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"WTF? I GOT NUKED?#@!@!@"


Are you tired of games that suck? Want something MORE out of your gaming experience? Well up to now you've been out of luck. But the moment you've been waiting for has arrived! LamerGamerz Inc. brings you FREE FALL in fully rendered 2D splendor! Based on the "excelsior" graphics engine and in development for five years, finally version 1.0 has gone gold! Key features include...
  • Spectacular 16bit color supporting a resolution of 300x300 pixels! (count em folks that's 90,000 pixels!!)
  • Fun Factor that exceeds all other games
  • Never the same game twice!
  • Coming soon, Free Fall Edit allowing you to do Total Conversions!
  • 5 complete "levels" of gameplay
  • Get a strategy guide by mail for only $24.95!!
  • "Hot Seat" multiplayer play, allowing you and your friends to enjoy hours of fun!
  • Download new maps! ("Tall Ass Cliff.ffm" now available!)

We at LamerGamerz Inc. only use the most precise control mechanisms. Click on the "game screen" and use your arrow keys to manuever!