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For example the search query cattle would return all reports from ~CattleBruiser~. You don't have to type the entire name.


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DateTitleGame TypeRating
YourRoleModel(120)04/25/01Battle of the StaffStrifeshadow9.8
YourRoleModel(143)03/19/01Strifeshadow Beta Report from the trenches.Strifeshadow10.0
YourRoleModel(103)12/21/99i2e2 Game One of the Championship SeriesStarcraft9.2
YourRoleModel(43)12/13/99i2e2 - X'Ds~Grrrr... vs {i}Jester - Fast FactoryStarcraft9.0
YourRoleModel(42)12/03/99i2e2 - Game2 Sexy Bitches vs DAGStarcraft9.3
YourRoleModel(168)10/25/99History: The Value of Higher GroundAge of Empires Series10.0
YourRoleModel(412)10/05/99World War Threeway FFA - Round IIStarcraft10.0
YourRoleModel(174)09/12/99How Canadians are Ruining the BattlenetStarcraft9.8
YourRoleModel(85)09/03/99How about a Four Way FFA?Starcraft9.8
YourRoleModel(117)08/23/99Kakakakakaru calls out Mark4Starcraft9.6
YourRoleModel(62)08/08/99Fizban_ vs Mark4... Timing TricksStarcraft8.8
YourRoleModel(477)08/04/99World War Threeway FFAStarcraft10.0
YourRoleModel(32)07/28/99YourRoleModel vs Fractal WaveStarcraft9.5
YourRoleModel(37)07/25/99Use the Force, Luke!Starcraft9.0
YourRoleModel(64)07/19/99Do you happen to have any Protoss Cheese?Starcraft9.4
YourRoleModel(36)07/15/99Don't Drink the Yellow Snow!Starcraft8.8
YourRoleModel(37)07/12/99An Ode to The Book of HeartcutterStarcraft9.0
YourRoleModel(28)07/11/99Hammers vs Hammers. (Tanks and Reavers)Starcraft9.0
YourRoleModel(21)07/03/99Reach out and touch someone with Arclite!Starcraft6.5
YourRoleModel(25)07/02/99Lurkers in the IceFlowsStarcraft7.5