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"I know you're probably sad, because now you have to go back to watching Star Trek and hanging out with your mom. But don't worry, it'll be okay. Maybe one day down the road I'll get bored again. And maybe on that day, I'll write another battle report. Maybe even with someone as gay (but hot) as Dag again. Or maybe I'll die of liver problems at 25."


For example the search query cattle would return all reports from ~CattleBruiser~. You don't have to type the entire name.


39 matches
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DateTitleGame TypeRating
Mark4(59)05/15/052005 1v1 BW Invitational Tourney SummaryStarcraft7.0
Mark4(29)12/22/04The Potion Pimp and the Scurillious Skinner.Other8.5
Mark4(48)08/10/03Looking for a few good machines: a LSN reportOther8.5
Mark4(42)12/10/00The Principles of War, Volume 1: OffenseOther8.8
Mark4(53)10/23/00Rook's Corner Report, Crazy vs {ph}JesterStarcraft9.2
Mark4(85)08/03/00Fox's tourney finals, {88}Hawk vs SlingsNArrowsStarcraft7.8
Mark4(103)06/23/00I'm a hacker.Starcraft7.7
Mark4(89)05/18/00A short and nasty TvP, Montaro vs IN^TurbidStarcraft7.6
Mark4(54)04/24/00Grinding the Co...uhm, Mr.Mediocre vs Mantra! in a Rook's Corner Special ReportStarcraft8.0
Mark4(111)04/10/00Rook's Corner Report: Ducky vs Whoop!Starcraft8.2
Mark4(100)04/08/00Step OffStarcraft8.2
Mark4(51)02/15/00Tao Tourney Round2: Imports vs 404!Starcraft9.2
Mark4(74)02/05/00Montaro Smackdown Special: Arkons vs x_Mage_xStarcraft9.0
Mark4(37)01/23/00Tao of Gaming Tournament ReportStarcraft8.5
Mark4(76)01/18/00Rook's Corner Report: T_Mac VS Elm!Starcraft9.8
Mark4(35)01/05/00i2e2 2v2 Finals, Team SG vs Team X'Ds Game 3Starcraft8.8
Mark4(19)01/05/00i2e2 2v2 Finals, Team SG vs Team X'Ds Game 2Starcraft8.5
Mark4(16)01/05/00i2e2 2v2 Finals Team SG vs Team X'Ds Game 1Starcraft8.5
Mark4(54)01/05/00i2e2 Finals, X'Ds~Grrrr... vrs October Game 2Starcraft8.7
Mark4(71)12/12/99i2e2 match, X'Ds vrs [9] game 2Starcraft9.5
Mark4(36)12/12/99Rook's Corner Report; Pitt vrs Bob_The_Newt!Starcraft9.4
Mark4(36)12/03/99i2e2 Match, Sexy Bitches vs DAG Game threeStarcraft9.4
Mark4(34)11/25/99i2e2 match Round1, Game3, Everlast vrs Gadianton with an interview by EverlastStarcraft8.0
Mark4(25)11/25/99i2e2 match Round1, Game2 Everlast vs GadiantonStarcraft9.0
Mark4(34)11/25/99i2e2 match Round1, Game1, Everlast vs GadiantonStarcraft8.7
Mark4(46)11/11/99A Rook's Corner Special ReportStarcraft8.7
Mark4(90)11/01/99Team Vegas VRS Team Ape on Dire!Starcraft8.4
Mark4(43)08/18/99Crazy Jim Lizard vrs Ghost LizardStarcraft9.0
Mark4(46)07/06/99How to kick toss @ss. A Heartcutter story.Starcraft8.5
Mark4(44)07/01/99Mark4 vrs Kain-the-fearedStarcraft9.0
Mark4(37)06/03/99Kicking ass and taking names: Johnny_Vegas vrs .PraetorStarcraft9.5
Mark4(59)06/02/99Heartcutter tries his terran on my protoss for ladder.Starcraft8.5
Mark4(16)05/19/99Johnny beats me like a pinata =[Starcraft8.0
Mark4(39)05/14/99Johnny Hood and his band of merry Mark.Starcraft9.0
Mark4(16)05/10/99Death from above! 1v1 on Snowbound.Starcraft9.0
Mark4(15)05/09/99{KGB}Agent takes on KryptkeeperStarcraft9.0
Mark4(17)05/07/992v2, Praying at the templeStarcraft9.0
Mark4(23)05/07/99Johnny_Vegas vrs Ralphie's Lurker rushStarcraft8.0
Mark4(46)05/07/99Bogalisk vrs Mark4, round 2Starcraft8.0