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"I have more than enough %#*&ing grounds to judge you, however. How the %#*& else am I suppose to judge you online besides what you type? You want me to call you up and learn more about your personal life? What the %#*&, don't bitch because everything you type looks as if you slammed your cock on the keyboard..." - The..Scarab


For example the search query cattle would return all reports from ~CattleBruiser~. You don't have to type the entire name.


13 matches
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DateTitleGame TypeRating
Sabotage(1)10/08/11The Terrible Terran Touchpad Tragedy!Starcraft 28.0
Sabotage_(111)08/04/04The Terran HandbookStarcraft5.2
Sabotage(41)10/30/03The last, the shortest, the shittiest?Starcraft7.0
Sabotage(73)08/13/03Clash of the Newbs 4Starcraft8.0
Sabotage(102)07/11/03A cold PvZStarcraft7.0
Sabotage(64)05/28/03CLASH OF THE NEWBS 3Starcraft7.0
Sabotage(84)04/21/032 part birthday thingStarcraft6.0
Sabotage(53)03/31/031v1 on teh templeStarcraft7.3
Sabotage(49)03/11/03Clash of the Newbs 2Starcraft6.5
Sabotage(61)02/25/03Clash of the newbsStarcraft7.5
Sabotage(81)02/18/03Owning the toss with Zerg+TerranStarcraft7.5
Sabotage(68)02/12/03Chineese new year lt fight :)Starcraft6.0
Sabotage(48)01/30/03goliaths are not good against zergStarcraft6.3