Tourney Rules:

1)The tourney will be held at 23 DEC 2001, 3:00 PM EST in channel clan mark4. That's 1200 PM pacific time. The tourney will start promptly at 3:00 pm. Please try and arrive a few minutes early and have the team captain check in with me to let me know you are ready. If any team member shows up more than ten minutes after 3:00 PM, or is afk in the channel for more than ten minutes after 3:00 PM, I will replace you with an alternate team. You must use the names you signed up with. I may let people start thier games up to half an hour early if both teams show up early because that avoids a huge crowd right at the start time.

2)Teams will be selected on a first come, first serve basis. In order to qualify the team captain must either be recognized by myself as an old school br.comer or have posted a report, or posted on the forum from 15 Nov to 15 Dec. This is to make sure the people playing are part of the community and not people just looking for the prize. This tourney is about the community having a little fun. To sign up just email me at, include a link to your last post or report, and the team name you'll compete under as well as the names and usual names of the team members. I'll take the first 16 teams to sign up and have up to ten standbys.

3)The tourney is designed to have a little fun and celebrate the holidays. Please be good mannered towards your opponents in the channel, and of course any cheat programs and map hacks are entirely prohibited. This shouldn't be taken as forbidding any cheese tactics you happen to enjoy using during the games themselves. Excessive spamming of the tourney channel or another player may result in your disqualification. I don't think we'll have much problem here since it's a community tourney.

4)We might have a few disconnects during the games. If both teams agree, then you may restart the game from a saved game or restart the entire game. If one team thinks they were clearly winning when one of thier opponents disced and doesn't wish to replay, they must provide a replay to the admin, who will determine if they should get the win or the game must be replayed. If the winning team had the player that disced, the teams must continue from a saved game or restart. I recommend but do not require that you save the game every five minutes. If any player who did not make the game requests a save, the player making the game must save it. Two discs in one match will result in a loss for the discing team unless an admin determines from the replay they were conclusively winning the game when they disced.

5)Since it's a tourney, I'm sure that we will have plenty of people wanting to observe the games. If a tourney admin wishes to watch, they must be allowed to. Second priority goes to officially selected people wishing to write a battle report on the games. Other observers are optional and must be approved by all players. No observer may say ANYTHING to either player in the game. The finals and semifinals will probably be full of officials, so don't expect to get to observe them. Any observer must leave on request of the players except a tourney official.

6)In keeping with the holiday spirit, the first place winning team's players will be given $10 united states dollars each. In order to claim your prize you must provide me with a valid name and address, Fox will promptly mail you the prize money.

7)It's a single elimination tourney. This is for two main reasons. First, its a lot easier to run and keep track of. This makes it funner for everyone when you don't have to wait on an admin to figure out whats going on. Second, we have a lot of truly good teams, but I want to make it fun for the more casual participants as well. In a single game, single elimination tourney luck plays more of a factor and wierd and unusual strats that work only once can be used. Finals will be best of three. First map is New Remote Outpost, second picked by loser of first game, third picked by winner of first game. Please don't pick temple you bastards.

8)The maps are as follows:
Game1: Nova Station (Brood War Webmaps)
Game2: Mausoleum (Brood War Maps)
Game3: Kakaru Keys (Brood War Maps)
Game4: New Remote Outpost

We have a good mix of maps in there, some favoring a particular race, some balanced, all fun. Each round a team plays 1 game on the selected map. The winner advances. Both team captains should whisper me with the results of each game.

9)The team captains must save a replay from each tourney game and provide it on my request.

10)You can find the brackets here.

11)When you sign in you must declare what race each player of your team will use, and they must use that race throughout the tournament. Failure to follow this rule may result in disqualification.

Current Teams:
HTM: .High+Templar., Marinage
The Sweet Bastard Battalion: Merlin, Memj
The Mall: Waxangel, POA
Lamer: Ground-LOBP, Mep
Stoli: Phobos, Litz
Imports: Mantra, Silent
A-X: T_Mac, Ahscar
Liquid: Corbalt, Drone
My opponent hacks: Darth Sidious, Mith
Koopa Troopa: Cer1dan, Thunder
Canada Sucks: BloodRedSky, Pride-MG-
12am? WTF?!?: Status 28, Lucky~charms
Fool: Edge, Avalanche
Axcite: Astic, Apex
Inte: HurtNTime, Pax..
UAB: Breeze, LimaZulu

Keepers: HeeroYuy, Keeper
Kiss: The.Confessor, Oddity
Teckers: Coloseus, InsaneTecker
SoulTenk: SoulReaper, Soopertenk
Reaver: PsyonicReaver, KeanuReaver
European Lamers: RubiksCube, Zerg~ling
Anal: Basic, Jubble