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For example the search query cattle would return all reports from ~CattleBruiser~. You don't have to type the entire name.


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DateTitleGame TypeRating
Psyonic_Reaver(8)02/24/13My Gaming JourneyStarcraft10.0
Psyonic_Reaver(17)04/13/08My TSL Journey: Part 2Starcraft6.0
Psyonic_Reaver(26)03/30/08My TSL Journey: Part 1Starcraft8.3
Psyonic_Reaver(20)12/16/07JulyZerg vs AnyTime OSLStarcraft8.0
Psyonic_Reaver(48)12/02/07Hackers? No such thingStarcraft8.2
Psyonic_Reaver(55)08/05/07The Blizzcon ReportStarcraft9.0
Psyonic_Reaver(25)07/30/07The One before BlizzconStarcraft8.2
Psyonic_Reaver(31)07/02/07All Hail King Lucky 3Starcraft7.3
Psyonic_Reaver(28)06/08/07All Hail King Lucky 2Starcraft7.5
Psyonic_Reaver(36)05/31/07All Hail King LuckyStarcraft7.7
Psyonic_Reaver(40)07/30/06Whats so Dire about those Straits?Starcraft7.5
Psyonic_Reaver(31)03/31/06Here I am. I am here.Starcraft7.0
Psyonic_Reaver(94)10/10/03A Report And A FarewellStarcraft7.0
Psyonic_Reaver(50)06/02/03The Frozen LifestyleWarcraft 37.0
Psyonic_Reaver(25)05/12/03BattleTech Part3Other8.0
Psyonic_Reaver(16)04/15/03BattleTech Part2Other7.0
Psyonic_Reaver(16)04/11/03BattleTech Part1 *Please Delete The Other One*Other7.0
Psyonic_Reaver(72)03/09/03Gaema Gowon Anybody?Starcraft8.0
Psyonic_Reaver(51)01/24/03The Beginning of a LegacyOther7.0
Psyonic_Reaver(73)08/11/02Part 2?Starcraft9.0
Psyonic_Reaver(21)08/11/02I dont have a good titleStarcraftNR
Psyonic_Reaver(30)06/23/01The Ultimate Insult.Starcraft6.0
Psyonic_Reaver(26)05/14/01Operation: FlashPoint the demoStarcraft5.0
Psyonic_Reaver(13)03/13/01War of the TwinsStarcraft4.0