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"man, he dances around storm like he actually knows what he's doing"


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23 matches
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DateTitleGame TypeRating
AQD3(69)11/19/01PvT, me vs BoldStarcraft7.7
AQD3(73)01/09/01New ladder seasonStarcraft8.2
AQD3(58)08/02/00Let's start this againStarcraft7.4
AQD3(58)03/20/00My Tao Kali ExperienceStarcraft7.8
AQD3(72)02/24/00Upgraded_Probes zerg vs my tossStarcraft8.2
AQD3(57)11/30/99The double hatchery hydra stratStarcraft8.0
AQD3(56)10/27/99Putting the newbie in NewbieMcNastyStarcraft7.6
AQD3(46)10/20/99I Can't WinStarcraft8.0
AQD3(32)10/19/991200 Terran uses his heavy metal on me.Starcraft8.0
AQD3(27)10/16/99Intense ladder vrs a 1195 zergStarcraft7.0
AQD3(28)10/15/99My rematch with TheRubberDucky on DireStarcraft7.0
AQD3(16)10/14/991211 Zerg vrs little old meStarcraft7.2
AQD3(43)10/13/99Odd protoss strategy in a ladder gameStarcraft7.0
AQD3(43)10/12/99Zerg tech rushStarcraft8.3
AQD3(24)10/11/99Apocalypse NowStarcraft7.0
AQD3(36)09/30/991183 Terran takes me for a rideStarcraft7.3
AQD3(11)09/29/99My life as a touristStarcraft7.0
AQD3(46)09/28/99Me vrs the Army of DarknessStarcraft7.0
AQD3(22)09/27/99Tag team match!Starcraft8.5
AQD3(37)09/23/99The Gladiators: Zerg vrs ProtossStarcraft7.8
AQD3(24)09/22/992vs2 MatchStarcraft8.0
AQD3(15)09/21/99A ladder match on Fading Realm! I swear.Starcraft6.5
AQD3(29)09/19/99My first steps on the ladderStarcraft7.0