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"Mog, let's be mature about this.... nanny nanny boo boo!!"


For example the search query cattle would return all reports from ~CattleBruiser~. You don't have to type the entire name.


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DateTitleGame TypeRating
Gamma Ray Burst(68)06/19/01The Battle for the MiddleStrifeshadow10.0
Gamma Ray Burst(82)01/07/01Tech if you want to dieStarcraft9.2
Gamma Ray Burst(51)09/28/00..(Myst).. vs. =[aBs]=VanqorStarcraft9.2
Gamma Ray Burst(54)08/09/00Triple T: TvT on TempleStarcraft8.8
Gamma Ray Burst(122)07/12/00Lessons in Macro, part 2Starcraft9.4
Gamma Ray Burst(135)07/04/00Lessons In Macro, Part 1Starcraft9.5