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NOTICE! If the game doesn't load and you have the Java Plugin installed, try going here to play the game. I have seen problems with IE 5.5 when playing this version of the game.

Vale Invaders! was created by John Raab aka Johnny_Vegas and Eric Measure aka Lamster the Hamster

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BACKGROUND: You are the sylvan vale's last hope. An army of Dark Locusts have snuck around your main army, to attack your defenseless villagers! Playing as Shraknabal the wyvern champion, you have flown many miles to rush to the defense of your homeland. Will the wretched accursed have their day? Or will your bravery be enough to combat the odds?

GAME PLAY: Use Arrow keys to move the wyvern. Space bar fires your deadly gas. Pressing S will set the anchor spot for the special RECALL ability that the wyvern has. When your surrounded by enemy missiles, and can find no avenue of escape press the R button to instantly teleport to safety. Mastering the use of RECALL will separate the good players from the bad. Pressing the S key during any intermission scenes will skip that sequence. The C key, toggles unit explosions.

NOTES: Some people may experience occasional "flashing". This is more common for slower computers. Faster computers, should only experience minimal flashing. Sorry we didn't have time to really optimize it yet! Press the C key to turn on/off unit "explosions", this will greatly increase the game speed.
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