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"this Jewish Starcraft player has been pulling down games with us even when he learned that we were all gentiles. But we can't seem to figure out why he keeps hogging all of the minerals..."
- mattzarella's The Pentagram Paradigm


For example the search query cattle would return all reports from ~CattleBruiser~. You don't have to type the entire name.


10 matches
(# of comments)
DateTitleGame TypeRating
Blarg(23)06/21/04Never give up!Warcraft 38.5
Blarg(29)03/05/03sweaty green and disgustingWarcraft 37.7
Blarg(89)11/06/02Night Elf vs. TerranWarcraft 38.0
Blarg(79)10/23/02I'm still a damn hacker (trendy report =))Warcraft 37.5
Blarg(57)10/06/02Anus Shades!Warcraft 39.0
Blarg(38)08/31/02Intermission: Mod AbuseWarcraft 37.0
Blarg(44)08/14/02omguhax!! a war3 debacleWarcraft 38.7
Blarg(64)07/30/02Pink vs. Teal on Lost Temple - triple fruityWarcraft 38.7
Blarg(43)07/17/02An hour of war3, fixedWarcraft 38.0
Blarg.Elfkiller(32)07/14/02first "serious" war3 game (IC)Warcraft 38.0