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"At home four zealots came wandering past my choke point, took one look at the wallin, asked T_Mac for danger pay, didn't get it, and contented themselves with scouting my natural and then going on strike for better wages. I think they might be still there, waving signs and chanting 'For Hire!'

Alright, so that pun sucked. Work with me here people. It's past midnight."
-Fractal_Wave Brood War Tournament 2006


1st - born-to-porn ($20)
2nd - lnept ($15)
3rd - Fox^1 ($8)
4th - Keanu_Reaver($2)

I am missing replays! For a list, please read the missing list. If you have any of these replays, please e-mail me.

Also, none of these replays seem to have text saved by penguin plug. If you have any of the replays above but with PP, please send me the appropriately named file.

The full replay package can be downloaded here.

Brackets can be found here.

Structure & Information

When: 11:30 AM EST Saturday, June 17th 2006
Deadline: Midnight EST, Friday June 16th 2006
Who: You, loyal users of over the years!
Structure: 1v1 Single-Elimination
1st - 30 USD
2nd - 15 USD
3rd - 8 USD
4th - 2 USD

Map Selection

The two players must agree on a map. If they don't, it's bloodbath.


No hacks, good manner, no flyer 20 min k?!?!

Single elimination until the final two. The last losers to the final two will square off for third place. Both these final games will be a best-of-three.

Replays must be saved. Get Penguin Plus if you must. Observers are encouraged, but it is to players discretion. The only exception will be prospective battlereporters, who must be allowed.

The official entrants list

1 - Micro)Machine
2 - Fox^1
3 - nA.Raider
4 - lnept
5 - JPaikman
6 - Keanu_Reaver
7 - LuckyNewbie
8 - Activus
9 - Tom_BrowkaH
10 - Redneck_Firebat
11 - Epoch71
12 - Mattzarella
13 - Lithium_