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"Meanwhile, Fungee executes the one and only strat he's rumoured to have mastered. The cannon wallin. Although he botches the attempt slightly, Mother Teresa might give him a C+ for effort."


For example the search query cattle would return all reports from ~CattleBruiser~. You don't have to type the entire name.


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DateTitleGame TypeRating
Heartcutter(69)01/18/05Orc v Human: Long Time ComingWarcraft 37.8
Heartcutter(144)05/06/00Bunkerless CC positioning guideStarcraft8.0
Heartcutter(48)01/20/00Deep Six (Cajun Style)Starcraft3.0
Heartcutter(26)12/07/99Beyond Valor (2 of 2)Starcraft7.0
Heartcutter(19)12/06/99Beyond Valor (1 of 2)Starcraft7.0
Heartcutter(49)12/06/99Bunkerless DefenseStarcraft5.0
Heartcutter(33)12/02/99Dancing QueenStarcraft7.1
Heartcutter(77)12/01/99Deep Six TerranStarcraft6.7
Heartcutter(18)11/15/993 vs. 1 Jagged CliffsOther8.0
Heartcutter(19)10/29/99The Good, the Bad, and the UglyAge of Empires Series5.5
Heartcutter(65)09/20/99Flesh vs. MetalStarcraft9.2
Heartcutter(46)09/17/99Big Brother, Little Brother... and Pee Wee too (4 of 4)Starcraft7.0
Heartcutter(2)09/17/99Big Brother, Little Brother... and Pee Wee too (3 of 4)StarcraftNR
Heartcutter(2)09/17/99Big Brother, Little Brother... and Pee Wee too (2 of 4)StarcraftNR
Heartcutter(2)09/17/99Big Brother, Little Brother... and Pee Wee too (1 of 4)StarcraftNR
Heartcutter(21)09/17/99Just a happy little pictureStarcraftNR
Heartcutter(51)09/15/99Heartcutter's Heavy Metal GuideStarcraftNR
Heartcutter(61)08/13/99Heavy Metal TerranStarcraft7.6
Heartcutter(13)08/07/99Projecting ForceStarcraft6.6
Heartcutter(26)07/29/99Gone FishingStarcraft7.2
Heartcutter(28)07/27/99Soul of the SamuraiStarcraft9.0
Heartcutter(25)07/14/99Temple 'o LoveStarcraft8.8
Heartcutter(31)07/04/99Terran vs. the bookStarcraft9.0
Heartcutter(17)07/04/99Casper's RevengeStarcraft9.3
Heartcutter(18)06/02/99Fast Lurkers? Meet Mr. Burns... (part 5)Starcraft7.0
Heartcutter(3)06/01/99Fast Lurkers? The revenge of the hydra...(part 4)Starcraft6.0
Heartcutter(6)06/01/99Fast Lurkers? The stage is set...Starcraft6.0
Heartcutter(4)06/01/99Fast Lurkers? Here, have some more!!! Part 2Starcraft5.0
Heartcutter(6)06/01/99Fast lurkers? Eat some of this! (Part 1)Starcraft7.0
Heartcutter(26)05/31/99Finally! Someone good at Protoss...Starcraft8.3
Heartcutter(13)05/27/99Attack of Mecha-StreisandStarcraft7.0
Heartcutter(10)05/26/99Holy shit, that was a fast lair!Starcraft7.3
Heartcutter(11)05/25/99Quick-Toss bitchslapStarcraft6.5