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Bonus points for being foreign? brilliant logic, chief. You don't give mexicans telemarketing jobs do you? - The..Scarab


For example the search query cattle would return all reports from ~CattleBruiser~. You don't have to type the entire name.


13 matches
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DateTitleGame TypeRating
Bob the Newt(73)11/22/01How to Play Strifeshadow PoorlyStrifeshadow9.0
Bob the Newt(114)12/03/00Guns n' MosezOther9.4
Bob the Newt(57)03/19/00Why A-X Really Sucks : Apex-X and Assaillant-X vs. [9]Kain and StranixStarcraft9.4
Bob the Newt(51)02/28/00Tao Tourney : 2v2 Featuring the Other Gay "X" ClanStarcraft9.3
Bob the Newt(77)01/04/00Rambo Probe : Starring King-Lewis, T_Mac, IceBerG, and some pansy!Starcraft9.6
Bob the Newt(85)11/27/99Gayest FFA ever : Part IIStarcraft10.0
Bob the Newt(100)11/02/99The Gayest Battle Report Ever : Part #1Starcraft9.4
Bob the Newt(96)10/19/99No one ever reads the title anymore, they just click on the link on the frontStarcraft9.9
Whoop & Bob the Newt(48)10/15/99Ronin gets some OwninStarcraft8.2
Bob the Newt(109)09/18/99A BR and nude teens!Starcraft9.5
Bob the Newt(7)06/19/993ffa Backstabbers and Newbies and Disconnecters, Oh My!Starcraft6.0
Bob the Newt(14)06/07/992v2 no race imbalance here!Starcraft7.0
Bob the Newt(33)06/02/99My first BR! I win a 2v1 (kinda)Starcraft6.5