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"In fact the wounds inflicted by these mines were so horrible that the other terran commanders morality forbade them from using the wicked things. Much to Vegas's satisfaction."


For example the search query cattle would return all reports from ~CattleBruiser~. You don't have to type the entire name.


17 matches
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DateTitleGame TypeRating
Breeze(107)12/06/01My trip to the AMD PG ChallengeStarcraft9.5
Breeze(317)06/10/01For AiurStarcraft9.0
Breeze(102)01/28/01TvZ - More blood - [-Whear-] vs. Mr.XStarcraft9.6
Breeze(50)01/03/01TY: [-Whear-] vs. [o]Mr.X, Game 3, ZvPStarcraft8.8
Breeze(49)12/30/00TY: [-Whear-] vs. [o]Mr.X, Game 2, PvZStarcraft8.4
Breeze(45)12/28/00TY: [-Whear-] vs. [o]Mr.X, Game 1, TvZStarcraft8.4
Breeze(268)09/29/00No Mercy. Part TwoStarcraft9.8
Breeze(271)09/06/00No Mercy. Part OneStarcraft10.0
Breeze(42)08/20/00Teach yourself !Starcraft8.5
Breeze(36)08/13/00[o]Mr.X vs. :+:jolly:+: Game TwoStarcraft9.0
Breeze(45)08/10/00[o]Mr.X vs. :+:jolly:+: Game One!Starcraft9.4
Breeze(63)08/07/00Pools are for weak! =-psyduck-= vs. [o]Mr.XStarcraft8.2
Breeze(75)07/30/00Terran vs. Zerg... so much bloodStarcraft9.3
Breeze(32)07/27/00Breeze and Hyenna learning Dire...Starcraft8.5
Breeze(72)07/19/00T I M I N GStarcraft9.2
Breeze(41)07/17/00Mistakes, mistakes...Starcraft8.0
Breeze(65)07/16/00First reportStarcraft7.7