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DateTitleGame TypeRating
|]agomar and SCN(90)07/01/05Blunts, Booze, and BCs: An ~NH FFGAY Report (good vers.)Starcraft10.0
|]agomar(36)12/17/04A Freelancer TaleOther8.0
|]agomar(61)08/24/04FreeLancer: The Concluded Adventures of Team RaterStarcraft9.2
|]agomar(82)07/19/04Freelancer: The Adventures of Team RaterOther8.8
|]agomar(97)09/27/03Escape Velocity Nova!Other9.5
|]agomar(57)09/17/03A StarCraft Battlereport - 3 Way FFAStarcraft9.3
|]agomar(44)08/04/02Life's MusicStarcraft9.0
|]agomar(28)07/21/02A Story - Second ChapterStarcraft8.0
|]agomar(53)07/19/02A StoryStarcraft8.5
|]agomar(54)07/14/02Clan Frozen BR Continued - split for 56kers like myselfStarcraft9.0
|]agomar(18)07/14/02Clan Frozen BRStarcraftNR
|]agomar(58)05/14/02The Homeworld BR - IE compatible version ( plz delete last )Starcraft9.0
|]agomar(82)04/27/02Hardcore 4FFAStarcraft8.7
|]agomar(41)03/23/02FS BR - Part 2 ( I didn't know it was this long :{ )Other9.5
|]agomar(14)03/23/02FreeSpace BR - Part 1OtherNR
|]agomar(72)02/03/021v1 on the RaganokStarcraft8.5
|]agomar(63)12/28/01Why do I always do these enormous BRs - Part 2Starcraft9.0
|]agomar(25)12/28/01Why do I always do these enormous BRs - Part 1StarcraftNR
|]agomar(83)08/19/01Corbalt VS HeavenStarcraft8.0
|]agomar(107)08/16/01The "WTF, I'm a Rater Now" BRStarcraft8.8
|]agomar(50)08/09/01Lock n' Load - Part 2Starcraft9.5
|]agomar(13)08/09/01Lock n' LoadStarcraft9.5
|]agomar(43)07/30/01XENOCIDE - ContinuedStarcraft9.5
|]agomar(19)07/30/01XENOCIDE - the SC brStarcraftNR
|]agomar(49)07/24/01A Mechwarrior 3 BR . . . until I fix my modem I'll have to wait to post my SC brOther8.5
|]agomar(57)04/05/01The Beginning of a Novel
Stayed turned for my original SC br next week =)
|]agomar(31)03/23/01A 4 FFA on Octopus
All mistakes fixed, plz delete prepost =O
|]agomar(35)02/03/01Homeworld brStarcraft9.0
|]agomar(44)01/31/01A Kushan Epic
The first ever Homeworld br
|]agomar(66)10/24/00The Ice Trilogy - Part 3:
The Battle for Glacier Bay
|]agomar(18)10/24/00The Ice Trilogy - Part 2:
A Battle Over Thin Ice
|]agomar(17)10/24/00The Ice Trilogy - Part 1:
Searching For Greener Pastures
|]agomar(71)10/09/00A 6 FFA on Broken SteppesStarcraft9.0
|]agomar(52)10/01/00A 3FFA Under a Crescent MoonStarcraft9.5
|]agomar(46)09/24/00A 3 Player FFA in the Lake of FireStarcraft8.3
|]agomar(23)07/03/00A difficult game in the TundraStarcraft9.0
|]agomar(8)07/03/00A difficult game in the Tundra My last mostly text br??Starcraft9.0
|]agomar(32)06/17/00WW4 FFA Round One Continued
I am the God of preposting, yah!
|]agomar(20)06/17/00WW4 FFA Round OneStarcraft9.0
|]agomar(27)05/21/00 The First ever Birth of the Federation br ( and my longest )!StarcraftNR
|]agomar(45)04/04/002v2 on Dark Temple ( plz delete last ) *lotta pics*Starcraft9.0
|]agomar(42)03/21/00Balrog VS ScreamStalker: A Swedish Tourney! *lotta pics*Starcraft8.7
|]agomar(34)03/10/00 SNOW *lotta pics!*Starcraft8.0
|]agomar(20)03/06/00InfestedBlade's Epic CrusadeStarcraft8.0
|]agomar(20)02/28/00 A Protoss Epic - the Second PartStarcraft9.0
|]agomar(15)02/28/00 A Protoss Epic ( Part 1 of 2 ran out of space )Starcraft9.0
|]agomar(15)02/27/00For AiurStarcraft5.0
|]agomar(20)02/21/00 A Typical Day On - Part 2 Cont'dStarcraft8.0
|]agomar(8)02/21/00 A Typical Day on - Part 2Starcraft8.0
|]agomar(19)02/18/00 Two Vs Five . . . Even Odds? Starcraft8.0
|]agomar(6)02/17/00 RevengeStarcraft7.0
|]agomar(12)02/17/00 Zerg vs Toss on Dark Continent - RevisedStarcraft8.0
|]agomar(7)02/16/00The Alliance - Part 3Starcraft8.0
|]agomar(13)02/16/00 Zerg vs Protoss on Dark ContinentStarcraft6.0
|]agomar(21)02/09/00The Alliance - Part 2, Revised Addition ( delete old )Starcraft7.0
|]agomar(33)01/30/00The Alliance - Part OneStarcraft8.0