJ12s equipment, hacking their computer and downloading some important data would toggle the termination order for me.  So I had to get ahead of them in the kill game and followed my previously had idea with renewed enthusiasm. *Take them out, one by one, from a hidden location, so nobody sees their demise.*  

But first I had to scout the surroundings. Right from the sculpture was a little recreational facility for the staff, together with a guarded armoury. A corridor on the left led me to another elevator, which brought me up to a room above the entrance to the hall. *What sick architect build this? Up, down, now up again, I really can’t tell anymore at which height I am right now… twenty stories up or deep in the basement…* It was guarded by a MIB and held a terminal which could surely help me finding a way to my target, the main computer terminal. Quick decision; I gave him a headshot, hoping the explosion won’t trigger the alarm. It didn’t and remained even unheard to the MJ12 Commando, a guard with a rocket launcher and the lab overseer, who learned the hard way, that a silenced sniper from an elevated position is quite deadly. 

A hack of the terminal revealed a hidden staircase below the large hand. I took the just uncovered path, which lead me to my objective. Downloading right now would be close to suicide, because I could see guards walking about everywhere immediately. So I returned to my pervious strategy, shooting them one after another, unseen by the others. The first two foes had proven to be no problem at all when I encountered an unfamiliar face.


As far as I’m concerned, these do only appear in the Hongkong MJ12/Versalife laboratories. They might appear later in the game though I don’t recall such an event. Like their male counterparts, they explode on death. WIBs are only armed with Dragons Tooth swords and because of that they are no real threat, unless encountered in close combat.

Well, she was no trouble also and I worked my way to the main lab area. To my great surprise the havoc I was causing there still remained unpunished. Obviously explosions fitted perfectly into the daily routine just as my raid of the augmentations chamber.


Nanoaugmentation “Skin” (2)

1) Radar transparency allows the agent so slip by mechanical foes unspotted. This includes cameras, bots and automatic guns. Quite nice, but there is always a way to get past those things without the augmentation and it consumes a lot energy.

2) Stealth prevents optical recognisance by humans and animals alike. In short, the hero gets invisible except for those before mentioned mechanical threats. A great upgrade, because it lets you slip through heavily guarded areas without problems. As its counterpart it needs energy big time.


Nanoaugmentation “Eye”

1) Target Support gives additional information about the thing you aim at, increases shooting precision and on the highest level a damage bonus. Even thought a nice upgrade it’s quite useless for me, because by now I have the master skill for my rifles, giving me enough precision and damage. The information about the enemies isn’t that helpful either.

2) Enhanced Vision is in my opinion one of THE game wining augmentations because level three and four allow you to see foes through walls, which of course is a great advantage. The enemies simply can’t surprise you, unless they are really storming at you very fast. The only drawback is that it doesn’t work on large distances. So there still can be the sniper taking you out if not careful.

Even when a blast of a dieing MIB spilled a huge amount of toxic gas, the guards didn’t respond to the cries, the whining and screams of panic from the scientists. *Just like those evil AI-guys in the games I played as a child.* In a corner of the lab I had my personal Roswell, when I saw a creature that was either a grey-alien or a very bald and ashen monkey.

Returning to the central computer terminal I stumbled across a single guard, walking along the corridor in front of me. I ended his miserable life in an instant, but obviously went one step to far by doing that, because an uproar started, when the MJ12 troopers from the nearby barracks decided to stop my wrongdoings right now. I was so baffled that this happen now on this minor reason, I nearly forgot to get out my automatic shotgun in time. Well, just nearly; metallic shreds ripped their bodies, sending them to the ground forever, as they did to the neck of the last surviving enemy.

Now it was download time. I hacked the MJ12 mainframe, located the required Rom-encodings for the sword and transferred it. 

Then all hell or, to remain true, the alarm broke loose. I still don’t know if somebody had found a dead body or if my hack was discovered. Anyways I hastened towards the exit. When I was up the stairs below the hand-statue, I heard troops coming from the recreational area to my left. Sadly I hadn’t taken them out, because they were together in a group and I hadn’t wanted to break my cover by firing a missile. My speed enhancement augmentation proved useful again and I reached the elevator up to the office levels with only taking some distant SMG fire.

I pushed the emergency stop button before leaving the lift, knowing that this would stop my hunters until I’d left the building. But there were still some security men ahead. And right, one was in my view just around the next corner. When I sniped him down I watched in surprise how the woman at the reception pulled out a pistol and fired at me, obviously unaware of the danger. That changed quickly, ultimately and just in time, cause I noticed movement on the stairs to the right. Three men started firing just when they noticed me, but succumbed to my shotgun fire fast. *Ok, Ok, I know I picked the wrong weapon…but who cares. With my aiming skills it doesn’t matter anyway.* Now there was only one guard left.

I did not have the perfect view upon him. But one shot proved to be enough, hitting him at the most uncomftable spot possible. Because the door was open, I checked out the security-room and found a datacube with very interesting content.

“21:13 – Unknown person enters building. Description fits to “JC Denton”; see security bulletin 133-B. Person will be observed and will be jailed if necessary” *So those jerks knew who I was and still gave me this opportunity… …they deserved to die.*

Shaking my head in disbelieve, I left the building and Tracer Tong contacted me via intercom, telling me my presence was needed in the temple beneath the Luminous Path compound, where Max Chen and Gordon Quick, the two leaders of the triads, had gathered to officially seal the alliance. 

It was a short thought festive ceremony after which I went down to Tracers lab to discuss our future plans.


Chapter 13: Backdoor Virus

We agreed that finding a cure for the Grey Death plague was our primary target. Because of Pauls failure in New York Tracer had nothing to work with. No ambrosia and no real data about the virus. We had to change that. Versalife was known to be the producer of the ambrosia vaccine and the supposed manufacturer of the virus so they should have some valuable information. Those were not stored on the mainframe I had hacked. I was sure for that. But there still was a whole undiscovered high security branch of the lab. That was where I had to go.

 Doubting I could slip in through the front entrance again, I asked Tracer for alternative routes and indeed he also knew the code to a maintenance door leading there. *Like on tactics school, make some chaos in the front, attack from the back.* Now everything was clear, Tong needed a schematics of the virus and the molecular structure of ambrosia to work out a cure. Ready to head out I was about leave when he gave me some good news: my brother Paul was on his way to Hongkong. A bit relieved I went down into the canal road tunnel, where I found the mentioned backdoor right next to the remnants of a car crash.

I entered the code Tracer Tong had provided and opened the hatch inside with a lockpick. Below was a long shaft down, but at the far bottom I could see water reflecting the light of my flashlight, so I dropped myself inside. It was quite a long fall, however I took the impact on the waters surface well due to my nanoaugmented body. A short climb brought me to the maintenance corridors of the Versalife lab and to a hatch. Suddenly a message came through the infolink.

“There has to be a device somewhere called Universal Constructor in here. It’s one of two in the world able to produce the nanomechanical virus named “Grey Death”. I require you to destroy it. Use the code 525.”

Daedalus! Well, he had helped me escape in New York so I thought that I owe him one. And if this machine really is the source of the virus, it probably is the best thing to wipe it out. With that on my mind I continued. Through a mirror I could see a MJ12 commando and a medium security bot on guard around the corner. I checked my Gep-Gun but took out my sniper instead because the rockets don’t have the sufficient blast radius to take out both. *Now it would be cool to have armor piercing bullets. I might take out both that way. BANG! At least the commando is dead.*

I hurried for my rocket launcher and was able to fire a missile before the blast doors raised from the ground stopping a second commando in his advance. Luckily the only button to open the gate was on my side, so I had the time to watch him starring through with anger, while I prepared myself for the fight. I was just about to open, when I remembered that I had a better weapon for close combat, my automatic shotgun, which took my foe out in a second.

A walk down the stairs brought me to the next line of defenders. Two medium bots and a scientist far in the back. As usual the sniper ended the life of my human foe and rockets blasted the bots. Unfortunately I needed three after a crappy guidance system steered one into the wall doing no damage at all.

A bit furious about the hits I had taken from the bots because of this, I continued by deactivating the blue laser trips with a little multitool-tinkering at their nearby electric circuits. Now the way was free to the computer. I crossed the hall, which seemed to be some kind of storage facility, when Tracer Tong contacted me.

“This would be the logic storage area for the virus. I’m wondering why it’s empty…”

I hacked the terminal and downloaded all files I could find. *Better having to much than missing something.* I also opened the UC-chamber, where the Universal Constructor had to be. While I was climbing down the ladder to complete my second objective, I saw a familiar face far down on the floor of the hall. Maggie Chow! She would not escape this time, I told myself and got my sniper out as soon as I had solid ground under my feet. Looking through the scope of the rifle, I noticed she obviously was not aware of my presence. I wasn’t keen on changing that and just pulled the trigger. So died the cause for the latest triad-wars without a single move on their face as she dropped to the ground. On my way further down I passed another storage for augmentations and picked up the newest addition to my internal systems.

Nanoaugmentation “Body” (3)

1) Energy-circulator decreases the power required to run augmentations, that way allowing the hero to use them far longer than normal. It’s very powerful and my favourite choice for the third body slot.

2) Synthetic heart increases the level of all augmentations by one, consuming huge amounts of energy. It drains the whole reservoir in less than a minute forcing the agent to use lot batteries to recharge or to keep the usage very short. Nevertheless a powerful augmentation…

When I reached Maggie Chows corpse, out of a sudden interest I searched her for weapons. She only had a nano sword with her. *Why are women always arming themselves with these? Did they really expect to survive a duel sword vs. sniper?* There was only one more thing to do. I went over to the keypad next to the UC and entered the destruction code. The effects were imminent, somewhere high up exploded something, the alarm sounded and flashes came down making the whole area hazardous.

“Success, virus production stopped. All exits are open. Escape through the pipes in the ground of the chamber. Be aware of bio toxic contamination…”

*Thanks Daeudalus, a great idea. But you could have told me sooner.* Dodging the electric charges I jumped down a hole. It felt like my mouth and throat was filled with sharp sand or glass instantly and it was virtually impossible to breath down here. Fortunately I quickly found a pipe filled with fresh water leading away from the havoc caused by the exploding Universal Constructor. A short dive brought me to a small cavern where I could regain breath and recover a bit from the noxious atmosphere, while Tong told me he found out all the virus had been brought onto a super freighter heading for the United States.

As I was ready to move on, I noticed a dead diver and wondered what caused his death. Well that question was soon answered, when I decided to dive on. In the next pipe swam one of the creatures I had seen in the cage of the MJ12 underground lab on Liberty Island.

Karkian (Baby)

This amphibian beast has dangerous fangs as weapon. It’s quite fast in water and on land and can take quite a beating. Underwater it’s the greatest threat of the game except for drowning without enemy influence. Elsewhere there are always options to take it out safely. Just stay out of its bite radius.

I pulled out the minicrossbow I luckily still had with me, the only underwater ranged weapon, and shot one poisonous dart after the other. It took me ten hits to make it turn and swim away, only to die from the poison soon after. Having survived this monstrous assault I continued with renewed caution. But there was no need for that anymore. Soon a strong stream pulled me up and threw me into a cavern where I was able to leave the water. Tracer Tong contacted me once again, talking about the Illuminati and only them using 34- and 46-symetries in their molecular structures. I was risking my life out here and he was talking about crappy myths…

Not far ahead I finally reached the canals of Hongkong and a short swim brought me to a ledge where I could climb out. I returned to Tracer with mixed feelings. A bit angry for him joking in such a situation and a huge bunch of concern because of the virus freighter.

Down in the lab I met my brother Paul who had finally arrived and just had his killswitch deactivated. He was very weak and told me he would have to recover for quite a while and could not help me. That didn’t mattered of course, I was just happy he lived and wished him all the best for his convalescence.

When I talked to Tracer Tong afterwards, he assured me he was not joking about the Illuminati. They were real, thought they had lost lots of their power in the beginning of the 22nd century. He knew some of their leader. Like Stanton Dowd, the former owner of the super freighter, who lived in New York and probably had important information about its whereabouts.

So my task was to fly there to find out where the freighter was docking and to stop MJ12 from spreading the virus. I also asked Tong if he knew something about the Daedalus AI. His opinion was, that more likely a powerful human is behind this pseudonym. At least he obviously was on our side.

Gunther Hermann on the other hand surely was an enemy. So when I heard some augmented German guy had arrived in Hongkong searching for me, I advised Tracer Tong to keep away from him and prepared to leave. My pilot landed the helicopter in the inner courtyard of the compound and we headed off for New York, while Tracer tried to develop a cure for the Grey Death disease with the data I provided.

Again the flight over the pacific was full of worries. The freighter was several days in front of us and probably just about to dock right now. And I still had no clue in which port I had to search for it. Hopefully Stanton Dowd could help…


Author’s Notes:

It’s done, finally. After a several months break due to a serious lack of motivation I’ve pulled myself together. Initially I thought this part would get even longer than number three, but during the writing over the past month it turned out that there was a lot stuff to be dumped.

With this report we are now really IN the game, all the weapons have been introduced, we have met most enemies and even though I still have an empty augmentation slot there are no new ones. From now on it’s pretty much all story…


Secret Weapon:

There is a secret weapon in the game. If you manage to make a flip with JC, jump him down the Grand Canyon and blast yourself with a nuclear device, you’ll be awarded with this baby.

Would have made the game much easier!

Warning! This stunt is dangerous; it should only be done by professionals and President Bush.


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