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Tournament Name Tournament Organizer Game Type Status Brackets Generated? Date Created
2v2AndyreidPvP & TutorialesafulCounter-Strike: Global offensiveNeed PlayersYES2017-10-23 07:47:28
FiRe. vs XtreFiRe.uuBStarcraftNeed PlayersYES2017-10-10 14:34:39
lolmenoneNeed PlayersYES2017-09-13 05:34:56
TIB17MenoneNeed PlayersNO2017-09-08 01:17:04
TestDcCsgono longer accepting playersYES2017-08-31 05:40:05
TestBologStarcraftNeed PlayersYES2017-08-29 09:07:48
test1test1StarcraftNeed PlayersYES2017-08-27 00:07:43
testingyukiDota 2Need PlayersYES2017-07-21 03:59:35
op dM- @West TournamentdM-SkepticalStarcraftno longer accepting playersYES2017-07-20 19:09:19
RWMB--CORN HOLE MANIAAlexnoneNeed PlayersYES2017-06-28 23:22:36
CS:GO Tournament Summer League 2017Byte123Need PlayersNO2017-06-26 08:03:33
Smash 4 TournamentKing A.MakSmash 4no longer accepting playersYES2017-06-21 02:21:15
SC OLD SCHOOLSEXZIONStarcraftneed playersNO2017-05-23 12:35:17
op SK [SK]RiLLaStarcraftNeed PlayersYES2017-05-20 23:44:05
Gold 7.7DoSyStarcraftneed playersYES2017-05-19 21:09:17
TI&dwdqwdqdota 2Need PlayersNO2017-05-18 00:56:03
7.7 1v1DoSyStarcraftNeed PlayersYES2017-05-13 04:26:36
USEast Diplo is backAdZDiploNeed PlayersYES2017-05-06 16:53:35
diplo 7.7Airrodiplo 7.7need playersYES2017-04-29 09:11:14
SCBW001Protoss[3.33]StarcraftNeed PlayersYES2017-04-15 18:50:04