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39 matches
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DateTitleGame TypeRating
Mark4(59)05/15/052005 1v1 BW Invitational Tourney SummaryStarcraft7.0
Mark4(29)12/22/04The Potion Pimp and the Scurillious Skinner.Other8.5
Mark4(48)08/10/03Looking for a few good machines: a LSN reportOther8.5
Mark4(42)12/10/00The Principles of War, Volume 1: OffenseOther8.8
Mark4(53)10/23/00Rook's Corner Report, Crazy vs {ph}JesterStarcraft9.2
Mark4(85)08/03/00Fox's tourney finals, {88}Hawk vs SlingsNArrowsStarcraft7.8
Mark4(103)06/23/00I'm a hacker.Starcraft7.7
Mark4(89)05/18/00A short and nasty TvP, Montaro vs IN^TurbidStarcraft7.6
Mark4(54)04/24/00Grinding the Co...uhm, Mr.Mediocre vs Mantra! in a Rook's Corner Special ReportStarcraft8.0
Mark4(111)04/10/00Rook's Corner Report: Ducky vs Whoop!Starcraft8.2
Mark4(100)04/08/00Step OffStarcraft8.2
Mark4(51)02/15/00Tao Tourney Round2: Imports vs 404!Starcraft9.2
Mark4(74)02/05/00Montaro Smackdown Special: Arkons vs x_Mage_xStarcraft9.0
Mark4(37)01/23/00Tao of Gaming Tournament ReportStarcraft8.5
Mark4(76)01/18/00Rook's Corner Report: T_Mac VS Elm!Starcraft9.8
Mark4(35)01/05/00i2e2 2v2 Finals, Team SG vs Team X'Ds Game 3Starcraft8.8
Mark4(19)01/05/00i2e2 2v2 Finals, Team SG vs Team X'Ds Game 2Starcraft8.5
Mark4(16)01/05/00i2e2 2v2 Finals Team SG vs Team X'Ds Game 1Starcraft8.5
Mark4(54)01/05/00i2e2 Finals, X'Ds~Grrrr... vrs October Game 2Starcraft8.7
Mark4(71)12/12/99i2e2 match, X'Ds vrs [9] game 2Starcraft9.5
Mark4(36)12/12/99Rook's Corner Report; Pitt vrs Bob_The_Newt!Starcraft9.4
Mark4(36)12/03/99i2e2 Match, Sexy Bitches vs DAG Game threeStarcraft9.4
Mark4(34)11/25/99i2e2 match Round1, Game3, Everlast vrs Gadianton with an interview by EverlastStarcraft8.0
Mark4(25)11/25/99i2e2 match Round1, Game2 Everlast vs GadiantonStarcraft9.0
Mark4(34)11/25/99i2e2 match Round1, Game1, Everlast vs GadiantonStarcraft8.7
Mark4(46)11/11/99A Rook's Corner Special ReportStarcraft8.7
Mark4(90)11/01/99Team Vegas VRS Team Ape on Dire!Starcraft8.4
Mark4(43)08/18/99Crazy Jim Lizard vrs Ghost LizardStarcraft9.0
Mark4(46)07/06/99How to kick toss @ss. A Heartcutter story.Starcraft8.5
Mark4(44)07/01/99Mark4 vrs Kain-the-fearedStarcraft9.0
Mark4(37)06/03/99Kicking ass and taking names: Johnny_Vegas vrs .PraetorStarcraft9.5
Mark4(59)06/02/99Heartcutter tries his terran on my protoss for ladder.Starcraft8.5
Mark4(16)05/19/99Johnny beats me like a pinata =[Starcraft8.0
Mark4(39)05/14/99Johnny Hood and his band of merry Mark.Starcraft9.0
Mark4(16)05/10/99Death from above! 1v1 on Snowbound.Starcraft9.0
Mark4(15)05/09/99{KGB}Agent takes on KryptkeeperStarcraft9.0
Mark4(17)05/07/992v2, Praying at the templeStarcraft9.0
Mark4(23)05/07/99Johnny_Vegas vrs Ralphie's Lurker rushStarcraft8.0
Mark4(46)05/07/99Bogalisk vrs Mark4, round 2Starcraft8.0