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For example the search query cattle would return all reports from ~CattleBruiser~. You don't have to type the entire name.


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DateTitleGame TypeRating
[SM]Strega~F(57)09/04/02The Richard Simmons sagaStarcraft9.0
[SM]Strega~F(52)09/11/01Lesbians: The RebuttalStarcraft8.0
[SM]Strega~F(32)07/27/01When StarCraft Players Get Liquored Up!Starcraft7.0
[SM]Strega~F(44)07/26/01A text only about TRUTH!Starcraft6.0
[SM]Strega~F(36)07/13/01An Ode To One Of's FinestStarcraft7.5
[SM]Strega~F(35)06/22/011v1 on Ruins Of The AncientsStarcraft8.0
[SM]Strega~F(38)06/16/01A 3-game series.Starcraft8.0
[SM]Strega~F(33)04/22/01An Observer StoryStarcraft8.0
[SM]Strega~F(58)04/03/01Thinker's Paradise Part 3Starcraft8.0
[SM]Strega~F(31)12/27/00Thinkers Paradise Part 2Starcraft7.5
[SM]Strega~F(22)12/22/00Thinkers Paradise Part 1Starcraft4.0
[SM]Strega~F(17)12/16/00Delete previous report! This one is same as previous but bugs are fixed!! ThanksStarcraft4.0
[SM]Strega~F(10)10/28/00A 2v2 turns into 3v1. Newbies are dumb bastards aren't they?Starcraft3.0