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" that pic of you in WLJ's BR, it looked as if you had a life, is that true?"


For example the search query cattle would return all reports from ~CattleBruiser~. You don't have to type the entire name.


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DateTitleGame TypeRating
TheRubberDucky(31)12/19/00Christmas with the Worms: The Jesus ChroniclesOther8.7
TheRubberDucky(29)04/27/00Remember me? I'm posting something! (Not spam btw)OtherNR
TheRubberDucky(28)02/08/00BattleCruiser: Catwalk AlleyStarcraft8.0
TheRubberDucky(51)01/24/00Play Probeteroids!Other5.5
TheRubberDucky(61)01/17/00Winter StormsStarcraft9.5
TheRubberDucky(47)12/30/99Age Of Kings: How Hard Is Yours? High Heat Battle BallAge of Empires Series8.5
TheRubberDucky(30)12/15/99Desert Nomad: Chapter IStarcraft3.0
TheRubberDucky(38)12/11/99There's Another Santa Clause (7ffa on a 64x64 map, Nobody eat this!) bwahahhahaStarcraft7.8
TheRubberDucky(27)12/08/991 on 1: RematchStarcraft5.0
TheRubberDucky(40)12/03/99Dark: FFAStarcraft9.0
TheRubberDucky(44)11/28/99Battle Cruiser : Cruiser BruiserStarcraft9.0
TheRubberDucky(27)11/12/99Different Kinds of Pee-peeStarcraft7.0
TheRubberDucky(37)11/08/99Intense Rivalry (Part 1 of Sixty 2 Million)Starcraft7.7
TheRubberDucky(45)11/03/99Hydralisks, and the Lost Souls that love themStarcraft9.0
TheRubberDucky(15)10/29/99My single handed ownage of 2 orcs and a human!Warcraft 26.0
TheRubberDucky(27)10/21/99TheRubberDucky's 33rd Br Spectacular!Starcraft7.5
TheRubberDucky(34)10/10/99For The Love of Kerrigan (AKA ZERG:ZERG:ZERG:ZERG NO DISC K??)Starcraft6.5
TheRubberDucky(9)10/02/99Peek-A-Boo 2v2 (Last Try, I promise)Starcraft6.0
TheRubberDucky(29)09/28/992v2 Nonstop Action.Starcraft8.0
TheRubberDucky(32)09/27/99C'mon, someone HAS to be able to beat this bastard Persian-POW(delete other one)Starcraft8.2
TheRubberDucky(37)09/24/99Dux0r Knew This Would HappenStarcraft8.0
TheRubberDucky(72)09/23/99By Unpopular DemandStarcraft8.0
TheRubberDucky(21)09/20/99WTF is up with bnet????Starcraft4.0
TheRubberDucky(18)09/15/99Worms: The Mystery Unfolds (try 4, got it right this time!)Other7.0
TheRubberDucky(29)09/13/99Worms: How hard is yours?Other7.0
TheRubberDucky(23)09/08/99Risking your tribe (Last version I hope)Starcraft6.0
TheRubberDucky(33)08/26/99Comp V Comp, The Civil War (No music!) v2Starcraft5.0
TheRubberDucky(2)08/26/99Comp V Comp, The Civil War (No music!)StarcraftNR
TheRubberDucky(6)08/06/99-pitt- VS urug (fight of the decade)Starcraft3.0
TheRubberDucky(10)07/31/991on1 On Dire, 100k excess minerals.Starcraft5.0
TheRubberDucky(16)07/27/99The Xel' Naga Civil War. Sorta. Not really. JUST READ ITStarcraft7.0
TheRubberDucky(3)07/27/993 games for the price of one! (how bout that!)Starcraft4.5
TheRubberDucky(34)07/25/99Conquest of GhOsT~LiZarDStarcraft6.0
Terran_Threat (TheRubberDucky)(7)07/24/99The steps to owning a bad zerg. Very bad. Worse than ME zerg. (Thats bad)Starcraft4.0
Terran_Threat (TheRubberDucky)(14)07/24/99Silly toss players claiming imbalance.Starcraft5.5
TheRubberDucky(12)07/22/99How to be owned by someone better than you.Starcraft5.0
TheRubberDucky(11)07/21/99Dire GhostsStarcraft7.0
TheRubberDucky(13)07/19/99Cracking the TurtlesStarcraft7.0
TheRubberDucky(20)07/16/99Sttompin' on da terran! (fixed)Starcraft6.5
TheRubberDucky(6)07/11/993 way FFA, Losing things and a war squadron of wraiths.Starcraft6.5
TheRubberDucky(2)07/11/993 way FFA, Losing things and a war squadron of wraiths.StarcraftNR
TheRubberDucky(14)07/09/991on1 on SHAREWARE!!! Byways is a cool map!Starcraft5.0
TheRubberDucky(15)07/08/99Quack Quack. I go insane and kill a evil scroll bar.Starcraft2.0
TheRubberDucky(10)07/05/9925 Carriers! The FUNNIEST non-newbie game I have EVER playedStarcraft5.0
TheRubberDucky(14)06/13/993on3 turned 3on1, wow, how did I do THAT?Starcraft2.2
TheRubberDucky(5)06/09/992on2 Join NOW!Starcraft5.0
TheRubberDucky(12)05/21/991 on 1Starcraft6.7