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"You know it's not an authentice Rubber Ducky report/comment if there aren't broken images"

Did something change? I didnít notice.

Inspired by ~CattleBruiser~ and Mark4 (Falarn)... Johnny_Vegas was sitting at his computer, checking through a domain name registration program. Hmm... B - A - T - T - L - E - R - E - P - O - R - T - S . C - O - M

The name was there. A whole new level of involvement was about to open for gaming fans. Until Johnny_Vegas sat down to program this milestone of interactivity, fans were relegated to posting on forums alone. (or emailing their ideas to news sites) The spring of 1999 marked the birth of, and the site benefitted from such master reporters as ~Cattlebruiser~, Mark4, and .Praetor... not to mention great contributions from Johnny_Vegas when he had the time.

As hovered at about 100,000 hits per month, Johnny continued to add improvements. Did you know that originally, you couldnít comment on reports, and there were no ratings? Mark4 continued to post on the forums, where his posts were a fine break from the constant imbalance/non-imbalance posts.

After following several Mark4 links to Heartcutter reports, I (YourRoleModel) finally bookmarked the site. In jest, I posted a fake battlereport on the forums about how I took out Mark4, Johnny_Vegas, and 5 other top players in a 7-1 with my patented medic rush. I was glad they could take a joke...

Hmm... better read the guides before I post a report. In case Iíve never done so, Thank you ~CattleBruiser~ and Mark4 for the great guides! I went on to search and read all of your reports before attempting my own.

The site continued to grow and improve. Finally, I hit my goal of a 10.0 report with the World War Threeway FFA, and a few big sites picked up the link. Thanks to and, 30,000+ hits came to the site in one day via links to that report. At the time, that was about 1/3rd the hits in a normal month, but in one day.

Mark4 continued his promotion, more reports got linked to other sites, and other writers began to shoot for the elusive perfect 10.0. The quality of writing went up overall, dipping and rising but generally getting better.

Johnny and SmokedPork had done a good job with the site graphics, but Johnny wanted more than just individual graphics. One week, when John went on vacation, I pushed people to click the ads. For the first time, was out of the red. Thanks to all of you who clicked... big thanks to all of you who still do! Johnny and Mark4 decided that they could use an artist and made me a partner. I never expected any of this, but I love the site, and jumped at the chance to help to improve it. The site had climbed rapidly to 400,000 hits a month after the FFA report. It got 530,000 hits in October... it was time for a tune up.

Is that a different color now?
About a month ago, we began work on the new interface. By popular demand, we decided to keep the navigation similar. We wanted a look that would be entertaining, and I suggested that we get an official mascot, rather than use the Bengalaas that Blizzard created. Rook, was born. To learn more about Rook, read the first ever Rookís Corner.

The changes to the site are more than just skin deep.

  • More perks for raters, better rating system
  • Hall of Fame as a reward for consistantly great writers, readers will have a part in selecting future Hall of Famers.
  • Consistant graphics, new mascot, and FREE WALLPAPER for you!
  • Whoís Who article for players who will never be Zileas, Maynard, or Agent
  • Emphasis on games other than Starcraft
  • Forum, added ahead of overhaul changes
  • Improved chat room
  • Links to our favorite sites
  • Improved Submit Report feature
  • Refined interface

All of the changes are designed to improve the interactivity level of the site, enhance our image as a growing site, and reward the best efforts of our reporters.

How can you help?
A lot of well intended people have offered to help with the site, in the news, whoís who, graphics, coding or other areas. We really do appreciate the offers, and we will remember them if the needs arise. Truly, the best ways to help are these:

1 - Keep writing and commenting. You are what makes this site successful!
2 - If you see news, like SuperGeneral finding out that I won an award, let us know in the forum!
3 - If you want to contribute, and there is a need for your contribution, (like Phiberís Newbie HTML in Battlereporting Guide) we will use it as a guide or whereever itís appropriate. There must be a clear need for whatever it is, so donít expect us to post another guide to reporting unless it brings something new to the table, like Phiberís.
4 - One time each day, maybe twice, click all three ads. We get 25 cents for the Financial Engine ad, 10 cents for the MSN ad, and 8 cents for the Dragonscroll ad. Donít sit there repeat clicking, it wonít work... just pop by our sponsers one time each day, maybe twice (after time passes). It doesnít take long, itís not hard, and it doesnít cost you a dime... besides, itís an easy habit to get into, and they actually have some good products in their respective areas. If just the people who are really behind the site do this (like DoomDragon does), will have the finances to deal with future growth needs (and thereís nothing wrong with us making a little money for countless hours of work =P). If you are a site regular, and you enjoy your daily visits to, please support the site in this manner. Thankyou, and thanks to those of you who DO click the ads everyday, we have noticed that we are getting more clicks.

Thatís all folks!
I hope you enjoy the changes, take some time and look around the site, there are surprises everywhere!