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For example the search query cattle would return all reports from ~CattleBruiser~. You don't have to type the entire name.


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DateTitleGame TypeRating
NobodyBeatsMe(10)05/16/02Ladder Part IStarcraft4.0
NobodyBeatsMe(18)05/06/02Little bit louder, Little bit worseStarcraft4.0
NobodyBeatsMe(15)05/06/02Second verse, same as the FirstStarcraft3.0
::nobody::(92)06/14/01Does anyone still read the title?Starcraft9.0
::nobody::(90)10/23/00Anime Chick BR 2!!Starcraft8.3
::nobody::(74)08/23/00#1 Suck (Part Deux) Game2Starcraft9.4
::nobody::(98)08/01/00#1 Suck (Part Deux) Game1Starcraft9.4
Fox^1, Bane, and ::nobody::(90)07/26/00Mark4 vs. TillerMaN: Game 3!Starcraft7.6
Fox^1, Bane, and ::nobody::(71)07/11/00The Ultimate Starcraft Championship GAME2Starcraft8.7
Fox^1, Bane, and ::nobody::(132)06/27/00The Ultimate Starcraft Championship GAME1Starcraft9.4
::nobody::(168)04/16/00Spunk and Shandy + Anime chicks!!!Starcraft6.6
::nobody::(101)03/25/00Operation Lame!Starcraft9.2
::nobody:: & wallabystein(67)03/07/00The S&S Adventures Continue....Starcraft8.7
wallabystein and ::nobody::(121)03/05/00Spunk and Shandy: The vegas lifeStarcraft7.7
wallabystein and ::nobody::(11)03/05/00Spunk and Shandy: The vegas lifeStarcraftNR
::nobody:: & wallabystein(64)02/27/00The Adventures of Spunk and ShandyStarcraft9.7
::nobody::(76)02/12/00The Great Calvin and Hobbes Rip Off!!Starcraft10.0
::nobody::(69)01/16/00A Day at the Movies!Starcraft9.0
::nobody::(35)01/09/00A whole new paradigmOther8.3
::nobody::(65)12/08/99A 6 player FFA on a 64x64 map! woo hoo!Starcraft9.4
::nobody::(70)11/27/99The Four Player FFA!Starcraft9.6
::nobody::(41)11/24/99A Bloody RivalryStarcraft9.6
::nobody::(39)11/19/99The War of Three RoomatesStarcraft9.4
::Nobody::(30)11/13/99Never give up...Starcraft6.0