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"i was goin around with my XS pass to get into the event, 'im a professional gamer baby, u know you want some of this'"
- Crexis


For example the search query cattle would return all reports from ~CattleBruiser~. You don't have to type the entire name.


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DateTitleGame TypeRating
CrackHeadJeb(69)11/03/02The Age of Mythology ReportAge of Empires Series8.7
CrackHeadJeb(109)03/30/02WARNING: Not a Warcraft 3 ReportStarcraft9.7
CrackHeadJeb(54)09/29/01A battlereport starring JewMarketStarcraft8.0
CrackHeadJeb(80)08/26/01Confessions of The.ConfessorStarcraft8.8
CrackHeadJeb(56)05/25/01The River Styx... The River of Blood...Starcraft9.2
CrackHeadJeb(76)04/28/017-way FFA: Continental Divide (2.25 MB of image files. SORRY DIAL-UP USERS)Starcraft9.5
CrackHeadJeb(53)04/20/01Testosterone versus (Tiamat) : 14 CCStarcraft9.2
CrackHeadJeb(49)04/10/01The DrAwesome Chronicles - Chapter 3: Estrogen Peddler Part IIStarcraft10.0
CrackHeadJeb(16)04/10/01The DrAwesome Chronicles - Chapter 3: Estrogen Peddler Part IStarcraft10.0
CrackHeadJeb(36)04/01/01The DrAwesome Chronicles - Chapter 2: Smurf HuntingStarcraft8.3
CrackHeadJeb(41)03/17/01The DrAwesome Chronicles - Chapter 1: Defending His HeterosexualityStarcraft8.7
CrackHeadJeb(53)03/07/01A Public Service Announcement..... and a battlereport.Starcraft9.0
CrackHeadJeb(45)02/28/01A 5-way Free For All on Winter ConquestStarcraft8.0
CrackHeadJeb(29)02/24/01Two 1on1 games: I8aKorean4Lunch vs. LoNg-TrEeStarcraft8.5