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"Don't really get the game and this monitor is darker than my dog's ass (if you need to ask...) but I'd still give it a 9 on account of the high writing quality."


For example the search query cattle would return all reports from ~CattleBruiser~. You don't have to type the entire name.


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DateTitleGame TypeRating
~CattleBruiser~(12)05/09/10Vikings Lose to ChristianityStarcraft 29.0
~CattleBruiser~(15)05/03/10Starcraft ReduxStarcraft 28.8
~CattleBruiser~(51)07/06/04Frenzied FrenzyWarcraft 39.0
~CattleBruiser~(55)08/30/03Basin Street BluesWarcraft 38.8
~CattleBruiser~(50)07/17/03Fading Realm FracasWarcraft 39.5
~CattleBruiser~(82)07/06/03Turtle RuckusWarcraft 39.7
~CattleBruiser~(81)11/30/02Sinkhole of ShameWarcraft 39.7
~CattleBruiser~(59)11/04/02Showdown in Ricochet ValleyWarcraft 39.3
~CattleBruiser~(86)10/27/02Back to Plunder Isle: A 1 vs 1Warcraft 39.3
~CattleBruiser~(103)10/20/021v1 Plunder IsleWarcraft 39.0
~CattleBruiser~(154)09/04/02The Warcraft ReportWarcraft 310.0
~CattleBruiser~(103)08/08/011v1 Lost TempleStarcraft9.4
~CattleBruiser~(88)12/28/991v1 Brother WarStarcraft9.6
~CattleBruiser~(62)09/25/992v2 turned 1v1Starcraft9.6
~CattleBruiser~(134)08/12/99The Training of Private Vegas (III of III)Starcraft9.9
~CattleBruiser~(8)08/12/99The Training of Private Vegas (II of III)Starcraft10.0
~CattleBruiser~(11)08/12/99The Training of Private Vegas (I of III)Starcraft10.0
~CattleBruiser~(30)08/07/99Battle at Aylund di VoelsStarcraft8.4
~CattleBruiser~(20)05/08/992v2 on SiroccoStarcraft9.2
~CattleBruiser~(12)05/07/991v1 Tourney (2 Game Series)Starcraft9.7
~CattleBruiser~(27)05/07/991v1 Tourney (3 Game Series)Starcraft9.7
~CattleBruiser~(12)05/07/993FFA on Boxed InStarcraft9.0
~CattleBruiser~(54)05/07/992v2 on River SiegeStarcraft10.0
~CattleBruiser~(10)05/07/992v2 on Dark ContinentStarcraft9.5
~CattleBruiser~(16)05/07/991v1 on Binary BurghsStarcraft8.5
~CattleBruiser~(111)05/07/991v1 on Fading RealmsStarcraft10.0
~CattleBruiser~(45)05/07/992v2 on Sirocco (An early CattleBattle Production™)Starcraft9.5