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"Don't really get the game and this monitor is darker than my dog's ass (if you need to ask...) but I'd still give it a 9 on account of the high writing quality."


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13 matches
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DateTitleGame TypeRating
Micro(13)08/23/10Indiana Jones and the Mazes of MenaceOther9.0
micro(6)08/12/09let me show u my pokemans Other8.0
micro(10)07/26/09The Den of Corruption Other8.5
micro(10)07/16/09Monster's Den 2 Den of Terror part2Other8.0
micro(6)07/12/09Moster's Den 2 Den of TerrorOtherNR
micro(10)03/13/09Deadlock: It's like BW, except no Part 2Other8.5
micro(11)03/03/09Deadlock: it's like BW, except noOther7.0
Micro(30)11/01/07The First Halo 3 BattlereportOther7.8
Micro(16)08/05/05Ex-Wang Alliance: a look withinStarcraft7.0
Micro(42)07/14/05Breakdown: End GameOther9.0
Micro(14)06/11/05Project: Break Down v2.0Starcraft7.0
Micro(12)06/08/05Project: BreakdownOther6.0
Microman(15)04/24/00A Heated MatchupStarcraft7.0