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"Don't really get the game and this monitor is darker than my dog's ass (if you need to ask...) but I'd still give it a 9 on account of the high writing quality."


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DateTitleGame TypeRating
maareek(28)09/23/07The Comedy ReportOther7.3
maareek(30)06/05/07Real-Time DiabloII, Part TwoOtherNR
maareek(54)05/29/07Real-Time Diablo IIOther8.0
maareek(36)08/05/06Slug LoveStarcraft7.5
maareek(17)10/25/05Seriously, There Is Water on the Moon?Starcraft7.0
maareek(31)10/23/05Fight for the MoonStarcraft7.5
maareek(33)11/24/04Rook's Corner Report featuring Desert DemonStarcraft8.2
maareek(35)11/19/04maareek vs Ouch[3x] PvTStarcraft6.3
maareek(28)10/20/04Burden of Command Part 2Other4.0
maareek(145)08/21/04Peace in the Valley?Starcraft7.0
maareek(31)07/29/04Burden of Command Part 1Other5.0
maareek(34)07/23/04Number 8 (Yay!)Starcraft6.5
maareek(25)06/23/04The "I Wish Alt Text Would Die" ReportStarcraft8.0
maareek(23)06/16/04Legionnaire vs fk.Kakarotto Game 1Starcraft6.7
maareek(34)06/11/04The Appropriately Titled Report With No TitleStarcraft7.5
maareek(17)06/10/04The Appropriately Titled Report With No TitleStarcraft7.0
maareek(31)05/20/04)ToT(Strafe vs Squall Game 2Starcraft8.0
maareek(32)05/11/04BW Theatre Part 1Starcraft7.0
maareek(17)04/28/04TvP Earl's Last StandStarcraft6.0
maareek(19)04/09/04PvZ sw)caNcel vs fk.Kakarotto (text only)Starcraft6.0