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"got minerals?"


For example the search query cattle would return all reports from ~CattleBruiser~. You don't have to type the entire name.


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DateTitleGame TypeRating
citizenKane(23)09/12/04THE ACCUSER. IOther8.5
citizenKane(42)07/07/02Journey, part 11: Seperate paths come back togetherOther9.0
citizenKane(57)06/30/02Journey, part 10: The lowest pointStarcraft8.0
citizenKane(50)06/16/02Journey, part 9: A plain somewhere near IowaOther9.0
citizenKane(25)06/09/02Journey, part 8: The UnleashingOther8.0
citizenKane(23)06/02/02Journey, part 7: The Pilot and The MasterOther7.0
citizenKane(37)05/26/02Journey, part 6: The InvaderOther9.0
citizenKane(24)05/19/02Journey, part 5: The shipOther8.0
citizenKane(23)05/12/02Journey, part 4: MeetingsOther8.0
citizenKane(20)05/05/02Journey, part 3: The highwayOther8.0
citizenKane(31)04/28/02Journey, part 2: A house in IowaOther8.0
citizenKane(42)04/20/02Journey, part 1: The ocean floorOther8.0
citizenKane(53)12/19/01Chess owns your bones.Other8.0
-CitizenKane-(20)03/31/01Prelude to Fire and IceOther7.0
-CitizenKane-(53)02/26/01Maligned, Mutilated, Misshapen, and more or less fucked-up mazesOther7.0
-CitizenKane-(34)02/14/01All Eyes on the Box: PrologueOther6.0
-citizenkane-(17)10/13/00The Tightest Chess Game EverOther6.0