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"We all know Canadians can carry on entire conversations relating to nuclear non-proliferation and moral relativity theories taking into account existence of alternate planar realites, simply by using various inflections of 'eh?'"


For example the search query cattle would return all reports from ~CattleBruiser~. You don't have to type the entire name.


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DateTitleGame TypeRating
Desert Demon(21)06/28/06Three Men Naked on Blood BathStarcraft7.5
Desert Demon(26)11/16/05deus.ex.machinaStarcraft9.0
Desert Demon(67)01/30/05learning to see...Starcraft9.0
Desert Demon(17)12/24/04Before the ShowStarcraftNR
Desert Demon(28)12/23/04Random mumblings from the third worldOtherNR
Desert Demon(34)09/26/04violence in the undergroundOther8.0
Desert Demon(40)08/29/04A Bond that Lasts ForeverStarcraft7.6
Desert Demon(29)08/27/04Meld - chapter 2Starcraft6.0
Desert Demon(52)08/17/04getting reacquaintedStarcraft8.7
Desert Demon(24)07/10/04of blood and battlereportsStarcraft7.4
Desert Demon(34)03/01/04TADL Finals: Born)Slippy vs l00ker_mxStarcraft5.0
Desert Demon(13)02/24/04Meld - Chapter 1StarcraftNR
Desert Demon(32)02/14/04From the Desk of the EditorStarcraft8.0
Desert Demon(42)02/07/04DoubleteamedStarcraft8.5
Desert Demon(38)01/10/04Read this title, then give me a 10Starcraft7.0
Desert Demon(71)08/18/03Fire and BloodStarcraft6.0
Desert Demon(31)02/15/031v1 on...what else? TempleStarcraft6.5