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Have Rook on your own desktop with this wallpaper! Just click the one that matches your desktop resolution, then right click on the image after its downloaded and pick "Set as Wallpaper".

800x600 Wallpaper #1 (162K)

1024x768 Wallpaper #1 (241K)

800x600 Wallpaper #2 (185K)

1024x768 Wallpaper #2(275K)

800x600 Wallpaper #3 (73K)

1024x768 Wallpaper #3 (105K)

Download Vegas Forum 1.0
This forum requires PHP and mySQL to be installed on your server. Authored by none other than your own Johnny_Vegas!

Download Forum in ZIP format(9K)
Note - There will be one small error in PHP3, that if you can't figure out how to fix yourself, send me some email. Most people that use this code, make heavy modifications to it, to meet their own needs. Feel free to do so. This may be the only version.

Bob's Starcraft Observer Maps
Download Bob the Newt's Super Gosu Observer Maps. You must set the game mode to Use Map Settings (UMS) when you create a game with them.

Battle Reporting Utilities (external)
Hyperionics makers of cool screen capture software as well as Hypercam a program that can turn your game playing experience into an AVI movie file.

Fraps is a great program that captures screenshots (for free) and video files (30 second limit, if not registered) of any windows game.
Perfect for reporting!

Penguin Plug is a must have for today's Brood War player. It auto saves replays and plays back chat, as well as protecting against some common crashes todays haxing n00bs use. It even keeps your lunch warm!!

BWChart gives a proper analysis of any replay. It calculates actions per minute (APM) as well as several other things. Great info to include in a report!