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"YRM, Team up with me on my "Cow-with-a-Band-Aid" Productions´┐Ż and make mediocre reports of 4 pools on Bloodbath. After four weeks of them, you can post a picture of Kerrigan and get a 10.0."


For example the search query cattle would return all reports from ~CattleBruiser~. You don't have to type the entire name.


20 matches
(# of comments)
DateTitleGame TypeRating
Bane(121)08/29/00USA vs. Canada: Game 1Starcraft9.8
Bane(39)08/18/00This Game is Cool So Click the LinkStarcraft8.5
Fox^1, Bane, and ::nobody::(90)07/26/00Mark4 vs. TillerMaN: Game 3!Starcraft7.6
Fox^1, Bane, and ::nobody::(71)07/11/00The Ultimate Starcraft Championship GAME2Starcraft8.7
Bane(69)07/08/00Gay FFA..?Starcraft9.0
Bane(66)07/03/00i2e2/Tao {PH}Pillars vs. {iM}Daaman Game2/3Starcraft9.0
Bane(58)06/30/00i2e2/Tao {PH}Pillars vs. {iM}DaamanStarcraft9.0
Fox^1, Bane, and ::nobody::(132)06/27/00The Ultimate Starcraft Championship GAME1Starcraft9.4
Bane(70)05/08/002v2 Tao Tourney: 1st~ vs. [sL]Starcraft8.5
Bane-The-Feared(72)04/30/00The Twilight Zone : Episode IStarcraft8.3
Bane-The-Feared(52)04/24/00Exo|IcE| vs. [z]Khorne : A Rivalry BornStarcraft9.0
Bane-The-Feared(40)04/22/001st~Tsunami vs. AgEnT_nO.1 (showdown of gosuness): Episode IStarcraft8.0
Bane-The-Feared(57)04/15/00And Then There Were None...(FFA on Hunters)Starcraft8.5
Bane-The-Feared(25)04/13/00X'Ds~SmAshe vs. :+:FateFul:+: (3 game series)Starcraft8.0
Bane-The-Feared(26)04/09/00Fred-The-Feared vs. t0ny~lizardStarcraft7.0
Bane-The-Feared(14)03/31/00TF-MasochisT vs. [o]RoninStarcraft7.0
Bane-The-Feared(20)03/30/00TF-Arch vs. DaZeD~CruShaStarcraft6.0
Bane-The-Feared(17)03/27/00OrganFarmR-)x(- vs. Melfuaru-)x(-Starcraft5.0