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For example the search query cattle would return all reports from ~CattleBruiser~. You don't have to type the entire name.


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DateTitleGame TypeRating
Ling-erie(40)08/08/05Once More Into The Fray...Starcraft9.0
Ling-erie(65)06/08/02A Pubbie Tourney BRStarcraft9.0
Ling-erie(33)05/11/02The best replays of the year (not a BR, sorry)Starcraft1.0
Ling-erie(91)03/17/02Lessons in Non-Heterosexuality.Starcraft9.5
Ling-erie(42)02/09/02Clicky Clicky!Starcraft9.0
Ling-erie(70)02/03/02Deep-6 in TvPStarcraft9.0
Ling-erie(29)01/08/02Goon/Reaver in PvZStarcraft8.0
Ling-erie(48)08/08/01Star Wars: It could have happened....Starcraft5.0
Ling-erie(46)08/05/01A War Across ContinentsStarcraft7.7
Ling-erie(65)07/30/01For The SwarmStarcraft8.8
Ling-erie(18)07/05/01Enslavers 1, Shezar's Scavengers (substantially modifed)Starcraft7.0
Ling-erie(55)07/04/01Just read the damned thing...Starcraft8.7
Ling-erie(45)04/19/01Tech Vs PowerStarcraft8.0
Ling-erie(59)04/16/01The Star Warz TwilogyStarcraft8.7
Ling-erie(31)04/10/01So Zerg Own Toss On Temple Eh? (VERY Pic Heavy)Starcraft8.5
Ling-erie(37)04/07/01What does 'good manner' really mean?Starcraft7.0
Ling-erie(28)04/01/01The Power Of SteelStarcraft7.0
Ling-erie(21)04/01/01Two Terrans Are Better Than OneStarcraft7.0