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"Last in line was Advisor "CB". His nickname was based on "Cattlebruiser", although none of the men were quite sure where the name had come from. Some infantrymen whispered that it came from a particularly bad night back home involving thirteen shots of whiskey, a herd of cattle, and a twenty-two year-old Animal Husbandry major. Others swore on the fact that a bloody cow's head was hung in his locker, a testament of what would happen to the men if they ever got out of line. Whatever the case, CB was fiercely competent."


For example the search query cattle would return all reports from ~CattleBruiser~. You don't have to type the entire name.


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DateTitleGame TypeRating
Fractal_Wave(109)10/01/02This Is Not A Comeback...OtherNR
Fractal_Wave(35)01/31/01Do Sex. No, wait...Starcraft7.0
Fractal_Wave(21)12/28/00This is a plugOther7.0
Fractal_Wave(64)08/16/00That Funny CactusStarcraft9.4
Fractal_Wave(18)06/21/00Hunter / HuntedOther8.0
Fractal_Wave(23)06/14/00Shake, Rattle & RollOther8.5
Fractal_Wave(19)03/30/00Popular Demand(Yeah, Right)Starcraft7.0
Fractal_Wave(42)03/14/00Still on PaxilStarcraft7.8
Fractal_Wave(18)12/21/99i2e2: ~GOOD~GAME~MAN!! vs. [z-zone]byun, Game 2Starcraft7.8
Fractal_Wave(31)12/14/99~Good~GAME~MAN!! vs. [z-zone]byunStarcraft8.0
Fractal_Wave(35)11/22/99i2e2: Imports vs. Team ERStarcraft9.0
Fractal_Wave(28)11/16/99Kickin' it liveStarcraft8.0
Fractal_Wave(64)10/19/99Just the FactsStarcraft9.2
Fractal_Wave(58)10/08/99Let's Dance. (Bob vs. Fractal)Starcraft8.0
Fractal_Wave(24)09/02/99Stress TestStarcraft8.5
Fractal_Wave(30)08/27/99Family ReunionStarcraft9.2
Fractal_Wave(19)08/26/99YRM >>>> Blizzard Entertainment!StarcraftNR
Fractal_Wave(32)08/21/99Much Ado About NothingStarcraft8.0
Fractal_Wave(12)08/08/99Mob RuleStarcraft7.0
Fractal_Wave(33)08/07/99Holy Anarchy{GK} Batman!Starcraft7.0
Fractal_Wave(21)07/30/99Scenic Views from the TempleStarcraft8.5
Fractal_Wave(9)07/22/99The Wave busts it outStarcraft6.5
Fractal_Wave(20)07/14/99"Want some wrath? 'Course Ya do!"Starcraft8.0
Fractal_Wave(13)07/09/99Own: v. To control, to possess or dominate.Starcraft7.7
Fractal_Wave(14)06/25/99Two on One on DireStarcraft6.5