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"i wannabe a wannabe of me!"


For example the search query cattle would return all reports from ~CattleBruiser~. You don't have to type the entire name.


36 matches
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DateTitleGame TypeRating
ZerG~LinG(119)10/03/04The Crowd InvisibleStarcraft9.4
ZerG~LinG(71)06/14/04Good Die YoungStarcraft9.0
ZerG~LinG(84)02/19/04A Broodwar QuickieStarcraft9.0
ZerG~LinG(41)10/30/03The Life of a PirateOther8.5
ZerG~LinG(53)08/18/03The Frozen FantasticWarcraft 39.0
ZerG~LinG(108)06/21/03Setting The Temple AblazeWarcraft 39.5
ZerG~LinG(83)05/20/03xXxWarcraft 39.0
ZerG~LinG(61)04/18/03Number 29Warcraft 39.0
ZerG~LinG(71)04/07/03Number 28Starcraft8.0
ZerG~LinG(97)03/02/03Number 27Other9.0
ZerG~LinG(108)02/04/03Number 26Warcraft 39.0
ZerG~LinG(94)01/08/03Number 25Warcraft 39.0
ZerG~LinG(64)11/28/02The Warcraft GangsterWarcraft 38.5
ZerG~LinG(71)10/19/02A Taste Of My Blade *View with IE on non-crappy comp*Warcraft 39.0
ZerG~LinG(101)09/22/02HurtnTime vs. JiNMaFiAStarcraft9.0
ZerG~LinG(66)08/18/02Clan ~NoHuntressesStarcraft9.0
ZerG~LinG(130)07/26/02Warcraft3 2v2 Flash ReportWarcraft 39.0
ZerG~LinG(66)06/26/02Rockin' With Status 28Starcraft9.3
ZerG~LinG(60)06/02/02Tactics... VS Grrrr... 1v1Starcraft8.0
ZerG~LinG(40)05/28/02The Sentinel *A story of a map*Starcraft7.5
ZerG~LinG(47)05/12/02Battle Of The Babes *Semifinal 2* ::The Second Coming::Starcraft7.3
ZerG~LinG(73)04/09/02Battle Of The Babes* Semifinal 1Starcraft7.0
ZerG~LinG(63)03/20/02Makin' Mayhem, a 2v2. [Flash and tonnes of pics]Starcraft8.0
ZerG~LinG(41)01/29/02Me, Terran Tarzan You, Scary Alien WE FIGHT!Starcraft8.5
ZerG~LinG(57)12/30/01Duking it out on CharStarcraft8.0
ZerG~LinG(27)12/13/01The Great Scandinavian *KaBooM*Starcraft7.5
ZerG~LinG(43)12/05/01Protoss V Zerg guide/game part.1 *gosu*Starcraft7.7
ZerG~LinG(51)11/28/01Battle Of The Islands!Starcraft8.0
ZerG~LinG(36)11/24/01~NH gay FFAStarcraft5.0
ZerG~LinG(27)11/19/01Battle Of Jungle StoryStarcraft8.0
ZerG~LinG(69)11/06/01Rivalry between the celebs!Starcraft8.3
ZerG~LinG(47)10/30/01The Bloody Celebrity Free For AllStarcraft8.0
ZerG~LinG(87)10/08/01The ground began to tremble, as Grrr hit the templeStarcraft7.0
ZerG~LinG(28)10/01/01A man with a strange name, gives me a good gameStarcraft6.5
ZerG~LinG(48)09/29/01A new clan, a good and bad manner man.Starcraft7.0