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"Check your ledge, or risk checking into smackdown hotel later. Right T_Mac?"
-Fractal_Wave FAQ

Special thanks go to [FLS]Prozerran and |]agomar for compiling this FAQ. We owe them a lifetime supply of quality malt liquor and irritating insults for their hard work.

When was founded?

May 1999.

What does do? provides an online community where people enjoy sharing their online gaming experiences through battle reports. Battle reports are stories written about some kind of "battle" and usually involve written accounts of people playing a real time strategy game. The majority of reports are about Blizzard’s StarCraft, although reports have also successfully covered strategy games like WarCraft III, Civilization III or Homeworld. Authors have even reported on entirely different genres, discussing games like World of Warcraft, Escape Velocity: Nova, Freelancer and Nethack.

In addition, there have been many battle reports detailing real life events, while short stories and fan fiction have long been a site staple. While most submissions still have something to do with PC gaming of some sort, as the site ages reports have become increasingly diverse.

Who are the regular visitors of

Before the advent of replays, most visitors were StarCraft players who enjoyed reading entertaining summaries of online battles. Increasingly, however, members of our community specialize in different games; some aren’t gamers at all, but simply wish to find a place where they can submit their work to be rated and commented upon.

What kind of reports are accepted?

All types of reports are welcomed, but currently StarCraft reports are the most popular. With the creation of StarCraft II we do expect an influx of StarCraft II battlereports; all the same, if you submit something good -- whatever it is -- it will be discussed and rated well.

Who can submit reports?

Everyone is welcome to post their reports. We have included some tools to make the submission process easier, and are continuing to work on new features for enterprising battlereporters. Note, however, that has the right to add, modify, or delete submitted reports. Also is not liable for the loss of any material you submit.

Who rates them? has appointed a number of raters, selected for their reputation to rate reports fairly and accurately. Raters are normally highly successful reporters or especially prominent members of the community. Except for Mattzarella, they can be trusted to act maturely and give you constructive feedback.

Who comments on them?

Everyone can comment on all reports, including the writer himself/herself. We encourage commentators to keep their criticism constructive and refrain from "trolling" (posting deliberately inflammatory comments).

Does plan to expand beyond listing reports?

We already have! For instance, have a look at Rook’s Corner, or our Replay Section, our Wiki, the Tournaments Manager and the Report Center. Everyone is always welcome to post on the Forum as well.

Writing Reports:
I don't know HTML/CSS.
How do I change background, fonts, or insert images in a report?

Look under Phiber~Optik's HTML Guide for more details. Also, check out Maareek’s guide to CSS or Zergling’s CSS guide. There are many online guides all over the web, and established reporters are usually happy to answer your questions.

Where can I find a more in-depth HTML guide?

There are very good guides to basic general HTML site such as James Marshall's Guide and

Are there other guides on the site I could use?

Absolutely. We are continuing to submit more guides; refer to the Guides section of the site and have a look at our trusty Wiki for more.

How do I take a screenshot in StarCraft(tm)?

Hit the "Print Screen" button immediately to the right of "F12", and the file is saved under your local Starcraft folder as "screen##.pcx", where ## is a number between 00 and 99.

How do I take more then 100 screenshots in a game?

Cut all the "screen##.pcx" files under your Starcraft folder and paste it onto some other subfolders.

How do I edit my images?

Any software that recognize pcx format can be used. The most popular ones are PaintShopPro, GIMP, and Photoshop. For a more in-depth discussion on image editting, look under YourRoleModel's Guide to Graphics.

Where should I upload my images?

You can upload your images to any server accessible to everyone and externally link them to your report. Be aware that some servers will not allow you to externally link your images. Unfortunately, these include Geocities, which is why some old reports are broken. Luckily, you can create an account at using the incredibly user-friendly Report Center and upload your files directly onto the report server.

I upload my images to some free server outside of, and they show just fine on my computer while others see a strange logo of the server where I upload my files, instead of the pictures. What happened?

As already mentioned, some free servers do not allow external linking. Usually people will see a replacement graphics on top of the linked picture, but since the picture is cached onto your machine when you view it from their site, it shows up for you but not others. Again, you can solve this problem by uploading your images onto's Report Center.

I messed up my report but I had submited it already. What can I do?

Drop a line in the forum or write an email to an admin stating the problem. The mistake may be corrected if it is minor, but it will mostly be deleted. Please use the preview button wisely and proofread your report before submission.

Will Javascript, Shockwave file, or any multi-media linking works in my report?


How come my javascript does not work in other's computer while it works fine in mine?

Different browser interpret Javascript/VBScript differently. Sometimes even different versions may have conflicting interpretations.

Can I embed PHP code in my report?


How do I go over the 64k of text report posting limit, and how can I make it so that I can edit my report after I submitted it?

Insert the following tag into your report...


This lets you do a couple things. Externally load reports from another server (using FILEREAD[url]), or upload your report via the Report Center (preferable), and then set the path to it.

For Example


would work, or this would also work...


This new feature lets you bypass the normal 64K report limit. Or hell, it even lets you edit your own reports after you submitted them!

Who are the current raters?

You can find our current list of raters here.

I want to rate too. How do I become one?

You don't ask to be a rater. We will come to you if we see you fit. Currently, Johnny Vegas is in charge of anything rater-related.

How come different raters give me different ratings?

Same reasons as different voters cast their votes for a different president. Raters sometimes focus on different aspects of your report, although all tend to grade based primarily on their enjoyment of your work.

Do raters have a guide to calculate ratings?

Yes and no. Some place more emphasis on graphics, others more on writing, but generally superior effort will always be rewarded. Most raters were selected because they know how to write excellent reports and have proven their ability to rate fairly. Raters are not given a concrete guide to estimate the ratings, but they were selected in part because they gave similar ratings as existing raters would on test reports.

Why is my report not rated yet?

Rating is a volunteer "job;" naturally, our raters do not rate 24-7. However, reports are usually rated within 24 hours. If you have produced a thoroughly terrible submission, however, do not be surprised to wait a little longer before a particularly courageous rater will summon the courage to wade through your report and give you a low rating.

If I disagree with the rating on some report, what can I do?

You can complain, but it will not change your rating. Our staff have rated reports fairly for years; the best thing to do is read comments and ask for criticism in the hopes of improving.

Why are reports submitted after mine rated, when mine still receive no score?

Raters do not follow an ascending order when they rate reports.

How come I never see a newer reports with over 5 ratings, while some of the old one received over 10?

The rating policy was changed so that a maximum of 5 ratings can be given to one report.

Why do some of my posts appear several times?

You either refreshed your browser and hit "retry" to repost data after you already posted, or you hit "submit" twice. You can refresh the forum properly by clicking on "refresh forum" on the top.

Am I protected from impersonators?

Yes. Partial IP is embedded into everyone’s posts. If you cannot identify the impersonators, contact the administrators with your forum handle, IP, the impersonator's IP, and links to the impersonated posts.

Can I use HTML in the subject line?


Can I use HTML in the posts?


Why do some posts have links while others don't? Are there a limited number of posts per day?

No, unless you are banned from the site.

What contents are inappropriate and how will the admins handle them?

Posts including, but not limited to, excessive and unnecessary vulgarity, pornography, false news, impersonation, and spam are considered inappropriate. Such posts will be promptly deleted, and repeated action may result in you being banned from the site.

Is there something I can do if I feel discriminated against for my sexuality, race, etc.?

Yes. Contact an Administrator if you have any problems with the banter used at the site. If they are reasonable, your complaints will be addressed quickly and anonymously; however we cannot guarantee specific action will be taken in all cases.

People don't like me in the forum. What can I do?

Although you can refer to an Administrator if you feel discriminated against, generally if any group rejects a person, then usually that the individual has a problem with himself or herself. If you see you don’t fit in this community and refuse to change, try other websites where his/her attitude or prose is accepted. Or you can always appeal to Judge Judy claiming that people do not like you.

StarCraft / Battle.Net:
How do I get into the clannel nohunters?

Log onto Battle.Net, then type "/join op ~nohunters." The channel may change with the advent of StarCraft II; check the forum for details.

Where can I get observer maps and how do they work?

Observer maps are available all over the internet, and you can check Clan Liquid for an extensive variety. Alternatively, you can Download Bob the Newt's Super Gosu Observer Maps. You must set the game mode to User Map Setting (UMS) when you create a game with them.

Are there any other channels the crowd frequent?

Yes. Among the popular channels are clan -x17, and BroodWar USA-1000. There are many personal channels that the crowd visit often too. Ask them for specific ones.

How come sometimes this page shows that there are no one in nohunters?

This is because there is server split at Battle.Net. It was made blank while it updated itself.

Site Update:
Are there any plans to redesign

Of course -- else why would this section exist? We have been looking into refreshing the site for about two years now.

Who are involved in these efforts?

Currently the main figures spearheading the site redesign are JohnnyVegas, LuckyNewbie, |]agomar, Mattzarella and Zerg~Ling.

What specific changes are under consideration?

Currently site graphics and layout are the main areas of work. We are attempting to give the site a fresher, more modern look that still loads quickly and can be more easily navigated. We are also compiling new quotes and will be incorporating StarCraft II as a game type in the near future. There will be some interesting surprises and we encourage you to keep checking the site in the coming year!

What specific features are you implementing?

The main new feature we have implemented is the Wiki. Although the Wiki is still in its infancy, we will be giving it more exposure as the site continues to evolve. We are also looking into a way of allowing more users to modify its contents. Potentially, the Wiki will offer a new and exciting way for the community to interact with the site. Other ideas we are considering include implementing CSS templates for battlereport authors and establishing special designations to reports written by especially successful battlereporters.

Will you be deleting any features or aspects of the site?

No, there are no plans to get rid of anything at present.

Will average visitors have any input into the site’s redesign?

Possibly: we are looking into establishing some sort of voting system where people can rate new ideas. You can always give us your thoughts on the site’s forum as well; this may be the best way of influencing the development team.

Can I volunteer for any outstanding jobs regarding the site’s redesign?

Perhaps; feel free to post something in the forum and we’ll consider your offer.

Where can I follow along with site updates?

The news section will offer information on major changes, while the Wiki will include additional details and features some guides under construction. You can always check the forums for more; either way, LuckyNewbie’s Development Blog is an excellent – if poorly updated – source for information.

Who is God of this site?

Johnny_Vegas. He is all knowing and omnipresent.

Who are the admins of this site?

Johnny_Vegas, LuckyNewbie and |]agomar.

Why is Bob_the_Newt so obnoxious?

Else he's not Bob. But be thankful: he retired and is probably dead.

Who is Mark4's newest favorite pet?

Hawk (Not Death Hawk). Fortunately for all, he also retired. Unfortunately, so did Mark4. Rumours have it they share a bed in Columbus, Ohio.

Who is the best writer in this site?

There are many "the best" writers at this site. Try searching for 9-10 rated reports from the search engine and find your favorite one. Standout writers include YourRoleModel, WilliamWC3, |]agomar, .Praetor, ~Cattlebruiser~ and Breeze, although there are many others. You can check our Top Reporters feature for more, or have a look at the Battlereporters section of the Wiki for brief bios of major reporters.

What is Hall of Fame (HOF) and how do people get in?

The HOF lists famous writers who had proven themselves among the best writers in site history. There is a public election to induct a new HOF member, but the list of candidates are provided by raters and admins. Although there has not been an election for some years now, elections will likely resume with the site’s forthcoming redesign.

What is Rook's Corner?

Interviews on well known individuals and particularly luminous personalities are featured in Rook's Corner. There is always an especially good battlereport associated with the interview.

What is "RookMark?"

RookMarks are a means to calculate a reporter's life-long points earned in his/her reports. For more details, look under Top Reporters. RookMarks are a particularly useful way to calculate a reporter’s contribution to the site.

Where do the quotes on the top of every page come from?

These are random quotes selected from submitted material since the site’s creation. The original selection was compiled by Fractal_Wave and can be found here. We are looking into releasing a new set of quotes covering material from the last five or so years.