Generating Hell

Chapter 4: Paradise City

18th street subway station, Hell’s Kitchen, what peril would await me in this slum of New York City? Happy people at first. The hostages I rescued from the NSF in Battery Park thanked me a lot, but we were disturbed by my brother Paul, who told me what had happened here during my Castle Clinton operation and how the situation looked like.  

The NSF still had a strong presence here and was openly resisting the UNATCO forces. Their Headquarter was still guarded by the impenetrable EMP-shield, which power-supplying generator had yet to be found. It should be near though because the NSF heavily guarded this area. So my task would be to locate it and take it out. Paul also gave me the key to his apartment in the ‘ton hotel and proposed to load up with supplies there.

I headed topside while my brother gathered his team for his assault against the NSF. A first look around showed no imminent threat and I walked towards the ‘ton hotel. Two UNATCO-troopers standing around recognized me and complained about Paul issuing them gas-grenades.  

“Tell Paul to give us bullets next time.”

As before he seems to be like “No killing, let there be peace, we’re police!” I promised the to talk to him about that when the mission is over. Next building was the hotel I was heading to. A corporal stopped and told me there was another hostage situation inside. 

A few terrorists split from the main group had captured the owner and some guests. He advised me not to go inside because he waited for the specialists to arrive but I made clear to him that I didn’t had time for that and would take the part.

Going in through the front door wouldn’t be the best idea ever. So I looked around and found the fire ladder in a side alley. The beginning of the ladder was so high up in the air that I could not reach it though.

There must be a way in here… hmm maybe with those metal boxes I could form some kind of stairs. Lets try that. First that big one directly under the ladder… BOAH, it’s far to heavy… time to try those “Microfibranemuscle” augmentation in my arms… turn it on… ah better, still heavy but at least carryable. Now one of the smaller crates in front… well, no great engineering but I can get inside the ‘ton now.

Sneaking through the bedroom, shotgun ready to fire… into the living room… I recognize this room, it’s my brothers apartment, good. Hmmm, where was that keypad? What did Paul say?

“Keypad’s behind the painting, just like the movies.” Right!

The code is … 4321 … not very innovative. Doesn’t matter, at least my brothers secret terminal is now opened. Some useful stuff he has here, I’ll take everything…

Now that I’m loaded up, lets care about those terrorists here in the hotel… the key opens the front door of the apartment. Sneak out, shotgun in hand… there is one, back towards me. WHOUM! He drops to the ground with several new ventilation-holes in his skull, the hostage standing right behind him perfectly unharmed. These gunnery skills I just increased are great… something the second terrorist will learn the hard way … he’s attacking me, armed with just a pistol, ridiculously.  WHOUM! WHOUM! Got ya!

Better check the rest of the hotel quickly, the remaining enemies might start to execute the hostages… reload the shotgun, sucks to have just four rounds in the clip… storming down the stairs, look around, no one’s in the hall… what is that? Someone screaming in fear… came out of the office…get inside, there is a terrorist just aiming at the owner, let him taste some shotgun shrapnel… ha, die evildoer.  

With that last foe out of the way and all hostages alive and unharmed, I returned to the waiting corporal, who was very happy and impressed with my performance.

“Looks as if we didn’t need those specialists after all.” Just what I’ve said.

Proceeding with my generator quest I turned around the next corner and found myself inside a great battle between a squad of UNATCO tropes and some NSF-terrorists, who apparently came out of the building on the left. While supporting the fight with my stealth pistol, I thought that this must be the building where the NSF hid the generator.  

The fighting took quite some time, but when the last enemy finally fell to our concentrated fire, I looted the bodies for supplies and took a assault rifle from one of the terrorists.

Assault rifle/SMG

When the sniper is the king of the battlefield, then this is the queen. It is the only true all-purpose weapon in the game. Everything living in a medium to short range quickly dies to the combination of a fast firing speed, a fair precision and a nice damage output per bullet. For bots it has a 30mm grenade-launcher, whose HE-ammunition has twice the blast power and blast range of a Gep-Gun missile. The ballistic shooting style limits precise shots to mid ranges though. The option to fit a silencer to the primary mode of fire is just awesome and it allows remaining stealthy even when surprised by a guard. Only little drawback is the considerable amount of recoil, which can be eliminated by upgrades and the lack of a scope option. But that would probably be overkill. An absolute must-have weapon.

I wasn’t done scouting my surroundings and when I proceeded I found a man threatening a woman in a corner. She was a prostitute who wanted to quit and he was telling her that he would beat her up for that. I couldn’t let that happen and showed him that I was the master threatener in this neighbourhood.

“You’ve got 10 seconds to leave before I add you to the list of NSF casualties.”

He ran away in fear, not without cursing me of course. It turned out, that the woman I saved was the daughter of the ‘ton hotel owner. She was happy and told me about a weapons dealer, Smuggler, who lived nearby and the password “Bloodshed” I needed to get to him.  

I headed over to the place she described. The door had a bell, which I used, and when a voice asked the password I said it and the door opened, giving way to an elevator downwards. Alex Jacobson warned me to be careful. “Smuggler is whacked out paranoid”  

I saw that; three laser wires blocking of the way, connected to a military bot. I was able to deactivate them and met Smuggler in the next room. When I asked him what he was so afraid of, booby-trapping his own home, he told me the government made some kind of crackdown not long ago and a friend of him was kidnapped and held in the sewers. I doubted that the government would do something like that, but he insisted and gave me the key to the underground canals to check it myself. He promised to sell his goods cheaper when I free his friend Ford Schick. That offer and my natural interest in conspiracy theories made it impossible for me to neglect and I left him to go down into the sewers.


Interlude: Black Power

Topside I quickly found the entrance. The key fitted and I opened the hatch to climb down the ladder. When I reached the ground, it was easy for me to see that indeed something was wrong here. Example? Sewers aren’t usually guarded by laser trips, automatic guns and keypads…  

Ok, so it’s multitooltime! Just tinker with the electric circle of the lasers…off they are. Proceed... hmm a heavy metal door…there’s a box the keypad must be inside, lock pick it… right! I don’t know the code so I have to multitool it. Go through the door… another laser wire controlled machine gun. I can crouch under them this time…great …… I can’t believe it! The third security system… Somebody is hiding something very important down here…get under the laser, use a multitool on the doors keypad… it’s opening. BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! What’s that sound? Did I accidentally touch the laser trip? Can’t be, the gun is not shooting. DAMMIT! There’s a camera at the other side of the door! Quick get away from the gun it’ll kill me when the alarm will sound…

Round the corner… wait there is a security terminal hopefully I can deactivate the camera there…hacking… yeah, camera’s off, that was close… BANG, BANG! What the…? Somebody is shooting at me… ah there from the other side… that’s a snipers job; take cover behind the crate… pull the trigger…BANG! Got him! Wait, there’s another one on the bridge… meet my 30.06 friend!

How do I get over there? Ah there’s a ladder, climb up carefully you never know if someone is up there…I knew it, a foe is walking towards me and a second one is inside a small room a bit away. I’ll greet them with all the anger about my previous little fuck-up. They never can stand it… And right I am. With three less bullets and two more kills.

But which organization uses these uniforms? I can’t remember any government or terrorist party wearing all black… just the New Zealand rugby team and they don't kidnapp … Another unsolved mystery… I better keep on searching for this friend of Smuggler. And how to get on the other side? Maybe the terminal there will help…hack it … and yes: “Turn bridge”. That does it; I reach the corridor from where the first of these blackies fired at me.

Another door, opens easily and … a camera and an automatic gun, luckily deactivated by me earlier. These guys like to keep it safe… again, keypad and door, but now I know the code, 2165, one of the guards wrote it into a data cube. But wait! I hear someone and … oh, he heard me to… he’ll come for me better get out the SMG…door opens … SURPRISE!!! BRATZ! Seems as if he doesn’t like my lead present… to bad! Hey, that alarmed some other enemies; they are storming up the stairs… directly into the fire of my fresh reloaded weapon… dummies.

When the nonexistent dust settled, the last blackie was eliminated and I was free to search the rooms, in one of them I found Smugglers friend Ford Schick, who told me that my enemies work for some kind of biotech-company.

I answered that would be rather unlikely, because corporate-security isn’t usually armed to fight a ground war. He didn’t care much about that, thanked me and left to return to Smuggler. I kept on scouting and ran over a weapon storage where I found things like a LAW and Scrambler Grenades.


A rocket launcher that can be uses only one time. It has a larger explosion than the Gep-Gun. Main problem: It’s large, it’s bulky, you never get these things when you would need them and bots tend to appear in a double pack and who has TWO of these rare weapons ready? To take out mechanical foes it’s better to use the Gep-Gun, the 30mmHE-MG grenades (which have about the same power) or grenades.

Scrambler grenades

An interesting weapon, it changes the IFF system of bots, so that they help you for a certain amount of time, fighting all enemies in their view. These grenades are pretty rare and there aren’t many situations in the game to use them with their full potential. And they of course don’t clear an area totally, at least on enemy is left when the effect wears of.


Not wanting to keep those, I left them down there and returned to Smuggler, who of course was happy and lowered his prices for me. Unfortunately I couldn’t use anything he offered.

Finally continuing with my main objective, I went to the house the NSF attacked from earlier. On the side was a small window that leaded into the lower levels of the building. And just as I expected the corridor was again guarded by laser trips and even two automatic machine guns…

Having a lot experience with those things now, I quickly found the electric box where I deactivated the lasers with a multitool. My path ended at an elevator, which took me to the roof.


Chapter 5: Rooftopping

When I stepped out of the lift Alex greeted me with new information. A satellite picture on which I could see the roofs around, the actual position of the generator and a warning about snipers guarding the area. I was very grateful for that heads up because I knew what would happen when those guys spot me and put my head to the wrong side of their rifle. But they wouldn’t get me that easy. I was planning to beat them with their own weapons by finding a higher spot and sniper them down myself.

With that in my mind I climbed up a nearby ladder only to be surprised by the first terrorist who chose just that roof to guard…  

It was like those western movies, two men on the dusty main street, revolver at the side, waiting for the other to blink. And it was clear that I had to be John Wayne in this duel; without the revolvers of course, nobody uses those antiquated weapons anymore. But luckily my enemy hadn’t quite the speed he needed to get me. It was close, when my bullet left the sniper rifle, he just took aim. BANG! I forgot about my unsafe stand on the ladder though and the recoil threw me down, hurting my legs. Better than being dead like him, I thought.

I climbed up again after healing my wounds with a medkit and went to the other side of the roof, checking the surroundings. Four other NSF guards where on patrol. Not long anymore, my sniping skills put an end to this before they knew where the danger was coming from.

To reach the generator I had to climb down the fire stairs onto the now unsecured levels. I gained a clear view upon the target building and a chance to take out another terrorist on top of it. 

According to the satellite image, the only resistance should be on ground level now. A few ledges below I could fight those. Three NSF soldiers and three watchdogs where down there. I waited for a moment when they were close together and fired a rocket which blew them to pieces. The way into the generator building was free now.

I didn’t have any recon from inside but I was sure it would be defended with many more guards. So I decided to use the same tactic again and attack from the top. A ladder took me to the roof where I checked all my weapons and reloaded them before I proceeded.

Well, here’s the ramp down… but ha, what is that laser doing there? Preventing that someone enters the compound? Maybe I should give those NFS guys a copy of “Security for Dummies” because this thing would just stop me from leaving that way! …Wait, I hear steps coming from below. Lets greet them with a bullet rain. Assault rifle out and fire… BRATZ, BRATZ … to much for the lonely guy, jump down onto the ramp and attack, don’t let the other prepare themselves.

Look, there’s another one, BRATZ… want some more? Ok, BRATZ! Enough? Fine… get me someone else… I have a lot more bullets to spare. Hey, you two over there! … Want some? Come get some! BRATZ, BRATZ, BRATZ! Don’t run away there. I’ll catch you; no alarm! Resistance eliminated!  

Hmm, the next level is like a balcony; lets take a peek down the hole. Yes, the generator … and a guard! Right next to an explosive barrel!  Buahahaha I like it… look around… nobody sees me… sniper rifle … aim and …  


WHOA, S*IT! What a blast … how should I know the whole machine would explode like that… didn’t these stupid terrorists ask an engineer how to build a safe generator? They nearly blew me apart … they will pay … with their lives… well if they are still alive.

And yes, the bastards are! That’s a whole squad over there… Just keep ‘em coming. SMG ready, Fire!!! … BRATZ… headshot … die, die, die … no mercy for you.  

And than it was over, the terrorists dead at my feet, the generator destroyed and my brother Paul probably already attacking the NSF-HQ. My mission was done and I slowly calmed down again… I really got carried away by the adrenaline rush…

So all what was left is exploring the cellar, where a camera/laser trip/autogun network guarded an office. I took out the camera, which watched the largest area with a rocket and just ran through the last laser. No gun could harm me inside the room I reached.

I hacked the security panel deactivating the rest of the security system and blew the safe there with a LAM, I  found in a box beneath it. Inside was a nanoaugmentationcannister.


These are the standard high explosive grenades. Throw it, blast, pieces everywhere. It has about the same power and blast range than a LAW and the 30mm grenades.

Nanoaugmentation “Legs”

1) “Speed Enhancement” makes the agent move faster and jump higher and further. It also reduced the fall damage greatly to the point when you could jump off buildings without dieing. It allows to reach some nice sniping spots and some more goodies without building stairs out of boxes first.

2) “Walk silent” allows the agent to run without enemies hearing the footsteps. Great for sneaking close range fighters but for me crouching does the job well enough.

Not long after, I heard a helicopter coming and Alex told me to go to the roof, where Gunther Hermann would wait and take over the cleanup operation. Without any idea what else to do, I went back up to the roof, toggling another alarm at the lonely laser. I asked Gunther how the assault of the NSF-HQ worked but he didn’t want to answer and told me to ask Manderley… If Mr. Metal wants to play like that, fine I can wait. He said he would lead the peacekeeping operation here. It was clear that this wasn’t the favourite task for a trigger-happy agent like him. But there was no sense in thinking to much about it and I jumped into the waiting helicopter, which took me back to the UNATCO-HQ.  


Chapter 6: Devil in Disguise

On the trip back to Liberty Island I reflected how I handled myself on that mission and was satisfied. No major fuck ups except for the Castle Clinton incident but all objectives done, plus ending two hostage situations and a kidnapping.

When I arrived an atmosphere of danger caught me though. The gate to the Island was closed, the guards doubled. And I met the weirdest persons ever at the bunkers front doors, two men not just pale but snow-white skin as if there isn't a single drop of blood beneath it. Not only albinos but also perfect twins speaking with a crazy metallic voice… On top of that Alex contacted me via comlink, saying my performance was the only good thing right now.

What is that supposed to mean? Did all NSF prisoners escape? Did Anna blew up the whole Castle Clinton? Guessing was useless, Manderley would tell me what happened.

I went downstairs into my office checking my mails. Paul send one, in which he said that they would tell me a lot about him, not everything good, but that he had his reasons, good reasons. Now this got even more mysterious…

A bit confused I went over to Manderley, but his secretary told me he was in a meeting with someone from the government. Anna was there also and said she was satisfied with my work in the castle.

Being a sneaky and very interested guy, I spied through the door of the office and hear the government man say something like:

“Just fire that arrogant son of a bitch. We still have his brother and more are on the way!”

Arrogant? Are they talking about Paul? I never saw him that way…

Shortly after, the meeting ended and the man came out. It was obvious that he had very heavy nanoaugmentations himself. Blue streams where all over the sides of his face.

Anna and I went inside for the briefing and Manderley told me that he also was pleased with my performance but that he mission had failed. Paul somehow messed up the attack onto the NSF-HQ. The other members of the strike team said he had lost his nerves. Nobody knew what had happened exactly because he didn’t report back to HQ. I was slightly shocked when Manderley told me that UNATCO really fired him.

There was a last chance to retrieve the missing barrels of “ambrosia” though. We got word that the NSF plans to fly them out of the country with a plane. I had to find out on which airfield they brought them. My way would lead through the abandoned subways, following the path of the NSF and the vaccine. Manderley ordered me to check up with the med centre and the armoury and get moving quickly.

When I left, I heard agent Navarre saying she wanted to work with agent Hermann again, because she didn’t like my style to complete my objectives. Great, what had she said before? Satisfied with my work? Yeah right… whatever you want, dumbass.

I went to Sam Carter in the armoury and he supplied me with some multitools, an accuracy weapon modification and 7.62mm MG ammunition. My next objective was Jamie Reyes but he was just operating a trooper and I didn’t want to disturb him. So I looked for the med-bot to install the augmentations I found on my mission. My decision was to install the “aqualungs” body augmentation to improve my diving ability and the “Speed Enhancement” for my legs. Those aren’t real battle winners but open some more ways to go.

I also checked the prison just for fun and watched the government guy questioning the imprisoned NSF terrorists. He threatened them pretty much; A bit to severe for my taste, it’s all about a vaccine for a plague. Limited in supply and reserved for important people of course, but no military secret or something like it. So I was shocked when he suddenly pulled out a gun and executed them, when they refused to answer why the barrels will be flown out of the country instead of distributing the ambrosia to the people…

What the hell is happening here? My brother missing, the mechs hating me just for being nanoaugmented and the government acting against all UNATCO-policies by killing prisoners for no reason. Something is very wrong here, but I don’t yet know what.

I’ve got a mission and a terrorist threat to fight… at least no doubt about that. The helicopter waited for me topside to take me back to Manhattan, I didn’t waited for long to leave this place full of worries…


Author’s notes:

The reaction to the first part was so good that I was very motivated to finish this one quickly. It got quite short though, being only 8 pages in Word comparing to 11 pages of the first report. There are two reasons for it. First, adding the next mission would mean to stop right in the middle of one of the most important story parts. Second, it enables me to write the next three parts somehow closed up, describing one major part of the story in each, ending always with a great location change.

I think Hells Kitchen is the best-designed area in the whole game. All the different locations (maybe just half of them actually in the report), the numerous persons to talk to, the side quests and last but not least the generator/roof map, where chapter 5 plays, with its countless ways to reach the objective.

When you’ve read the first report, you’ll notice that I fight more aggressively now, not always running from open combat with superior forces. That has just one reason, the SMG. For a “rifle player” like me the beginning is difficult, with just two rifles, the shotgun and the sniper, one for very close the other for long ranges. Both require the first shot to be exact and deadly. That makes fighting groups a pain and dangerous because you have to hit moving targets without moving much yourself to not loose the aim. Additionally the ammunition is very limited. You only have four shotgun shells until the Castle Clinton map and about 30 bullets for the sniper in total. And so I can’t allow many misses and I can’t hit something with the pistols and the crossbow unless I aim for a long time.


The Shotgun Corner:

If you played the game you might have noticed that I’ve simplified one thing very much in the last part.

“… at least I found two sniper and one rocket ammunition packs on the north dock. With them and a new shotgun I returned to the front entrance of Lady Liberty.”

Of course getting the shotgun isn’t that easy. It’s located in a box inside the sunken freighter on the north dock. 

A long way to dive without a scuba gear, the aqua lungs (both not available at that point) or an upgrade of the swimming ability (which is a waste of experience just because of the aqua lungs). But it can be done without any of those:

1) Make sure the shotgun fits into your inventory.

2) Blast the hatch with the Gep-Gun (which required to choose it from Paul at the beginning, what is a good idea anyway, because both other weapons can be salvaged from terrorists).

3) Turn on the flashlight.

4) Dive down with a baton, a knive or crowbar ready.

5) When you are inside, break only one box and pick up what is inside quickly.

6) Return to the surface.

Work quickly and flawless. If you make a mistake stop that attempt and retry.


I think that’s enough for now, please don’t expect me to keep up this reporting speed; the next one will take some more time. Thanks again to Word, FrontPage and PhotoFiltre, the program for the images. Even more thanks go to Zerg~Ling for his CSS-Guide, to LuckyNewbie for the surprising 9 rating on part 1 and being a helpful guy and of course Johnny Vegas for fixing my posting problem and reminding me of the zip-upload feature.

PS.: Wasn't that short after all... the pictures stretched it alot more than the first.

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