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"Meanwhile, Fungee executes the one and only strat he's rumoured to have mastered. The cannon wallin. Although he botches the attempt slightly, Mother Teresa might give him a C+ for effort."


For example the search query cattle would return all reports from ~CattleBruiser~. You don't have to type the entire name.


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DateTitleGame TypeRating
.Praetor(9)09/22/10QuicksandStarcraft 28.7
.Praetor(16)08/29/10A Ghost of a ChanceStarcraft 28.0
.Praetor(37)11/01/04It's Not My Fault, I'm Just The DM: IntroOther7.5
.Praetor(83)09/04/04Rise of Rome: Pax RomanaOther9.2
.Praetor(156)08/31/04McCain vs. ReasonOther5.7
.Praetor(87)08/13/04Rise of Rome: Attack on the IroquoisOther9.6
.Praetor(106)07/31/04Rise of Rome: The Persian WarsOther9.2
.Praetor(248)12/20/02Tales of the Flesh: Part IIIStarcraft8.5
PraetorOfAiur(25)01/14/01Liquid'Drone vs Kaz![Earth]Starcraft3.0
PraetorOfAiur(17)01/02/01Zeratul's EliteStarcraft4.0
.Praetor(53)03/24/00Tales of the Flesh: Part IIStarcraft8.0
.Praetor(31)01/31/00Tales of the Flesh: Part IStarcraft7.0
.Praetor(293)01/24/00Phoenix Legion Chronicles: Part XIIStarcraft10.0
Calm Drift (.Praetor)(18)01/21/00Who's going to cart all the salvage home?Other9.0
Calm Drift (.Praetor)(32)01/17/00A Battle for a Good and Just Universe.Other9.0
.Praetor(48)12/06/99The Tao of FFA ~OR~ Free For All AxiomsStarcraft9.0
.Praetor(35)12/02/99Phoenix Legion Chronicles: Part XIStarcraft10.0
.Praetor(42)11/13/99Phoenix Legion Chronicles: Part XStarcraft10.0
.Praetor(50)11/12/99Phoenix Legion Chronicles: Part IXStarcraft9.0
.Praetor(49)10/25/99Um... like... whoa... 'n... stuff....Warcraft 28.5
.Praetor(35)10/16/99Holy S***! My Most Earth-Shaking Game Ever!Starcraft8.0
.Praetor(28)10/13/99A new way of dealing with that tank push.Starcraft7.0
.Praetor(24)10/04/99Phoenix Legion Chronicles: Part VIIIStarcraft9.0
.Praetor(25)08/30/99Scramble for Survival.Starcraft7.7
.Praetor(24)08/30/99Phoenix Legion Chronicles: Part VIIStarcraft8.0
.Praetor(17)08/19/99A friendly RivalryStarcraft8.0
.Praetor(21)08/17/99Day of the GolaithStarcraft7.8
.Praetor(15)08/12/99By popular demand....Starcraft6.5
.Praetor(12)07/30/99Phoenix Legion Chronicles: Part VIStarcraft8.0
.Praetor(16)07/25/99Phoenix Legion Chronicles: Part VStarcraft8.5
.Praetor(21)07/12/99Phoenix Legion Chronicles: Part IVStarcraft7.0
.Praetor(15)07/10/99ScoutCraft is NOT dead!Starcraft8.0
.Praetor(12)07/10/99Zerg Air Is NOT Dead.Starcraft7.5
.Praetor(14)06/27/99Phoenix Legion Chronicles: Part IIIStarcraft10.0
.Praetor(37)06/10/99Toss vs. Terran on River Styx. Ended just how I expected.Starcraft7.0
.Praetor(16)06/07/99Phoenix Legion Chronicles, Part IIStarcraft10.0
.Praetor(62)06/07/99Phoenix Legion Chronicles, part IStarcraft10.0
.Praetor(7)06/04/99I go back to Vanilla SC and open up a can of Whoop Ass.Starcraft5.0
.Praetor(8)06/01/99WHEE HAW!!! 2:35!!! Thanks breakfast and mav!!!Starcraft9.3
.Praetor(24)05/29/99never, Never, NEVER give up!Starcraft9.0
.Praetor(19)05/23/99Johnny and Mark4 tear it up.Starcraft8.0
.Praetor(26)05/20/99It ain't over until fat lady sings.Starcraft9.0
.Praetor(30)05/13/99It's not a newbie strategy, damn it!Starcraft6.0