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"Quotation from the Book of Eldritch;
'And the lord spake thusly; 'Thou shalt have a Carrier, and thou shalt destroy many. And in this holy baptism by fire, thou shalt freeth many souls of their unholy bondage to such evil cults as the Aurorans, the Polaris. Then, thou shalt be raised above all, to such heights as thou darest not dream.' And then EldritchEvil, cowering before the lord, spake thusly; 'Indeed, O Lord, I shalt do as thou asks. And many shalt fear my name.'
-1:9 Book of Eldritch"

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#1 test reply
On Report #6443 - Quicksand
#2 test reply
On Report #6460 - My Gaming Journey
#3 Eugenioso Chileno reply
On Report #6096 - Easy victory, horrible taste
Hah wow, i had forgotten about this trolling that i did back in '05, how amusing it is to find old internet things i did way back when.

Im glad to know you fools noticed it was a troll report, good job.

Im also very glad to have caused some sadistic amount of comments.

I thoroughly enjoyed both writing that piece of trash, as well as laughing with my friends while we read the comments stating the sheer rage that it caused upon thee.

This is Eugenioso, signing off.
#4 WarLeaderJustin reply
On Report #2762 - 5 way FFA @

Last Comment.
#5 Bane reply
On Report #6457 - Nostalgia
Dref and anyone reading,

I was here for a brief time, but because I was so young at the time it was a huge part of my life and is still a huge part of my memory growing up. Thanks for writing this. It's amazing and bittersweet to see the site still standing.
#6 NotJim reply
On Report #5 - Terran+Protoss vs Protoss+Protoss
28 October 2017

Spain is breaking up or something.

Still here and with coincidental timing. It's been around 15 years since mine! Crazy stuff.
#7 Futiiity reply
On Report #5 - Terran+Protoss vs Protoss+Protoss
October 10, 2017

Apologies for the delay in responding. Over 15 years since my first comment on this page! Anyone still out there?
#8 Krael reply
On Report #2762 - 5 way FFA @

Been a while since I thought of this website. Still fun to read the old reports.
#9 mistears reply
On Report #3595 - Dodging the Parabola Fish - Unabridged and Uneditted Version trump president when you're reading this?
#10 NotJim reply
On Report #5 - Terran+Protoss vs Protoss+Protoss
20 December 2015

A response already? Complete madness. Being on the other side of the world relative to NY contributes to being in the future, heh.

I didn't expect this to still exist at all...
#11 Futiiity reply
On Report #5 - Terran+Protoss vs Protoss+Protoss
December 17, 2015

You bet! Glad you showed up, it's been lonely carrying the torch the past couple years.

Crazy that I probably check this page once or twice a year at most and I discover your post the day you make it! And soon enough afterward that it's actually still the 17th over here in New York...
#12 NotJim reply
On Report #5 - Terran+Protoss vs Protoss+Protoss
18 December 2015

Wow, this is still a thing?
#13 Futiiity reply
On Report #5 - Terran+Protoss vs Protoss+Protoss
September 11, 2015

14th anniversary of 9/11, how time flies! And I posted my first comment on this page only a few months later, in April 2002....
#14 SCV~007 reply
On Report #6457 - Nostalgia
Really hope you can archive it so its still possible to go back and read the old reports JV. Agree with Dref, was an awesome site back in the day and I had alot of fun too. Saw this post now in 2015 so I guess I dont come by very often :)
#15 Oem)CyRaX reply
On Report #1164 - I bust out of the tank push! Finally!
#16 Vinnie-AoK reply
On Report #1164 - I bust out of the tank push! Finally!
oh btw my other alias - when I became a top terran at this game around 2001 is Oem)CyRaX - much more popular :O

also Rush)_VooDoo was one of my aliases, a few other cyrax's with clan tags back then was me too probably, like [u]cyrax with cobalt
#17 Vinnie-AoK reply
On Report #1164 - I bust out of the tank push! Finally!
Somehow found this on a google search searching for my old starcraft name...oh wow the glory days of life...I was 14 here, almost 30 now.

#18 Mathusala0 reply
On Report #6460 - My Gaming Journey

I doubt you remember me, we played together in a Nohunter FFA with a crew of suspects no better than the moss growing between the toes of the great names that inhabit this site. I remember playing the whole game thinking you were some random new guy dragged from the depths of the internet to join us in our archaic ritual of playing broodwar together. When I was told later that you were in fact the REAL you... A part of me was upset that I couldn't tell you how honored I felt to be playing with one of the greats. You, along with Mattz and Greth, were one of my childhood heroes giving meaning to my existence in my otherwise meaningless youth. I just wanted you to know that your reports, along with the community that they led me to, were a very important and incredible part of my life. I hope that we'll face off again some day

Best wishes, Mathusala
#19 Eugeniosochileno reply
On Report #6463 - Risktarding like a god: Paint is NOT overrated!
Ok sorry for the incredibly long delay. I will make part 2 real soon, as soon as i have a day off.
#20 RS-Hall reply
On Report #2613 - A Linging Fool
Hey man it was a nice walk down memory lane, hard to believe that was 14yrs ago....

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