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"I have to admit I don't know a whole lot about this guy, cept that I obsed a few games with him, in which he's been suspiciously quiet. He seems to be very gm - perhaps a little overly so - and actually destroyed his scvs, floating his CC away over the nearest sea. Meanwhile I opted to scv dance round the closest geyser."


For example the search query cattle would return all reports from ~CattleBruiser~. You don't have to type the entire name.


19 matches
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DateTitleGame TypeRating
LuckyNewbie(25)03/17/06Tee-Vee-Pee The Proper Way: Part IStarcraft7.0
LuckyNewbie(27)03/16/06LuckyNewbie vs WhatshisfaceStarcraft8.0
LuckyNewbie:P(52)12/24/04A Roman Winter: Part IOther9.8
LuckyNewbie:P(34)08/02/04The Continuing Adventures of Team RaterOther8.6
LuckyNewbie:P(46)09/24/03TXT SW:G BR? OMG!Other8.3
LuckyNewbie:P(100)07/18/02This ain't starcraftWarcraft 39.0
LuckyNewbie:P and Eradicate~Me(55)12/28/01"As cool as cancer"Starcraft7.8
GunJam AKA LuckyNewbie:P(48)12/14/01Not CaughtNaked (an Empire Earth Report) + fixedOther8.4
LuckyNewbie:P(60)07/26/01Humpty Dumpty was PUSHED!Starcraft9.0
LuckyNewbie:P(56)07/19/01Todays Subliminal Thought Is:Starcraft8.7
LuckyNewbie:P(47)12/09/00The World Is Safe For Hamsters!Starcraft8.5
LuckyNewbie:P(13)11/03/00The Men of Area 37: Chapter 3StarcraftNR
LuckyNewbie:P(92)10/29/00Corbalt vs Larien: Finals of McNasty's 16 man tournyStarcraft9.0
LuckyNewbie:P(47)10/13/00Wangsonn and (~)Hoss(~): The tragic tale of two players gone gayStarcraft7.0
LuckyNewbie:P(41)09/14/00The Men of Area 37-- Chapters 1 and 2Starcraft7.0
LuckyNewbie:P(30)09/04/0017 Minute WarStarcraft8.0
LuckyNewbie:P(36)08/22/00Rematch-- Episode Two: "Razings"Starcraft8.0
LuckyNewbie:P(18)08/21/00Futile MicroStarcraft6.0