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If you'd rather play the game using the Java Plugin, go here. (May provide better performance).

Hit P to pause game! New feature!

Moag Hunter was created by John Raab aka Johnny_Vegas

For more details on StrifeShadow the soon to be released blockbuster RTS game, check out Ethermoon Entertainment.

Read a great strategy guide written by JSH!

Current High Score List

"Moag hunter is the most addictive non-game I've ever played. Its better than minesweeper, and will get a more restrictive ESRB rating too. If you wanna be the click-micro expert, play it 2 hours a day in preperation for Strifeshadow. Of course, strifeshadow will be more fun and more addictive :P"

"Moag Hunter's depth of play, with the Diabloesqe clicking and getting stuff to help you do better, just blew me away. The game's graphics aren't 3D, and therefore, 'dated', but they are well crafted to remind us of low detail chunky models. Eventually, you become so immersed that nothing else matters. 11/10"

"One of the best games I'VE ever played! Gonna be hard to top this wild ride!!"
-Joey D.

"When I first heard that Moag Hunter only had one programmer, I had my doubts. Seeing the finished product, I realize that I was a fool to question the ability and resolve of the production team. Two thumbs up!"

Moag Hunter is in no way affilated with Ethermoon Entertainment. Some graphics in Moag Hunter are in use in accordance with Ethermoon's Fansite Affiliation policy.