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19 matches
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DateTitleGame TypeRating
Raider(6)11/03/09A Night of Poker on HalloweenOther8.0
Raider(59)09/20/07The New Age of StarCraftStarcraft8.2
Raider(44)08/08/06PGTour Chronicles: Installment IStarcraft7.7
Raider(30)04/20/06For Bork and for the Kids!Warcraft 38.0
Raider(23)03/28/06WGT Chronicles: Chapter 6Starcraft8.5
Raider(81)03/15/05Writing History: part 3Other9.8
Raider(111)09/05/04Writing History: part 2Starcraft9.6
Raider(110)08/06/04Writing History: part 1Other9.8
Raider(26)07/18/04WGTour Chronicles: Chapter 5Starcraft8.8
Raider(22)07/17/04WGT Chronicles: Chapter 4Starcraft7.6
Raider(24)06/01/04WGT Chonicles: Chapter 3, Special EditionStarcraft9.0
Raider(25)04/25/04WGT Chronicles: Chapter 2Starcraft8.0
Raider(44)04/14/04WGT Chronicles: IntermissionStarcraft8.5
Raider(24)04/06/04WGT Chronicles: Chapter 1Starcraft7.0
Raider(45)02/21/02WarCraft III First ConflictWarcraft 38.5
Raider(65)09/18/01Bonjour Deep6Starcraft8.0
Raider(50)05/04/01Fox^1 vs Acura-x (commentary by Crazy)Starcraft8.2
Raider-PEA(24)01/25/01The Search--part IStarcraft6.0
{SA}Raider(14)01/03/00My opponent is a victim of a common sicknessStarcraft5.0