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"Don't you think a donkey and tequiza just go well together?"
- ProtectorOfAiur


For example the search query cattle would return all reports from ~CattleBruiser~. You don't have to type the entire name.


9 matches
(# of comments)
DateTitleGame TypeRating
DrAwesome(74)02/24/01Corbalt vs Astic-XStarcraft9.0
DrAwesome(61)02/19/01I am a hacking monkey: a look at the sad state of BnetStarcraft7.7
DrAwesome(62)01/21/01A Late Night Study of the Good Book: The Book of HeartCutterStarcraft9.0
DrAwesome(116)12/21/00Choose Your Own Adventure!Starcraft10.0
DrAwesome(34)12/01/00My BW Ladder AdventuresStarcraft8.7
DrAwesome(53)11/29/00Vanilla SC Tourney FinalsStarcraft9.8
DrAwesome(57)10/24/00Vanilla SC 2on2..!!Starcraft8.0
DrAwesome(43)10/10/00Vanilla SC Grand Battle 2 - The RematchStarcraft8.0
DrAwesome(69)10/08/00Vanilla SC Grand BattleStarcraft9.0