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"Heartcutter is a giant tourist eating african gorrila with 50 wives and 285 children"


For example the search query cattle would return all reports from ~CattleBruiser~. You don't have to type the entire name.


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DateTitleGame TypeRating
[FLS]prozerran(25)04/08/02*pic fix* i2e2 Round 2: IN~Clan2 vs The Gauls, Game 2! [don't rate]StarcraftNR
[FLS]prozerran(27)04/08/02*pic fix* 5 way FFA @ BGH [don't rate]Starcraft10.0
[FLS]prozerran(59)03/24/01Mission:Unpossible! PART 2Starcraft10.0
[FLS]prozerran(25)03/24/01Mission:Unpossible! PART 1StarcraftNR
[FLS]prozerran(1061)05/03/005 way FFA @ Starcraft9.8
[FLS]prozerran(38)03/07/00i2e2 Round 2: IN~Clan2 vs The Gauls, Game 2!Starcraft9.0
[FLS]prozerran(59)01/17/00i2e2 2v2 Round 2: Agent911/IN~Bob vs [TG]Ishamael/[TG]Snikch Marathon Game ONEStarcraft9.8
[FLS]prozerran(25)12/13/99hrm... lemme try a text report. X17 vs NohuntersStarcraft8.0
[FLS]prozerran(44)11/28/99i2e2 2v2 Round 1: Maynard/{PH}Shockwave vs CoP~Hero/CoP~ZeroStarcraft9.4
[FLS]prozerran(57)11/18/99New Game Type: Circle of AllianceStarcraft9.8
[FLS]prozerran(34)11/08/99Chaos within!Starcraft9.5
[FLS]prozerran(60)10/21/99Whoop/Johnny taking on Bob/Valdmir on Hypothermia (28 images, SS and Ani GIF)Starcraft9.2
[FLS]prozerran(33)07/26/99Ultra Rush!!Starcraft9.0
[FLS]prozerran(12)07/06/99Queer burrow tacticStarcraft7.3
[FLS]prozerran(23)06/25/99Helping Edge Tourney Round 1: Ahscar vs Old~El~PasoStarcraft8.0
[FLS]prozerran(24)06/18/992 on 2 Dire!Starcraft9.0
[FLS]prozerran(24)06/11/992 Terrans fighting 2 ProtossStarcraft9.2
[FLS]prozerran(13)05/30/993 on 3 Tribes! 1hr 30 minStarcraft9.0
[FLS]prozerran(8)05/22/99The BEST Land War ever, I swear-- 3v3 on Flooded PlainsStarcraft7.5
[FLS]prozerran(6)05/21/99How Johnny saved my ess..Starcraft7.0
[FLS]prozerran(10)05/16/99OMG the best island play I had played ever on DIRE!Starcraft8.0
[FLS]prozerran(7)05/12/992v2 match up in Tribes.Starcraft8.0
[FLS]prozerran(19)05/07/99TT's build to stop the lurker on styxStarcraft5.0