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For example the search query cattle would return all reports from ~CattleBruiser~. You don't have to type the entire name.


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DateTitleGame TypeRating
Desert Demon(21)06/28/06Three Men Naked on Blood BathStarcraft7.5
Desert Demon(26)11/16/05deus.ex.machinaStarcraft9.0
Desert Demon(67)01/30/05learning to see...Starcraft9.0
Desert Demon(17)12/24/04Before the ShowStarcraftNR
Desert Demon(28)12/23/04Random mumblings from the third worldOtherNR
Desert Demon(34)09/26/04violence in the undergroundOther8.0
Desert Demon(40)08/29/04A Bond that Lasts ForeverStarcraft7.6
Desert Demon(29)08/27/04Meld - chapter 2Starcraft6.0
Desert Demon(52)08/17/04getting reacquaintedStarcraft8.7
Desert Demon(24)07/10/04of blood and battlereportsStarcraft7.4
Desert Demon(34)03/01/04TADL Finals: Born)Slippy vs l00ker_mxStarcraft5.0
Desert Demon(13)02/24/04Meld - Chapter 1StarcraftNR
Desert Demon(32)02/14/04From the Desk of the EditorStarcraft8.0
Desert Demon(42)02/07/04DoubleteamedStarcraft8.5
Desert Demon(38)01/10/04Read this title, then give me a 10Starcraft7.0
Desert Demon(71)08/18/03Fire and BloodStarcraft6.0
Desert Demon(31)02/15/031v1 on...what else? TempleStarcraft6.5