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"Gosu! I like good manner, but my report is bad manner, no gosu pictures. But read it and leave lots of comments because it makes my head go big."
- Mogalin


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12 matches
(# of comments)
DateTitleGame TypeRating
endersshadow(59)10/10/04Van Cortlandt InvitationalOther7.0
endersshadow(33)08/27/04War of the Ring- Trolls, Riders, and Dwarves, Oh My!Other8.6
endersshadow(30)07/11/04Guide for Terran RapeStarcraft7.4
endersshadow(32)07/01/04Dorks Taste Good- FoodTastesGood vs. Dialtone_Warcraft 38.5
endersshadow(35)04/26/04Saithis, Vol. 1Warcraft 38.0
endersshadow(46)03/07/04Nuke it Rico!Starcraft8.0
endersshadow(36)02/04/04Acesaga vs. Star.HL [PvT Game 2]Starcraft8.0
endersshadow(31)01/06/04Acesaga vs. Star.HL [PvT Game 1]Starcraft8.0
endersshadow(28)12/23/03Cloaked Archons? AMD_Gundam vs. POS_BluekStarcraft8.5
endersshadow(22)12/19/03Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids- A JJ2 ReportOther6.0
endersshadow(53)12/13/03Darkwing Duck! What a Badass!Warcraft 37.5
endersshadow(41)11/22/03David vs. Goliath, Ying vs. Yang, Chobo vs. GosuWarcraft 36.5