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  • (a): toggle automatic arrow shot
  • (c): concentrate arrow fire
  • (x): spread arrow fire (x)
  • (s): shock: discharge carver weapons at nearby enemies
  • (z): toggle autozap
  • (g): launch grenade
  • (r): release moags
  • (e): immolate
  • (n): new game -- start over
  • (p): pause game

Basilica was created by Erik Measure aka Lamster

This game is themed after units found in Strifeshadow, Ethermoon Entertainment's soon to be released blockbuster real time strategy game. In the unlikely event that you haven't caught the buzz yet, head on over to and check it out.

If the game is too big for your browser window, try clicking here to Maximize. If that doesn't work, read about setting your resolution here, Display Help.

Learn some advanced strategy here, Game Tips.

Special Thanks:
  • Special thanks to Alex and Karl, my in-house testers who enhanced the game greatly with their ideas and suggestions
  • Thanks also to John Raab aka Johnny_Vegas for initial implementation of high scores
  • Thanks also to Karl Sabo for hosting basilica on his webserver
  • And finally, thanks to Artius and the Eggish Moosemen for additional suggestions

View old high scores here, Archives.